GOLiverse Wall of Fame

Here are the heroes who have supported the GOLiverse since our Patreon went live all those years ago. We are thankful to each and every one of you, and always will be.


Mark All – Mark can control a weird mix…he can control light to a certain extent, he can make it dark, alter the color of light around him and others, or blind his foes with bright light…but he can also control water…in a powerful way. The smallest molecules of water can be detected and united by Mark to create a wave, a weapon, or whatever he needs the water to be. One of his favorite things to do is mount a wave of water that has been changed a deep red by his light manipulation…he then attacks villainy upon a…you guessed it…crimson tide.

Nathan Andrus – Nathan has the ability to manipulate his own density. This means he can become indestructible and harder than any diamond or steel. (Harder than adamantium ya’ll!) Or he can become intangible. Where he likes to hang is that place right in the middle because though evil fears him, he’s just big soft teddy bear. (Just ask his kids…they love the guy!)

Apartment Earth Gallery Every team of superheroes needs a base of operations. Apartment Earth Gallery provides not only the base with all the latest crime fighting tech (makes the bat-computer look like an Apple II. Oregon Trail anyone?) but also the classiest of looks and designs.

Rani B. – Rani is a mystery. Unsure if the power comes from mysticism or science, Rani can become a cloud of smoke…or lightning….or…a smokey, lightning filled entity…vastly powerful and incredibly scary….be glad Rani is on our side. Also, Rani is looking to use this skill in a tropical setting…so if you’re hiring a smoke monster…errr…entity…let us know.

Jennifer Barrows – The air swirls around her as she calls it to herself to attack those who would wreak havoc with the power of the element of air. She not only has the ability to create great winds and deprive criminals of air, she can surround herself with air and survive in the deepest depths of the ocean and take flight as she makes the air literally lift her from the ground

Bryan Beaty – The human bullet, Bryan can propel himself at great speeds and upon impact cause an explosion from energies swirling in his body. He of course remains unscathed in the process.

Jess Becker – Mystic energies course through Jess’ veins. She is a sorceress supreme who can see an enemies’ move before it’s made.

Gary Belisle –  Gary gives comfort.  It’s what Gary does.  It may seem like no big deal until you consider a tense hostage situation where Gary shows up and makes the hostages feel better and the hostage taker let his guard down.  Then…BOOM!  Gary punches evil it’s flappy neck!  Gary has no time for the silliness of crime, so he immediately makes everyone feel better just so he can get to kicking butt and making people feel safer permanently.

Jonathan Bell – A walking computer. Jonathan retains and processes information at a super human pace. It makes his reaction times super fast and allows him to be nearly unstoppable in a fight and impossible to outwit.

Andy Behbakt – Blending in with shadows, Andy controls the darkness. He is the face in the window of crime. Vile Criminals are never beyond his sight or reach. He’s also got great hair.

Steve Bennett – Illustrious member of the superhero legion known as “Team Steve,” Steve has the ability to show up when and where it is the coolest for him to show up.  Drive a celebrity for three hours to the airport? Steve Bennett.  Run into internet famous people while enjoying a trip with his wife and kids? Steve Bennett.  Deceptively cool, smoother than Billy Dee in a sauna, and equipped with a power of persuasion that would make Professor X jealous, Steve doesn’t have to fight crime, he just convinces it to stop in it’s tracks and turn itself in.  Like a Jedi Mind trick…only better. #TEAMSTEVE

Justin Bernstein – At one with nature Bernstein can communicate with animals from anywhere and any time (if he finds himself in the past with Dinosaurs). Not only that, but he takes on the abilities of the animals as well.

Jeremy Bertz – Caught downwind from an aerosol Hair spray plant explosion Jeremy found himself able to morph into any gas at will. Allowing him to become intangible, nearly invisible, and able to get into places that only air can go. He can also become tear gas or knock out gas to take down the bad guys.

Calvin Bigelow – With speed and agility like no other Clavin moonsaults his way to victory over all those who would oppress the innocent.

Dana Bius – Super spy? Maybe. Most skilled fighter in the known world? An argument could be made. All I know for sure is there are several evil organizations who are no longer around…because of Dana.

Matthew Blank – Now you may think with a name like “Blank” that Matthew has the power to erase people’s memories. You’d be wrong. Just the opposite. Matthew’s power is to fill a person’s head with so much information that they become confused and forget what they were doing as they try to parse out what is true and what is made up in their mind. Many villains have been stopped in their tracks because Matthew filled in the blanks between their ears with a bunch of confusing junk. It’s kind of like causing them to hallucinate…but a bit different.

Riley Blanton One half of the Wonder Sortoftwins. He activates his own wonder power to take the shape of whatever is needed to get out of a sticky situation, rescue those in peril, or defend his city against scum and villainy.

Kerry Brown – Kerry found himself transported to the Phantom Zone after a weird incident involving a water cooler, a shorted out electrical socket, a toaster oven, a waffle maker, and chocolate milk shake.  When he came back he found that the strange energies of the Phantom Zone now granted him powers beyond those of mortal men.  Gary can make himself intangible so as to be able to pass through walls or reach in to those hard to reach places.  Conversely, Gary can also increase his density to become immovable and invulnerable.  So basically, you can’t get away from him, and you can’t go through him…just give up now evil.

Taylor Brown – Taylor has the ability to change his size…he can grow larger or shrink down to subatomic size. Along with that Taylor has discovered that he can manipulate time as well so that he can slow things down or stop them all together. If he needs to go backwards in time he does, forward? you got it. He walks between time and atoms. He’s Taylor.

Ashley Budd – Like a human super skrull Ashley is able to mimic the powers of others. If you need two heavy hitters just team Ashley up with someone with super strength, need more air support Ashley just needs to team up with some flyers, need more firepower pair Ashley with the Human Torch, need more stealth find someone invisible…and then partner them with Ashley…you get the idea. Ashley is the most versatile member of any team.

Jen C  – The power of a photographic memory may not seem like much, but Jen C uses it to not only remember what to get from the grocery store, but also to be the world’s greatest detective.  With the memory comes an uncanny ability to see through lies and deceptions, like Bor Gullet, only without causing one to lose one’s mind.

Blessed Cheesemaker – Don’t let the name fool you, Cheesemaker has developed an amazing adhesive that looks and smells like Cheez Whiz. When a ne’er do well is ensnared, Justice is served…on a cracker.

Beau A. Caddell – With a name like Beau, you know he’s got to be cool. He has the power to charge objects with energy and use them as weapons.

Ryan Camilleri – Super Strength, nearly indestructible skin, and a random ability to survive indefinitely under water make Ryan a formidable hero on land and in the sea. Sure, a villain may try to get away by air…but when you’re as strong as Ryan anything can become a surface to air missile.

Greg Canter – His mind and will are the most powerful on earth, granting him telekinetic abilities that astound, amaze, and get the bad guy every time.

Scott Carmichael – Special Effects wizard who after tiring of the crime in his city turned his skill into the super hero game. Striking fear into the hearts of the wicked with full scale models, make up tricks, and a few moves he picked up on set with Bruce Lee.

Chickaphant He will drink his super sauce, and throw the bad guys for a loss, and he will bring them in alive and kickin’ (bok, bok, bok, bok) There is one thing you should learn When there is no one else to turn to Call for Super Chicken! er…chickaphant.

Chris Coates – Harnessing the power of light is not something reserved only for solar batteries. Chris has that ability as well…except it’s cooler than what solar batteries do. Chris harnesses light and manipulates it to either brighten the way in a dark place, dim the lights in a bright place when he needs stealth, or focus the light into a laser blast to when the fight. Darkness rises… and Chris to meet it…and defeat it.

Choklit Thunder – Basically, he’s the black Thor. Smiting his enemies with a mighty smite! And looking cool while he does it.

Steele Cockrell – Now you may think with a name like Steele that this dude is going to have like metal skin or be invulnerable or something…actually…that’s not the case. One day after accidentally chewing some kryptonite infected bubble gum Steele was showing off his best elvis moves. He swung his hip did the big arm windmill and everything just went all stretchy. His hand was way over by the wall his body was shaped like a paper clip kind of, it was scary for a minute until he snapped back into place and realized he now had the power to bend and stretch his body to great lengths. His favorite thing to do when he’s not putting a stop to crime is to stand in front a leaf blower and become a walking talking bubble.

Michael Cohen – The Arkwulf. His imagination and pen is his weapon. Like Simon…the things he draw comes true…but when he draws them, they are his to command, and he uses his command of the drawings come to life to defeat those who would endanger the lives he protects.

Naomi Cook – Naomi gives new meaning to the term powerful woman. Literally, she posesses super human strength on the level of the Incredible Hulk…without the green skin or ridiculously large muscles.

Arden Cooper – Arden is a miracle! Her ability to move things with her mind is only matched by her ability to undo any trap or to visualize the solution to a puzzle or problem facing her. When the earbuds go in the mind lights up and begins to work out the best way to defeat the bad guys. If Arden has the solution you can bank on it. And if for some reason she can’t figure it out…just watch her wave her hand and move the obstacle in her way.

Wendy Cooper – Wendy has the amazing ability to alter probability. In doing so she confounds her opponents and saves the day every time.

Jason Corbett – Unstoppable in physical combat. His Figure of Four beats your Fist of Monkey every. Time.

Noah Corner – Now…you may be expecting me to make a play on the fact that his name is Noah and give him the ability to control animals or some such. NOPE! Because that wouldn’t be the case. Noah has a psychic type ability. He can control people’s emotions. Making them feel happy, sad, angry, fearful, or just apathetic. He likes to make people happy, but if you’re an evil doer, beware…fear and depression may be in your future…just prior to the slammer.

Matthew Crowder – What makes a Super Soldier? The Serum running through his veins? Maybe…but there’s the compassion and the doing the right thing and stuff. Matthew Crowder is that soldier. And he can fly. And he’s one fourth of the Incredible Crowder Brothers!

Steve Crowder – After a tragic accident involving ice falling off a roof, Crowder had to have many of his body parts and extremeties replaced with bionics. He is one fourth of the Incredible Crowder Brothers, a team devoted to fighting crime wherever it rears it’s ugly head.

Brett Cully – We could tell you the limits of his incredible strength…if he ever reaches them.

John Curtis – John can “see” the weak points. In objects, people, situations, all of it. You’re not gonna win in a fight against him. You’re not gonna win a board game against him. He always sees the best way to win and to defeat his opponent. (yes, like Mace Windu)

Daniel – Daniel is a master of disguise due to his ability to morph into anyone or anything perfectly. He also does great voices.

Teresa Delgado Lutha – Her psychic ability causes her enemies to be confused confounded and doing podcasts with her before they knew what hit them.

Scott Dickens – Scott has the ability to project images of whatever he desires into the minds of his enemies. So if he wants them to see a giant dragon blocking their path they will see it…if he wants them to be disgusted with images of Steve in a thong…either way…he’s disabled them.

Emily Dixon – Emily has the unique power of stopping her enemies in their tracks as though in a photograph. With a flash from her magic bracelets no one gets away when Emily is in pursuit.

Doc Xen – He started out making mischief and causing our heroes quite the headache. However, after a face to face sit down with some of those he once terrorized, Doc turned his incredible genius to the benefit of all humanity. His intelligence and wit are unequaled, and he has a desire to see everyone happy. His understanding has caused many would be criminals to turn to a life of doing good and using their unique gifts to help humanity the same way he does now.

Rebekah Drabenstot – A member of a four woman super team Rebekah controls the element of fire. Creating it with her mind, using it to burn away evil. Also, she was bestowed a magic ring from her grandma Bilbo that grants her invisibility.

Andilun Farezzo If Andilun was a fictional role playing game character then we’d be talking the highest level of wizardry one can acheive. But since the GOLiverse is real world stuff we’re talking, Andilun posesses the powers of the cosmos in a way that to us mere mortals looks like magic, but is really the elemental forces of the universe coursing through Farezzo’s body to thwart evil and protect the earth from threats at home and extraterrestrial.

Bill Fischer – Bill is an extrordinarily intelligent scientist who was studying the effects of Cosmic Rays. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t have to go to space with his friends to be affected by them…he was just looking at them and poof…he can call upon the powers of a trademarked foursome at will. He’s a four man team in one man…stretchy, invisible, strong, nearly indestrucible, and hot…errr…I mean like fire hot…you know..like a torch that is human.

Vicki Fischer – refusing to get caught up in Bill’s silliness, Vicki chose her own way of developing super powers and was bitten by a radioactive Butterfly. Now she possesses the power of flight and with one flap of her wings she can start a hurricane.

Catherine Flowers – Hang with me on this one…caught in an accidental chemical explosion splashy thing caused by some instagrow pills that got knocked into house plant in the lab (it WAS one of those little succulents that don’t take a lot of care and just kind of add a nice touch to the area..you know…a tiny thing…until the instagrow pills…anywho…) and caused the plant to expand to huge porportions which knocked one chemincal into another into another and before you can say Giddy Up Catherine was covered in all of this stuff. Well it seeped into her skin and altered her DNA you know…typical super hero stuff and now Catherine can generate from her body all kinds of elixirs, poisons, and various dyes (for arts and crafts). Knock out gas? She can make that. Healing potion? Done! Tye Dye Shirt? Stand back!

Jeff Fossett Jeff has the amazing ability to ice up. He’s one of the coolest super heroes around both literally and figuratively. You know Ice Men from the X-men? Just like that. Only cooler. And he never uses puns…like “Hey evildoer…chill.” But if he did it would be ok…he’s that cool…it’s like that’s his superpower as much as freezing things and what not…so cool.

Ben Foster – Armed with his mystical tuning fork (given to him by a mystical piano tuner who received it from a mystical mall intrument store back in the 80’s), Ben manipulates soundwaves. Not only does this do things to the inner ear of his opponents, Ben can tighten the vibrations up in a desired area to make sound practically solid and use it as a weapon to take down those who would challenge good and right.

Phillip Fulton – When a meteor crashed near his home Phillip went to investigate. As he drew near cosmic energies from the meteor infused his body giving him the power to rocket through space. Fighting crime on a cosmic and earthly scale no threat is too big for this intergalactic warrior.

Eric Galperin – Given a mystical sword by a mystical blacksmith in a mystical land, Eric was imbued with incredibly agility and speed. He is a master swordsman as well as a ladies’ man.

Dominique Garant – No trap can hold him. No terrorist can evade him. No job is too big..no FEE is too big for this international man of mystery. (with a name like that…what did you expect?)

Cory Gendron – Gendron controls the forces of gravity around himself, object, and others. From the largest building to the most microscopic organism…so…that bag of cash your trying to get away with? Good luck with that.

Bobby Gordon – A great man once said, “Speed is what we need. We need greasy, Fast, SPEED!” Enter Bobby Gordon. Speedster. Bobby is so fast. (HOW FAST IS HE?) He’s so fast that he already remembers tomorrow. (Time travel joke). Sound barrier, no problem, time barrier, broken, on time for everything…maybe. Bobby saves the world before it ever knows it’s in trouble.

Alex Gossett – Alex developed Gossett particles. Technology that allows him to grow and shrink at will. He is able to fight crime at any scale.

Grant in Maryland – Grant can turn his body into the hardest of stone and uses his invincibility and great strength to fight crime.

Angie Grant – Angie is one of the GOLiverse “Femme Fatales.” She’s kind of like the invisible woman in the fantastic four without the invisibility part. She can make these force fields you see. These can be used as shelter, protection, or pushed forward as projectiles to knock out the unsuspecting bad guys. What’s really neat about these force fields is how they sound when they impact something or someone. It’s like BOOM(er). Sooner or later the bad guys get there’s when Angie shows up.

Justin Grant – So let’s be honest…sometimes the super power thing gets a bit strange…such is the case with Justin…He can eat anything. I don’t mean that Justin likes to eat weird food…He can consume literally anything and convert said thing instantaneously into energy which he uses to blast the bad guys. Or depending on what he’s eaten he can use the matter consumed to add to his own mass and density and become temporarily immoveable. And for some reason he can cause earthquakes in his general viscinity…but that may have to do more with with the ultimate aftermath of eating anything. Scientists aren’t sure, but the bad guys are afraid.

Ted Adam Green – Ted has a strange ability to manipulate shadows. He can cause darkness to fall on his opponents but also light the way for his friends by removing the shadows. He can blend in, fade out, and defeat evil by using it’s own darkness against it.

Brian Gronewold – Decendant of a race of viking gods Gronewold possesses not only the heart of a warrior but the skills to beack it up. Gronewold the world smasher turns his strength and skill on evildoers everywhere causing them to cower in fear and sometimes pee their pants.

Jason Hackett – Jason possesses a Jedi-like ability with blades of all types. He never trained to receive this ability it was given to him when he was cut with a radioactive samurai sword.

Chris Hansford Chris has the strange ability to create portals that will teleport himself or his allies wherever they need to go…or, he can teleport a bad guy straight to jail.

Craig Harmann – We don’t know if Craig lived under power lines as a kid or not, but what we do know is Craig has become a master of electricity. Like a sith lord he can manipulate electrical current to throw seemingly from his fingers at the villains who dare face him, he can handle being a conduit for current and literally allow current to run through his body which comes in hand if powerlines are down, and he rides the lightning zipping from place to place in a flash followed by the thunder of his fists. Watch out bad guys.

Joshua Harris – Joshua brings his body to sub zero temperatures freezing himself and using the moisture in the air to create ice to use as a weapon, transportation device, or to cool a drink.

Tim Harvey – Bitten by a radioactive mirage as a teenager…look…it sound crazy, but it involved a lot of science fiction mumbo jumbo that we don’t have time to go in to right now….Tim developed the powers to make people hallucinate. Using this power to lull criminals into a false sense of security by making them think they’ve gotten away or scaring the pants off of criminals by making them think they’ve run headlong into a giant Jabberwok, justice is no illusion with Tim is involved.

Christopher A. Heiser – Christopher can explode. Literally…he calls himself H-Bomb, and some how he explodes and is not hurt. Maybe it should be said he generates a kinetic and chemical reaction that causes force and heat to be emitted from his body. Nah…that sounds like he’s passing gas…he explodes.

George Hill – The Quiet Guy – As a baby George never cried. As he grew he never spoke. One day, when pressed to his breaking point with some bullies, he opened his mouth and uttered one word, “Stop.” the bullies were knocked off their feet. The Quiet Guy has the power to shatter buildings with his voice, flip a car with a whisper, enemies tremble when he clears his throat, because they know, one word is all it takes.

Tim Hill – Tim is not only super intelligent, giving him the ability to solve problems most of humanity doesn’t even know exist, but also he has a superhuman immunity to disease and chemicals that would harm the human body. Makes it impossible for him to get drunk, but he can also wade through tear gas and worse to get to the bad guys.

Seth Howerton – Seth brings new meaning to the term “Beam me up.” Seth can teleport wherever he can visualize in his mind. He hasn’t tried to get to the moon or anything, but he can take several heroes with him in the blink of an eye, he can also bamf around a bad guy and pummel him from every direction. Look there he is! Wait! There he is! He was right here! HE’S BEHIND YOU!

Mitchell Huff– Remember back in the Silver Age of comics Superman used super-hypnotism? That. Only funnier and with more personality…and better vocals.

Jason Hunt – Master of Disguise.  And he doesn’t need that Mission: Impossible mask maker voice changer junk…like Clayface only better looking and a much better personality.  If you’re doing crime with a partner, you better be sure it’s not Jason…cause he doesn’t much like crime and you may have just been HUNTED.

Mike Jefremow – WHAT A NAME! After a smelting pot accident, Mike was melded with a liquid metal that looks like the stuff the T-1000 is made of. Mike can morph into any shape or make his body as hard as steel.

Rodney Johnson – Known as the Bald one, Rod uses his amazing power to enhance and control animals to command an army of killer bunny rabbits. Using the cute seemingly harmless creatures to infiltrate the lairs of the enemy and cause them to let their guard down, the bunnies, on Rod’s command attack and incapacitate evil doers. It’s the only “hare” Rod needs…yeah…that wasn’t a good joke. I’m sorry. MOVING ON…

Dave Jones – Superhuman strength, reflexes, and healing factor. When he first discovered his powers, Dave became a masked professional wrestler AND the world heavyweight champion of the world. Tragedy brought about a change in Dave’s life and he kept the mask, but changed his profession, now he’s a champion Crime fighter.

Marvin Jones – Chaos is his power. No matter how well laid the plans of those who oppose him Marvin will make a mess of them. He brings chaos in a controlled way wherever he goes.

Stephen Jones – Stephen holds a secret. Blessed by heavenly forces to defend the innocent, Stephen mounts up on wings and wields a powerful flaming sword.

Suzanne Jones – Do not let her good looks fool you. This femme fatale is the modern day Captain America. She is the peak of human perfection and beyond. Her moral fiber and goodness make us all glad she’s on our side.

Shawn M. Keeling – While on a self guided tour of the mystical Florida Swamps Keeling tripped and fell into a radioactive frog pond. He emerged with the ability to survive where most would be doomed, legs that would leap hundreds of yards at a time, and reflexes to rival Spider-Man. Also, a strange craving for flies.

Kevin Keene – Not only does Kevin have a great super hero secret identity name, he’s a great superhero. Given the power of invulnerability after being thrown into some toxic waste by bullies, Kevin rose to find that nothing could pierce his skin and that he was a bit stronger than the average person. Honing his strength and trusting in his invulnerability, Kevin set out to fight crime…and maybe get back at the bullies who used to give him a hard time.

Jimmy Kemp – Controls the power of flame. Evil will feel his burn.

Jay Kocher – Before he ever got super powers he was country strong and a man of integrity. Then one day after falling into a radioactive grain silo, Jay was imbued with mindboggling powers over all the green things that grow. From algea in a pond to the mighty sequoias Jay can control plant life. It doesn’t seem all that big a deal until you consider how evil can easily become entangled in the vines of truth and left to dry out on the branches of the mighty oaks of wisdom. Also, it’s really cool to watch him make a peach tree grow when you’re hungry…and like peaches…the point is this…He’s like swamp thing and plant man only better looking and he fights for truth, justice, and all that stuff!

Woo S. Kim – The “S” stands for SPEED! ‘Nuff Said. Also, he’s super quick witted.

Noella Kingsley – Noella was bitten by a radioactive Octopus.  Now, she may very well be the most powerful super hero in all of the GOLiverse.  With all of the proportionate, strength, skills, and intelligence of the cephalopod,  Noella can camouflage herself perfectly wherever she is, she can get out of almost any trap that is laid for her, and if she gets you in her clutches, don’t fight it…you’re going to jail evil doer.

Jean-Luc Labelle – Brilliant tactician, honorable man, and a singing voice that just won’t quit. When he belts out a tune his super sonic frequencies paralyze his enemies and blow your socks off!

“Longklaw” – He has the power to solidify sound and make shapes from it using it to silence evil.

Larry Lopez – Larry has power of invisibility. So if you’re in a crowd and hear someone shouting for Larry..just know…his work here is done.

John Lowe – Bad boys Bad boys whatcha gonna do? Whatcha Gonna do when he comes for you? Feel the sting of this hero in blue that has the ability to call on the power of the insect kingdom. That doesn’t sound too scary until a swarm of yellow jackets descends on you. John puts the sting on criminals in his day job and by night…or whenever he’s off the clock…well…he’s never off the clock…when evil rears it’s ugly head John Lowe will put the sting on it.

Josh Luecht – Josh is what is commonly referred to as a seeker…but he knows he’s more than that. He’s a finder. Scientists haven’t given a name to his ability just yet, but nothing is ever lost when Josh wishes to find it. Criminals cannot hide from his gaze, hidden loot, or even a missing set of keys. Because of this Josh is not only the world’s truly greatest detective, but also a treasure hunter who has gained notoriety for being the greatest archaeologist since Indiana Jones.

Emily Lucas – She calls herself PowerPlant…even though she’s using plant power. That’s right, Emily controls any and all plants from trees to dandelions and everything in between. Villains don’t stand a chance when even the grass can be used against them.

Kay Lunkenheimer – The mistress of time and space. She can bend space time around her and warp to wherever she wants at a moment’s notice…and time is never an issue for someone who can literally sift through the wibbly wobbly timey wimey mass in the blink of an eye.

Christopher Lutz – Chris is one of those elementals. Meaning he can control one of the basic elements. In Christopher’s case it’s air. (LIKE THE LAST AIRBENDER!) He can create winds, remove air from a place to render foes unconscious, and even generate currents beneath him to give him the power of flight. He’s working on actually dividing the different gases in the air from each other to level up even further…it’s only caused an explosion twice…maybe four times.

Garron McCullough – Garron found himself at a mystical crossroads somewhere in Utah (surprisingly enough) and was transported to a realm beyond realms where he was given the ancient powers of the unknown. Garron returned to this plane with strength, speed, and the ability to throw lightning bolts at his enemies.

Sam McDonald – Sam’s powers of deduction approach telepathic levels. In fact, he has some empathic abilities that allow him to ask just the right questions at just the right time. He solves crimes before most people know they have been committed.

Jonathan Maples – Endowed with powers from Heaven itself, Jonathan can heal those who are wounded in battle, when it’s time to fight he mounts up on wings given from angels themselves. He is the winged avenger, the compassionate super hero, they call him the bright knight.

Matt Marks – You know that character Toad from the X-Men…like him…only super good looking.

Phil Martin – Phil Martin was bitten by a radioactive chameleon as a teenager. Now he has the proportioned speed, strength and agility of said chameleon…also, he changes colors to blend in to his surroundings…evil beware.

Scott Masters – He calls himself “The Masterpiece” (Yeah, he got it from a pro wrestler…but it works.) With skin like stone, bullets bouce off of him, knives bend and snap against his body, It’s like he’s chiseled out of stone.

Haley Mastronardi – Haley having been bitten by an atomic fainting goat was bestowed the power of fleet footedness. No ledge is too narrow, no cliff face too steep that Haley cannot scale the highest of heights with great ease…and because of a strange atomic mutation upon reaching the summit of said height, Haley can sprout wings and take flight to pursue crime across all elevations.

Joey Mays Lightning fast and a close up magician. Criminals are mesmerized when he identifies their card and kicks their collective butts.

Darren McQueen – Darren has a nifty little ability to see anywhere from split seconds to seconds into the future. This allows him an ability to win a fight and never get hit, drive a vehicle at reckless speeds knowing what lies around every bend thus never wrecking, and it makes him pretty good at poker sometimes too.

David Michael Having two first names isn’t David’s only super power…NO…David also has the ability to split himself into multiple people. All retain his knowledge and memories, but are completely under his control if they need to be. He can be in multiple places at once or outnumber the enemy in a fight.

Tyler Miller – Tyler Miller has been known to absorb the damage from energy-based attacks and redirect it against multiple foes, but he must speak words of power to do so. The words of power are his favorite flavors of ice cream.

Steve Mitchell – A technopath able to create armor and weapons from whatever is handy with his mind.

Samuel Moon – With heightened senses, Daniel finds extra strength, athleticism, and the edge to never be where his enemies are because he knows they’re coming before they ever get there. Sight, hearing, touch, all enhanced and ready to wipe out evil.

Michael Morris – While on vacation Michael found himself – much like that family from Land of The Lost – caught on a river during the greatest earthquake ever known…the ground opened up and Michael was transported to a world with giant monsters. Using his wit alone, Michael found a way to be transported back to his own world, but he carried with him an amulet he found in the monsters’ … uhm….island. Using said amulet Michael can call upon these beasts at will to protect the world from natural disasters and big threats. He truly is a Beast Master.

Noah Morrow – So there’s this long story about how Noah got shrunk down to microscopic size and was bitten by a radioactive tardigrade (google water bears). When he finally got back to regular size Noah found that he was basically indestructible. Seriously…nothing yet has hurt him…also the tardigrade somehow grew with him so he has one weird looking side kick.

Brian Murawski – As a high school student Murawski found a strange portal to another dimension in the janitor’s closet. (Don’t ask what he was doing there) While in this other dimension Brian was saturated with Nega-rays. When he returned to our dimension he found he had the power to manipulate light and gravity. This means that he can turn the light out criminals and float them right to jail. For more intense battles he can intensify light into laser beams and even make it solid, of course because he can control gravity he can fly. Nega-rays…who knew?

Amy Wishman Nalan Amy brings to bear on the evidoers of the world her mighty powers to control temperature around her and wherever she desires. This means she has not only ice powers, but also the power to cause the air around her to combust and become fire which she can control. She is a diacotomy of superpowers sure to give villainy a special kind of freezerburn.

Naomi – Controls the element of water. Using it to “rain down” justice and freeze evil in it’s tracks.

Dylan Newhouse – The immovable object. Dylan is able to increase his density and plant himself in place so that no one can move him…and if decides to get moving he becomes the unstoppable force. Well…except that one time when he called into the Big Honkin Show and Steve derailed him TWICE. But physically…unstoppable and immovable.

Nicole – Nicole takes on the powers of the superhumans she comes in contact with. Once she learned how to control her power, she is able to maintain control over the powers she absorbs for a long time after coming into contact with them.

Michael Nipp – Given the enviable power of flight, Michael “High” Nipp strikes injustice from the air.

Ken O’Connor – Flying through the air and controlling the very lightning comes not the God of Thunder Thor…but Ken…he controls the weather. In his secret identity he’s a local weather man…and he’s never wrong.

Wade Palmer – Wade is a distant cousin to Ray. Wade was tired of hearing how brilliant Ray was and how Ray was fighting crime with that one group and such. So, Wade decided to become a different kind of superhero. Wade developed martial arts skills like no one else, and then while on an expedition in Japan to learn from an ancient master he tripped over a mysterious glowing jade dragon. The dragon made Wade – THE PALMER. His power lies in his hand, and he can slap the taste out of your mouth before you ever see him move. A mystical master of the martial arts…so much better than his cousin.

Paolo Paolini– Paolo is super strong, possesses the power of flight, and has super speed. He’s a lot like superman only better looking and smarter. He inspires people and makes them jealous all at the same time.

Shane Pavlak – Shane….Shaaaaaaaaane. Shane has the ability to throw a person’s equilibrium out of whack. He “derails” them so to speak. When criminals try to stand tall, Shane makes them dizzy and knocks them over.

Alicia Petit – She is a leader…an admiral…to heroes everywhere. Armed with superspeed that is rivaled only by her wit, the power of flight, and super strength, Alicia is a force to be reckoned with.

Rona Rahman – Mistress of the mystical arts. ‘Nuff said.

RAIFE BLAKE – Super speed? Check! Flight? Check! X-Ray Vision? Check! Heat Vision? Check! Invulnerability? CHECK! Super strength?!? CHECK CHECK! He’s the Superman of the GOLiverse! Loved by all who are good, feared by all who are evil.

Jason Rasberry – No jokes about his last name please. There is nothing sweet or tangy about this guy. Jason has the ability to produce various toxins from his body. From irritants that disable his enemies with itchy eyes to toxins that could kill…but he would never go that far…he’s a good dude. He’s…THE RASBERRY!

Chad Reid – Chad has the ability to stretch his body and conform it into any shape he desires. On the surface this seems like a trivial ability, until you consider that his body consistently snaps back to it’s original form…Chad hasn’t aged in 50 years.

Hyrum Reid – Hyrum is a time traveller. He doesn’t just move through time, he’s able to manipulate it and he knows how to do so without impacting the time stream.  In fact, you may be wondering about that whole Berenstein Bears/Berenstain Bears thing..Hyrum’s working on that as we speak.

Kristin Riviello – How about the power…to move you? (Tenacious D reference) Kristin controls the element of earth. Moving mountains with thought, shaking the very ground beneath your feet…it’s rock and roll ya’ll.

Matt Roberson – One of two doctors in the GOLiverse. (Just as an aside) So that along makes him a super hero. Doctor by day (Or whenever he’s on call) and then as night falls and his city comes under the seige of scum and villainy Matt uses the powers granted to him when we was trapped in an MRI machine as a prank during his internship. Now Matt is a master of magnetism. He uses not only metal, but the very magnetic fields of the earth to defeat those who would do the innocent harm. Yes…his Hippocratic oath extends to the people of the world he’s sworn to defend using the power granted to him by what is honestly an expensive prank. Noisy too. And clostrophia inducing. But magnets y’all. He’s a walking magnet and magnetic field generator. He’s Matt.

Jacob Roth – While out on a drive one day, Jacob was stopped by aliens. From outer Space. They gave Jacob a magic/sci-fi space sword, and imbued him with the power and ability to weild said sword with expertise like no other. Now…Roth undoes the wicked…with…his …. wroth(?) He’s a space swordsman ya’ll. It’s cool!

Ryan Rudder – The Irish Jedi…Ryan has superhumanly powerful lungs, throat, and vocal cords that can produce a sonic scream for various effects, he can hover or fly at the speed of sound, overwhelm listeners with deafening noise, stun them with tight-focus low-frequency sonic blasts (effective even against shielded ears by penetrating the skull via bone conduction), plunge them into a hypnotic trance, disorient them, nauseate them, or simply render them unconscious. It’s a bad day for crime when the Irish Jedi shows up.

Matthew Rushing – Matthew was bitten by a radioactive clock. (Don’t ask…it involved a lot of mad scientists trying to create a real life time lord.) Now Matthew has the ability to slow down time around him. In fact, he’s been around for like fifty years, he just looks that young because…well…he can slow down time. Keep up. Anywho, no criminal can escape with Matthew shows up. He just slows things down, walks right up to them and stops things before they realize what’s happening.

Scott Ryfun – He’s never wrong…it’s that simple. Scott is always right. Doesn’t seem like a super power? Tell that to all the criminals who have been caught in the act or to the lawyers who have tried to prove him wrong…or to his wife. Well…he’s right enough to know to pretend he was wrong when it comes to her. It’s a psychic thing you see. He can just see the correct answer…go ahead…ask him…he’ll tell you.

Charissa Saenz – She is the original Wonder Woman. Strong, compassionate, and somehow able to fly with or without her invisible jet.

Jason J. Samuel – Jason was hit in the eyes with some radioactive chemicals. Did it blind him and leave his other senses heightened? No! But it gave him the power to shoot extremely powerful lasers from his eyes. There’s a very scientific way this happens with light being captured stored and returned at great intensity, but it’s all very boring to explain. The point is this…if Jason is staring at you…duck. Especially if you’re an evil doer.

Clinton Sanderson – Clinton was bathed in cosmic radiation as a child…not on purpose. It was a weird UFO accident that couldn’t really be avoided…it’s a long story, but the one thing we’re certain of is that there was nothing that could have been done to have prevented it, so quit trying to blame people…anywho…Clinton became incredibly smart because of this. Clinton is so intelligent and has such high acumen of deduction and probabilities that he has been able to hone his combat ability into what seems to be a preternatural understanding of his opponent. It’s practically impossible to land a punch or get the jump on Clinton because he just knows…he’s that smart.

Karen Schulz – Riding the lightning as she streaks through the night, Karen uses the power of electricity to take down evil. She is the mistress of of everything from static shock to 1.21 Gigawatts and beyond. Evil will indeed be jolted to justice when Karen comes on the scene.

Lisa Seiffer – Lisa has the ability to control electricity. In all its forms. This makes her not only a walking conductor, a walking taser, and walking lightning bolt. But also, a walking computer. Using her ability to tap into power and phone lines as well as fiber optic lines, Lisa has the ability to access the grid in all sorts of ways. And while she can’t turn herself into electricity and ride the lines, she can access the data that flows through the lower powered phone and cable lines giving her access to a world of information. While most would use this info to spy, blackmail, or take facebook stalking to the next level, Lisa uses all of these abilities for good. Shocking her foes and getting the best recipes from the web for dinner with friends after a day of fighting crime. She makes it look easy. Because for her…it is.

Jeffrey Self – Jeffrey – Master of Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Karate, and Quack Fu – yes Jeffrey is a master martial artist who was so devoted that he studied under all the greatest masters in the universe…even going so far as to learning the ancient secrets of Quack Fu (it’s a Howad the Duck reference…but you’re all geeks..I didn’t need to tell you that.)

BJ Smith – BJ wears a ring that gives him the ability to transform at will into a huge, scary, but loveable, monster with great strength and near invulnerability. Fighing crime with fear and hugs.

Michael Smith – Michael can absorb powers from things that may seem like they don’t have powers and use them to great effectiveness. For example…he can take a toaster and use it’s ability to become super hot. He may touch a washing machine and begin to rock the ground back and forth under the feet of criminals or send them into a forceful spin. See? it seems silly…but it’s amazing.

Jesse Socash – Aside from having a cool name, Jesse has the ability to create force fields. He can use these force fields for protection or as projectiles to take out the bad guys..or he can just put a big force field around the bad guys adn keep them from getting away. The possibilities are pretty endless.

Greg Sorber – Greg is like swamp thing without being a big pile of walking swamp. He can sense through the ground and plants what is happening around him and even miles away. He can control plant life and cause trees to spontaneously grow swiftly anywhere, he can cause vines to rise up and ensnare evil doers, and he can charm the ladies with his ability to instantly grow a beautiful bouquet of their favorite flower.

Jason Spencer – Telescopic, x-ray, microscopic, heat, laser, infrared, night, and 20/20…these are all the types of vision Jason posesses. His eyes…are like…beyond Superman’s.

Steve aka Schoeny – Knows simply as “Steve” this mysterious masked stranger speaks softly but carries great power. He’s been seen in flight, lifting literally tons over his head while saving patrons from a collapsing restaurant, and it’s even rumored that he can teleport…but it’s unsure if that’s just superspeed.

Stuffedy – Stuffedy is a master manipulator of reality. It’s not just that he warps what you think is reality. He literally reaches through the multiverse to bring aspects from one universe into another with just a thought. Don’t believe me? Check Out his YouTube Channel…that’s Yogurt…IN THE MILLENNIUM FALCON!

Colin Sugar – Colin has the ability to absorb electricity from wherever it may be power lines, power outlets, lightning, etc. and redirect the energies as powerfully as he chooses…so he can be a battery or a blaster…so be nice.

Jamie Swan – Tapping into ancient mystical powers Jamie calls on the powers of the animal kingdom to aid him in his fight against those who would wreak havoc on good citizens.

John M. Swinimer – Trained in the deepest parts of the jungle, John drank deep the secret black ivory potion that infused him the ability to control kinetic energy. He can gather it around himself to propel himself long distances, protect himself from harmful impacts, move heavy objects, and even cause small explosions.

Christopher Titchenal At a young age Dr. Quest (as he is known) discovered not only a secret island filled with giant monsters, but also that he had the ability to command them. When Earth is threatened, Dr. Quest and his Kaiju army are there to defend it. (Dr. Quest unfortunately passed away in 2017. Chris was a great guy and a wonderful presence in the GOLiverse. His e-mails to Mark Out Loud were always a highlight of the show, and I am forever grateful that I got to spend some time with him in Orlando. Chris was unassuming, friendly, quick witted, and loved by his wife and daughter. As long as there is a GOLiverse Chris’ name will be on this wall. He was a valued member of the GOLiverse family, and we continue to miss him.)

Joseph Tavano – When given a special ring by a dying alien, Joseph immediately pawned it…he didn’t need it. He conducts pure energy through his body and unleashes it through his fingertips to blast a hole through the plans of the wicked.

Thicket – Known only as thicket, his powers are as mysterious as his name.  Summoning inter-dimensional forces, Thicket confounds his opponents with an ability that keeps them in the dark…literally.  The lights may be on, but that doesn’t stop the bad guy from becoming confused and confounded when Thicket cranks up his power to confound, befuddle, and trip up evil doers everywhere.

Jimmy Thomas – Having a thick skin is a necissity in life…Jimmy took it a step further after being exposed to a radioactive cast iron skillet (long story) Jimmy was granted the ability to change his skin to steel. Like the X-Men character Colossus. When metalled up Jimmy can take bullets, endure extreme temperatures, fry an egg on the back of his hand, and hit the baddies really really hard. Sticks and stones won’t break his bones when justice calls.

Jimmy Tucker – The one who knows. What does that mean? What does he know? Ask him…he knows it. About you…about me…about life. It’s not quite telepathy, he just…knows…because of that, he is able to fight expertly, knowing an opponents move as it’s happening and knowing how to take down said opponent. When he puts his mind to it, he truly can accomplish anything. Also the inventor of the Sasquatch Stick.

Wade Tunnell – Wade can sculpt and mold all glass with a thought. doesn’t seem to spiffy until you consider that that means he can mold it into any weapon, or structure he can think of.

Jonathan Ward – Jonathan can fly…that makes him a super hero…why? Well…can you fly? Oh..he’s got super strength to go with that flight.

David Valdez – Master swordsman who was given a mystical blade by a mystical man who said simply, “It’s dangerous to go alone.” Which was weird because David was just going to buy some comics. On the way he ran into some muggers and quickly dispatched them as the sword transfomed him into a mythical adventurer kind of like a He-Man/Legend of Zelda mash up.

Gabe Vermund – Using his knowledge of resonate harmonics, Gabe crafted a musical key (like that Master of the Universe movie from the eighties) he uses this device to travel anywhere in the world at a moments notice. Just hitting the right notes takes him to the top of Everest…where he’s left a criminal or two to think about their mistakes before they agree to confessing.

Sarah Volle – Sarah will not be lied to. Not because she doesn’t like it, but because she knows…she can tell when someone is lying. Even if they’re only bending the truth a little…she knows. And she will not let them get away with it.

Damian Waldron – Remember that song about the Devil going down to Georgia and getting in a fiddle fight? Well as a kid that scared the peanut butter out of poor Damian. So he hatched a plan…he would figure out how to tap into the spirit realm and use the powers found there to ward off evil. Well, after a game of checkers with an angel…which Damian won…he was pretty much given everything he needed from the spiritual realm to fight not only crime, but also defeat the devil in a fiddle fight.

Kevin Wang – On a lonely mountain in Washington state, Kevin found a screwdriver. Not a super power…just a fun story. Kevin can fix anything no matter how broken it may be. He can also build any machine he can imagine…quickly…like those LEGO video games. So criminals take heed, you could be on the receiving end of one his clever criminal catchers. (My words..not his.)

Jonathan Ward – As a boy, Jonathan dreamed of being a great detective and martial artist. (He watched a lot of TV and read a lot of comics.) Combining his life time of training in these areas Jonathan took to the streets to not only solve crimes but defeat crime with his superior fighting skills. He is the Kung Fu Sherlock Holmes so criminals beware…he charges by the hour.

Craig Wehr – Craig was a normal guy doing normal things at normal times when one day he was hit by a radioactive soundwave eminating from the boom box of a break dancing nuclear scientist. (This happened on the one day that Craig decided to do something out of the norm.) Upon picking himself up off the cardboard (That’s where the break dancing was happening) Craig found that he had the ability to emit sonic boom like sound waves from his throat (Through his mouth of course) with this loud “scream” Craig can knock back the bad guys, and he even leared to “ride” the sound waves giving him a sort of ability to fly. Taking inspiration from the source of his powers Craig now calls himself “Boom Box”

David Weihe – The Bird Master.  If he says seagulls are going to come and poke you in the coconut, you should listen. Cause they will…they will. Don’t fall asleep…dont. fall…asleep.

Will West – Will is known as The Traveler.  He can open dimensional gateways allowing him to travel great distances in mere seconds.  He can also open a portal beneath his foes and have them end up..well great distances away in mere seconds.

Troy Westfall – Troy has the ability to phase in and out of tangibility. This allows him to walk through solid objects. He also – for some strange reason – has a super enhanced sense of smell…thankfully, he can control it…otherwise all it would take to defeat him is a good spicy burrito…or at least the after effects of said burrito.

Brian White – Known to the underworld simply as “the wizard” Brian controls the mystic arts….sort of. I mean, he’s not just pulling rabbits out of hats and doing card tricks, but he also isn’t shifting the balance of reality and time. Brian uses a mixture of science and magic to baffle and amaze his enemies. Then by day he does a kids show where he shows the children neat experiments and stuff…like this one time he sprinkled powder on the surface of an aquarium filled with water and made the kid reach in and pick up a bolt…the kid’s hand didn’t get wet. Wait…that was MR. WIZARD. Brian The White is THE WIZARD…I feel like that was an 80’s show about a toymaker though…look the point is, the guy is smart and he can do magic. It’s quite a combination.

Allsion Wiggins – Is there a family friendly way to say B.A. Because that’s what Allison is. She’s so strong and agile, some think she’s an amazonian princess…but that would just be too comic book.

Matthew Williams – Matthew can endure anything. It’s a form of invulnerability that scientists haven’t been able to get a full measure of just yet. It’s almost an adaptability to his environment and circumstances. Matthew can run for days, hold his breath for hours, stay awake for weeks, withstand ridiculously high and low temperatures. This makes him a great spy and potential Olympic athlete if we can keep his abilities underwraps. Also, no criminal can outlast or outrun him…He wins everytime.

Thomas J. Willis – Master of Disguise, Thomas possesses the ability to camoflage himself as anyone and almost anything. Caught in the blast of a radioactive halloween store explosion Thomas woke up with the uncanny ability to shapeshift and mimic anyone. Here’s the kicker…Thomas was already super smart and an elite hand to hand combat fighter…so now…he outwits and kicks the butt of evil and they never see him coming…because they think he’s someone else.

Clark Wilson – Clark has the uncanny ability to manipulate chance.  When things are going as bad as they can go and it seems all hope is lost, Clark keeps his chin up and somehow, someway finds the good in the situation and that’s when his power kicks in. One little ray of hope and the enemy better watch out because Clark uses that hope to turn the tide.

Tadd Winter – Unnaturally skilled in hand to hand combat. And he’s super cool while he kicks the butt of villainy. He’s Tadd!

Justin Wiseman – In this universe there are those who have mastered the ability to manipulate the laws of physics and do what some may call…supernatural. This takes the sharpest of minds, the most disciplined of thoughts, and a lot of dang willpower. After years of studying under the tutelage of a talking three toed sloth (would have taken months with any other mystical talking animal…those sloths take forever to get the words out though.) Justin mastered the mystic arts and now uses his supreme sorcerer’s ways to protect the realm of earth from the darkness we don’t see coming…because it’s dark.

Keith Wolters – Slipping in and out of the shadows expertly due to his powers of invisibility and intangibility. Evil never saw him coming.

James Young – James controls electricity…without cables. He can create it, use it, launch it from his fingers like the Emperor in Star Wars, and he can even charge his phone if he needs to.

Yitzy – Evildoers beware. Yitzy’s strong sense of justice coupled with his ability to control metal may just be your undoing.