The 2024 March(ish) Madness Bracket Is HERE!

After tons of voting…and episode devoted to making some hard choices as to which scores would be included…AND a lot of regret on my part for choosing to do this….AND a lot of almost quitting…It’s here. The bracket is completed.

If you listened to Episode 298 of Geek Out Loud, you know how some of the scores were chosen for placement. Then, for the past two weeks or so on the Guardians of the GOLiverse Facebook page and the Geek Out Loud X feed, I have been posting polls so that everyone who wanted to could vote for scores to be included.

Most scores that had multiple submissions from the listeners were in automatically. The seeding of each division is based on the amount of times a score was submitted. Scores that were submitted an equal amount of times were seeded based on when they were submitted.

Most eliminations were handled via listener voting on the aforementioned platforms. There are a few scores that I chose by executive decision to omit based on a judgment call. I will point out those scores when we get to the big episode.

Within this post you will find a PDF version of the brackets that you should be able to download and follow along as we go. It has yet to be decided if we will have a mega blow out episode or handle the voting over the course of several episodes. Let us know what you think by emailing or commenting on Twitter or the facebook group.

To best enjoy the voting process I would encourage you to hunt down and listen to scores with which you may not be familiar or haven’t listened to in a long time. Voting will happen via the live chat on mixlr when we go live with Geek Out Loud. To know when we go live follow the show on X or in Guardians of the GOLiverse Facebook group.

Thanks to everyone who submitted the over 180 scores, and the everyone who has voted thus far to help narrow down the brackets. Without further adeu…here’s the bracket!

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