The Fifth Annual GOLiverse Marathon For CURE

It’s time again for the annual GOLiverse marathon for CURE Childhood Cancer. Saturday Febraury 9th tune into all day long to hear geeky talk, funny talk, friends of the GOLiverse and more! Our goal this year is to raise $4000 for the charity.

As always we are collecting the money through a First Giving Page. First Giving is a site that partners with non-profits to help make events like this possible for independent groups. This way all of the money collected goes straight through them to CURE. Neither I nor anyone in the GOLiverse ever touches the money or receives any benefits from it other than the joy of putting in the effort to see the good work done.

You can access the page this year through one of two links. They are

Either one of these links will take you to the correct page which will be active for one week following the marathon.

During the marathon we encourage you to use your social media to help us promote the even using the hashtag #GOLForCURE. If you’re on twitter let CURE know you’re participating by tweeting @CUREChildCancer

This year we have a lot stacked against us as all of the other events going on in life have prevented us from properly preparing. Steve admits that’s completely on him and he apologizes for not promoting this sooner and making sure everything was ready to go. Because of that, we will be relying heavily on our listeners throughout the day to call in and be more a part of the marathon than ever before. We hope you’ll be listening and we hope you can find in your heart to give whatever you can afford to help fight Childhood Cancer.


  • Jared Duhon

    Hi Steve. Hate to post this here but cannot find contact info for you anywhere on your site. I’m a long time listener but have been very confused for the past couple of years. I used to listen weekly and quite honestly your show was one of my favs. But suddenly there were only a few shows being uploaded to the feed a year. What has happened to the show? Is it mostly for Patreon supporters now? How can I continue to listen to the show each week? Thanks!

    • Steve

      Hi Jared, Unfortunately i haven’t had the time that I used to have open to record as often. So many of the shows have kind of faded. We always plan to bring them back though…so there’s always hope. I’m trying to get on more of a consistent schedule with Geek Out Loud, but as I said a few years ago when episodes were dropping weekly and sometimes daily, I had no other real job. There is still free content coming out. But we do release things pretty regulary on Patreon as well. Thanks for asking. You can always e-mail the show, I see everything that goes there. But thanks to your comment, I realize I need to put contact info on this site and will be doing that right now!

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