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Stranger Things Expedition – Chapter 3: Burgers and Breakfast



Posted by Steve

Chapter 3

Burgers and Breakfast

When we left the arcade on day one of the expedition it was time to travel from Douglasville, GA to Lithia Springs, GA where we would be at our first location that we could actually interact with.  (Yes, I ended a sentence with a preposition …I didn’t want to seem to uppity.)  It was here we would sit down and break bread together.  It was here we would actually touch items used by the actors of Stranger things.  Here our imaginations would be fired, our bellies would be filled, and we would begin to discover Steve Bennett’s insatiable desire to get the shot just right.  (It would be a few hours before I would be told “Let’s review,” but we’ll get there.) The “here” in question is Tiffany’s a little country restaurant on the side of the highway and the location used for our first introduction to Eleven.  “Here” was Benny’s Burgers.