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Stranger Things: The Expedition – Chapter 2 – Season 2 Locales



Posted by Steve

Around the corner and down a few blocks from the Hawkins Police Department building Team Steve’s next stop was actually a season 2 shooting location that we’ve all seen in the first Stranger Things 2 trailer released earlier this year at San Diego ComiCon.  (By the way, I never know if it’s ComiCon, Comic Con, or Comiccon. Though I’m pretty sure it’s not the latter of those three.)  This would be the first of two season 2 locations we would see.   The second provided some levity and was actually the beginning of the end of my hope for those elusive jumbo wings and tenders.  It’s the height of triumph, tragedy, and getting a really good look at just how much (or maybe how little) goes into dressing sets and making something feel bigger or or more spacious than it may actually be.  This is the continuing story of the Stranger Things expedition….