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Affiliate Update: Some Fun Stuff At Entertainment Earth



Posted by Steve

We here in the GOLiverse have perused Entertainment Earth and spied some pretty cool things that you may want to add to your collection. (Of course this is a glorified advertisement, but check out how nifty these things are.)

First, we have to give Star Wars some love.  Since, The Force Awakens collection, Hasbro has made it a habit to release some figures in mult-packs.  In the case of The Force Awakens, there was the four pack that included a repacked Finn, Rey, BB-8, and a new character – Maz Kanata.  So essentially, you would pay $25 for one figure and a few accessories.  For this release Jyn Erso is the only repacked character, so it’s a really cool set. Given what has already been released, Saw’s forces are shaping up nicely as far as the characters that are available out there.  Here is the description from Entertainment Earth about this set: Celebrate the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on home video with this commemorative including four figures from a pivotal scene in the film. This pack features three exclusive characters and a special collectors’ edition package. Enjoy Jyn Erso, Saw Gerrera, Edrio Two Tubes, and an Imperial Hovertank Pilot with cool accessories.  Click on the picture to head to EE and order it for your collection!

While we’re talking Star Wars collecting we have to talk Black Series.  If you collect the six inch series, Entertainment Earth has a few options that you may be having a hard time finding on shelves at a retailer near you.  First, two standouts from Rogue One are now available in the six inch series Baze Malbus and Chirut Imwe.  Click their pictures to order them!





Moving away from Star Wars we have to throw a bit of professional wrestling in here.  New at Entertainment Earth is the WWE Defining Moments Ric Flair.  This is Flair as he appeared the night he wrestled his last match in WWE against The HeartBreak Kid Shawn Michaels.  I actually wrote a little blog about it way back when which you can read here. This figure is pretty cool. If you collect wrestling action figures, then this is a must have. Click the picture to make the purchase.

As much as we love Marvel, there is something cool from DC available now for preorder.  We love Supergirl around here and this is a great figure that brings a legendary look to the Girl of Steel.  Interchangeable hands, and a head with heat vision make this a cool display figure.  Click the…you know…


Finally something on the cuter side.  You know we love Disney around these parts and Disney has really stepped up their collectibles game in the past several years.  With the premiere of the new Ducktales cartoon in sight, excitement is building to get back to Ducksburg and hang with our three favorite feathered nephews.  Available for preorder now is the Huey, Dewey, and Louie Metal Figuration set.  Here is Entertainment Earth’s Description: Herocross’s interpretation of Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck perfectly captures their active and lively personality, with the sense of mischief fully preserved in the interchangeable faces, beaks and eyes. Furthermore, the inclusion of various accessories allows for the perfect replication of their activities in the comics. The Hybrid metal technology provides a robust structure for the products, facilitating for a wide variety of poses. This 3-pack set of all three bothers include the following accessories:
8x Interchangeable hands
3x Interchangeable beaks
3x Interchangeable faces
1x Soccer ball
Baseball bat and ball
2x Fishing rods and fish

Click the pic, order the merch.

If none of these items tickle your fancy, check out the link to Entertainment Earth and do some shopping there. They have practically everything you would want for your collecting joys.  Thanks for supporting the GOLiverse.

“My 9th Favorite Scene of all Time” or “Saving Lt. Solo”



Posted by Steve

Paradise_Snare.jpgJesse from Star Wars Book Report is back with number 9 of his top ten favorite Star Wars Expanded Universe moments of all time.  This time he takes us to the pages of THE PARADISE SNARE and a quite emotional moment from the life of everyone’s favorite smuggler-rebel Han Solo.

I grew up in Florida, and I have a great deal of family in Tennessee, and there was nothing in this world I hated more than the drive to Tennessee to visit relatives.  It was not because I had to hear about how much I have grown even though I was the same height and weight of my last visit.  It was not that I had to share a bed with who knows how many cousins.  It wasn’t because my cheeks could only take so much pinching.  It was not even because of my crazy Aunt Jo Blair, nor the long drive itself.  I hated going to Tennessee because of my dad’s music collection that we had to listen to for nine hours…there is only so much Porter Wagner, Hank Snow, and others who all sing through their noses, that one man can take.  These old country and western stars of yesteryear drove me crazy.  I begged and begged my dad to listen something current like Def Leppard, Bon Jovi; heck, I would even have listened to New Kids on the Block if it got us off of country oldies for a few minutes.  But of course, I had to hear about the time my dad met this star or that star when he worked at the Grand Ole’ Opry in 1968, and he just cranked the oldies even louder.

I made a vow on one of those long journeys with myself that I would never listen to just oldies.  I vowed that I would always keep my musical taste current.  There was just one problem with that vow.  No one told me that music was going to become horrible at the turn of the millennium.  That whole Y2K business we were worried about missiles, banks, electricity, water and the like, but we totally ignored the music business, and that is where the Y2K bug attacked. and music has never been the same.  Now, in my car, my kids are cultured on good music like Def Leppard, Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi, The Bangles, and even the New Kids on the Block.  Please Don’t Go Girl, I must admit is a great song.  One day as I was teaching my eldest daughter the lyrics to Allison’s Starting to Happen by the Lemonheads…I realized something…I have turned into my father, and you know, as horrible as I thought that was twenty years ago, now, I am kind of proud to be him because music today is just terrible.  We are all products of our upbringing, and since I work with teenagers, I am fascinated about how our upbringings shape us either by imitation or by revulsion.  I find the events that shape people to be fascinating, and that it why the number nine scene made the list of my favorite scenes of all time.


Star Wars Book Report – “My 10th Favorite Scene of all Time” or “When Mace meets Depa”



Posted by Steve


My good friend Jesse has entered the online blogosphere with his thoughts on all things Star Wars Expanded Universe.  I have always enjoyed Jesse’s writing style and his unique take on the things that he becomes passionate about.  So…faithful readers of GOO let me introduce you to Jesse.  If you like what you read here and want to talk more about Jesse’s take on the Star Wars Expanded Universe, head over to his blog at Star Wars Book Report For the beginning of his top ten favorite moments in the EU, read on!