Here’s Something We Hope You’ll Really Enjoy

Those words were spoken often by Rocky the Flying Squirrel on The Bullwinkle and Rocky Show.  It’s true now.  For years I’ve talked about my brother who sings.  I encouraged you to watch the show he was blessed to be a part of – Duets on ABC – several years ago, I have tried to brag about him when he gets to go to NFL games and sing the national anthem, I have traveled with him, opened for him, and now I have the joy of promoting for him.  My brother John has just released a new EP entitled Spirit Move.  It’s a collection of songs of faith that have come to mean a lot to him and I hope they will mean a lot to you as well.  You can pick it up using the link below and help out him and me at the same time. Ultimately, however you choose to find it I hope it is a blessing to you.


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