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Geek Out Loud Episode 2 – Number 2 Blues



Posted by Steve

On this, the second episode of Geek Out Loud, Jason from The NCN Blog and podcast joins us for some Heroes discussion.  Well, it was SUPPOSED to be just Heroes discussion.  We end up talking about Thor, the Justice League, the Avengers, and old times collecting comics. 

Then, The Best Little Sister in the world joins me for a little Smallville talk.  This is a long one, so we tried to make the Smallville talk a little abbreviated.   Also, please excuse the “uhms” and “ahs” in the Smallville portion of the show.

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Herosite, and The Tenth Wonder.

For more information about Smallville, go here:

Kryptonsite, andStarkville’s House of El Podcast.For information about upcoming superhero movies, go to Superhero Hype.

The Mighty Thor’s Shaping Up



Posted by Steve

The movie adaptation of Thor is starting to take shape from a crew perspective. 

Here’s what we know so far:

 – There has been a script in play for some time now.  Apparently, you can throw out Donald Blake, or Thor whipping his hammer around on Midgard (Earth, for all of you non-Asgardians out there.), because what we’re getting is  full on epic Asgardian tale.   Betcha it’s got something to do with Loki trying to be top dog on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

–  Matthew Vaughn (who’s directorial credits inclide LAYER CAKE and the more recent STARDUST.)  is set to direct the film. 

–  There hasn’t been any casting announcements yet, but the casting process is obviously underway.

–  And just this week, over at Score Notes, an interview was posted with Composer Ilan Eshkeri and he revealed that he is soon to start work on the score for the upcoming Thor movie.

Truthfully, I am only somewhat familiar with Thor.  I can talk about him.  I know his powers and abilities.  I know his histroy, but I am most familiar with him through Walter Simonson’s run on the book in the late eighties/early nineties.

The truth is, doing a Thor movie as an Asgardian epic rather than the whole Donald Blake or Eric Masterson thing is probably a great call.   It’s very Lord of The Rings or Chronicles of Narnia-ish.  There is definitely an audience for that right now. 

I am not too familiar with Matthew Vaughn or Ilan Eshkeri as the only movie I have seen that they were involved in is LAYER CAKE.   However, also at Score Notes you can listen to a couple of clips from Eshkeri’s STARDUST score. It sounds very Hans Zimmer mixed in with a dash of Howard Shore. Compare this to his work in layer cake and what you’ve got is a very versatile composer. All I can say is thank GOD we’re not going to be stuck with yet another Danny Elfman superhero theme.

All in all, a Thor movie is somewhat exciting to me. In a way though, I wish that Universal would have either lost the rights to the Hulk, or kept the rights to the character of Thor (from when he was in The Return of the Incredible Hulk), so that we could have the hope of a Thor/Hulk showdown for the ages some day.

Sigh. Here’s hoping anyway.

Speaking of music, Micheal bailey has posted a new Views from the Long Box podcast highlighting the theme songs of some animated superhero shows from the nineties. Beware, he may just dog on some of your childhood favorites, but it is fun to listen to.