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Recording Schedule for the Week of August 4, 2014



Posted by Steve

All eyes in the GOLiverse (at least mine) are firmly on GOL 100. That being said things will proceed this week with several shows.

Monday – 8pm – Big Honkin Show
Tuesday – 8pm – Mark Out Loud – Favorite Entrance Music
Wednesday – 8:00 until ? – GOL 100!
Thursday – 8pm – Rock Out Loud. Anthems.
Friday – TBD

Check back this week as we still need to schedule potential Rock Out Loud Disney Vault talk episodes, so make sure you check back here and follow the shows at to be notified via e-mail when we are recording.

GOLiverse Recording Schedule for the Week of July28



Posted by Steve

Steve is out of town Monday and Tuesday. Shows will resume Wednesday night.

Wednesday July 30, 9:30pm – Geek Out Loud episode 99
Thursday July 31 – Disney Vault Talk – Bambi
Friday August 1st – Big Hinkin Show late night call in.

GOLiverse recording Schedule for the Week of July 20, 2014



Posted by Steve

There has been a change or two to WHERE we are doing the live shows. It’s still Mixlr, but the name has changed. You can now listen to all of the GOLiverse shows recorded live at Bookmark it and follow us so you can get notified of when we are going live. This week’s schedule is as follows with all times listed being Eastern.

Sunday July 20 – 4pm – ROCK OUT LOUD (Dead Rockers)
Monday July 21 – 7:30pm – Disney Vault Talk – Dumbo
Tuesday July 22 – 7:30pm – Mark Out Loud – Battleground 2014 reactions
Wednesday July 23 – 8:00pm – Geek Out Loud – The march to episode 100 continues
Thursday July 24 – TBD (Possibley KWIS)
Friday July 25 – 8:00 – Big Honkin Show call in spectacular

Next week there will be no shows on Monday or Tuesday as I will be out of town. We’ll keep you posted.

GOLiverse Recording Schedule for the Week of July 14, 2014



Posted by Steve

It’s an interesting week around the GOLiverse studios. Recording times will be a bit different this week and due Steve being at a concert (to report on for ROL) on Friday there will be no show on that day. However, there could be some surprises throughout the week. Don’t forget you can be a part of all the shows live by heading over to Also, as always, your support is appreciated through Patreon at, as well as using the amazon link found at the left of this page to do your amazon shopping and support the site.

This week schedule is:

(All times are Eastern)
Monday 5pm – Big Honkin Show
Tuesday 8:00 – Mark Out Loud
Wednesday 9:00pm – Geek Out Loud
Thursday 9:00pm – Big Honkin Show
Friday – No Show Have a great weekend.

GOLiverse Recording Schedule for the week of June 30, 2014



Posted by Steve

The Patreon marathon was a huge success, and I can’t thank all of you enough who have pledged to help out the GOLiverse through Patreon. Keep an eye out on the websites in the coming months as we get better and better for you. Even though we we live for nearly FIFTEEN hours on Saturday we press on this week with a few shows. Friday is July 4, and in the states that means holiday time. So there will be no show on Friday, but fear not, there are plenty of shows to be posted to the various podcast feeds this week thanks to the marathon. You can listen to all of the shows live at, and the schedule is subject to change so make sure you check back often.

Monday June 30, 7:30pm ET – The Big Honkin Show
Tuesday July 1, 7:30pm ET – Mark Out Loud with our reactions to this year’s Money In the Bank PPV
Wednesday July 2, 8:30 ET – Geek Out Loud “More than Meets The Eye”
Thursday July 3, 8:00ppm ET – Big Honkin Show Call In Spectacular

Again, thanks for your support, and if you want to support the GOLiverse through Patreon, head over to to find out how.