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Heard it Here Last –

The Dark Knight

Calls Iron Man Out!



Posted by Steve

A couple of weeks ago, the web was on fire about the footage of Iron Man shown at The San Diego ComiCon.   The Dark Knight was conspicuous in its absence.   Yeah, there was a little guerrilla marketing.  Yeah, the teaser was debuted.  (A teaser which could tease a little more if you ask me.)  It seemed though that Iron Man stole the show and we would be stuck waiting for months for anything else to come out of the Dark Knight camp.

Well, unbeknownst to us then (but knownst to us now!), Chris Nolan and the rest of the crew from the Dark Knight production were holding their cards close to swoop in a take the day at Wizard World Chicago.  If you’re a geek at all, you probably already know this, but there was a trailer of sorts shown at Wizard World that answered a lot of questions and got a ton of cheers.  Basically, while Iron Man was revelling in success in San Diego, The Dark Knight lit up Chicago and threw down the gauntlet for all other super hero movies to come next Summer. 

To read a recap of what was shown click here. Be warned that there are some spoilers, and one major spoiler that can only be a scene from the very end of the movie much like Batman flipping over the Joker card in “Begins.”

To read the reaction of a fan that was there and see a T-shirt I wish they’d sell, click here. Same spoilers, with a bit more about the actual experience of being there.

Basically, what I’ve learned in the past two weeks is I’m gonna have to quit my job and begin doing something that will allow me to constantly travel during the convention season. Only then will you not have heard it here last!