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Geek Out Online Endorses Mike Huckabee



Posted by Steve

So, I’m going to take the blog in a direction that it probably shouldn’t go at all. 

However, one of the things I geek out about with friends sometimes is politics, so I figured take this time prior to Super Tuesday to let my opinion be heard.

You’re free to voice your opinion as well, right here on Geek Out Online.  Leave comments or e-mail me at

I was really kind of bummed coming into 2008 because there didn’t seem to be a candidate that resonated with me at all.  They were all towing party lines, or a little too far out there to take seriously.  Then, Mike Huckabee came along with some new ideas.  Ideas I’ve never heard another Presidential candidate bring to the table.   He was talking about putting the IRS out of business.  He was talking about border security.  He was talking about Health Care that focuses on prevention instead of crises.  Most importantly though, he was talking about America. 

I know we have several readers from other countries.  I appreciate your readership and your listenership very much.   In fact, some of the countries I’ve heard from since starting this blog/podcast thing are countries with which I am fascinated and hope to be able to visit someday.   But, I love my country.  I have ever since we had a president named Ronald Regan who believed that the United States was a “shining city on a hill.”   He made me believe too.

 I hear Mike Huckabee talking about things like this and it makes me feel like, here’s a guy who gets it.  Here’s a guy who’s not working for a political party or for his own power base.  Here’s a guy who truly thinks this country is a great place.  He looks at our problems with immigration and says, “Thank God we live in a country that people are trying to break into rather than break out of.”

He looks at our tax code and says, it’s crazy…so here’s a crazy idea. 

He’s not scared of new ideas.  He’s not scared of innovation.  He’s not scared to be something new and different and fresh in Washington. 

So, the website endorses Mike Huckabee. 

I won’t be going political like this again…hopefully, but I just had to get my opinion out there.  Let the debate begin.  It’s okay.  That’s what the United States is all about.  The free flow of ideas and thoughts without fear of persecution or prosecution. 

Before I wrap it up though, you should know that the main reason I endorsed Gov. Huckabee is….well…just watch the video….