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The Geeks of GOO and GOL

happy_steve.jpgBig Honkin’ Steve – Steve Glosson resides in a small town in Southern Georgia USA. He’s been a geek his whole life. “It started with Star Wars and grew from there.” says Steve of his geekdom. Steve is the founder and primary contributor to Geek Out Online, and the host of Geek Out Loud: The Official Podcast of Geek Out Online . Steve’s vision was to create a place online where people would come to talk about the things they enjoy as it pertains to geekdom rather than complain about everything that is wrong with comics, movies, and sci fi. As Steve says of Geek Out Loud and Geek Out Online, he tries to make this a “safe place” to geek out. Whether it’s bad impressions or poking fun at himself, fun is the key and Steve tries to bring a little bit in all he does.

Russ-El – Derek Russell is the host of Starkville’s House of El and The Skynext Podcast. Derek is another life long Derek.jpggeek who, by his own testimony, wore a Superman cape on his first Halloween. He and Steve met through a series of e-mails and circumstances and have been a dynamic duo ever since. Derek appears occasionally on Geek Out Loud and works behind the scenes with Steve to help him keep up with all the coolest news, latest trailers, and geeky goodness. It has been said that Derek and Steve actually share some sort of Vulcan mind meld type thing. To this outlandish idea, Steve was heard to reply, “Vulcan? Of course not. That’s Star Trek, and everyone knows how I feel about that show. It’s the force…and it’s totally serendipitous.” Check out Derek’s blog Totally Serendipitous for his thoughts on television happenings, his life, and occasional Vlogs.
NCN – Jason, Steve’s cousin and long time partner in comic book geekdom runs the blog No Credit Needed, a personal finance blog geared to encourage people to get out of debt and learn to manage their money wisely. Of Geek Out Online and Geek Out Loud, Jason said, “I get to help 90 year old women when their pension runs out, Steve gets to talk about cool things.” Jason is an occasional part of Geek Out Loud and when he shows up, there is no telling where the conversation may end up. Better yet, there’s no telling how the show will get to where it ends. Check out Jason’s newest blog 99 Changes where Jason tracks 99 changes he’s making in his life. (Because 100 would be 1 too many.)

Arkwulf – Michael Cohen is the web designer for Geek Out Loud and Geek Out Online. A geek since birth, Michael started life following in the footsteps of his father as a deviant_ID.jpghumble fan of all things science fiction and fantasy. As a youngling he could be found with his head buried in a comic book or playing video games, usually with either a turtle of the teenage mutant persuasion or that hallowed “S” shield emblazed on his t-shirt. As soon as he could hold a pencil he began recreating his favorite cartoon characters as well as endeavouring to create his own. Also, he was bitten by a spider…possibly radioactive. We’re still waiting to see on that one. When he came of age he was well known for his martial prowess in all video games, as well as his encyclopedic knowledge of the Star Wars Saga. You can check out Michael’s art at his Deviant Art page by clicking just about anywhere on this sentence. While you’re at it, check out his website at