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Geek Out Loud Episode 11 – The Invincible Iron Podcast



Posted by Steve

In this episode the big topic of discussion is IRON MAN. (Three weeks late.) I also talk a very little bit about the new DARK KNIGHT and INCREDIBLE HULK trailers and TV spots. You can check out the new DARK KNIGHT trailer here and the new INCREDIBLE HULK TRAILER here.

Here is the latest INCREDIBLE HULK TV spot:

And you can watch the latest DARK KNIGHT trailer right here.

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More Trailer Meanderings (or OH MY LANTA!!!!)



Posted by Steve

On the heels of discussing trailers and such, Marvel and Universal put out the second trailer for THE INCREDIBLE HULK.  If you haven’t watched in QuickTime or Hi Def, you need to go ahead and click here to do that. If you can’t wait to go to another site or you just want some quick fun of watching again there’s this….

Then, with all the frenzy that became the viral marketing fiasco by Warner Bros earlier this week, people who won those little reels of film finally started getting their findings up on the world wide web. The result? A “Jokerized” version of the trailer…which makes for some pretty funny moments.

And then there’s this…if you absolutely can’t wait for Sunday…Hurry up it may be gone soon.

Geek Out Loud Episode 10 – A Startling Metamorphosis



Posted by Steve

In this episode, we focus on The Incredible Hulk and that awesome trailer we finally got.  We also focus in on some random geek outs thanks to your e-mails and comments.   The home of Geek Out Loud has moved to it’s own location on the web. 

A lot of links for this show:

For more information about Voltron click here

And here is Voltron on DVD for ya:

And here’s a link to that Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs thing. Click here for the wiki and here to watch the opening of the obscure television show, and let me know if you really think it’s the coolest theme song ever.

To watch Star Fleet click here and see what Thunderbirds meet Star Trek looks like.

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Posted by Steve

I have never said Huzzah in my life.  But I am so excited, I don’t know what else to say.   The first trailer for THE INCREDIBLE HULK is here. I am stoked beyond words.  

I like the look of  the Abomination: abominationmovie.jpg                


I like the look of the Hulk:


And I’m loving the first trailer.  It’s kind of a teaser in that it really doesn’t show much, but we get to see a Hulk that looks a lot more savage and more Hulk-like than Ang Lee’s version of ole Jade Jaws. know what? Take a look for yourself.

UPDATED: A Commercial for a Trailer



Posted by Steve

So, I was getting ready to head to bed, flipping the channels and I stopped because my program guide said Best Week Ever was on.  I enjoy the comedic nuggets on that show.  Well, the commercials were on, and I wasn’t paying much attention until I heard the following:

“There are aspects of my personality that I can’t control.”

“Trust me I’ve heard them all.”

“Not this one.”

 I look up and it’s Ed Norton, and I KNOW.  It’s the Incredible Hulk.  Before my mind could register what was happening though, it was over.  It was a commercial advertising the world premiere of the trailer.

Thank God for DVR.  I immediately rewound and watched.  Here’s what I saw. 

Bruce Banner with some time of light lines on his face. (probably a close up from the pic of him in the big white machine.)

Bruce and who I can only assume is Doc Samson talking (the quotes from above).

A guy suddenly going through a window.

Bruce running to a stop looking at something with concern/fear in his eyes.

I Military Hummer plowing through two other vehicles.

Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) standing apparently shirtless looking into some type of greenish light. 

Bruce sitting up on a bed.

A quick shot of Betty (Liv Tyler).

Finally, what is for me the money shot of the five second vingette…A head shot of Bruce suddenly looking up.  What’s the big deal?  Well, it appears as though he is in a prone position, and as his head swings up, you can see his eyes.  What’s the big deal about his eyes? (Insert girly giggle here.) They are whited out just like Bill Bixby’s eyes in the old television show.  In fact, it looks like a super homage to those classic transformations.  (Insert another girly giggle here.)

I nearly exploded.  I cannot completely express my excitement and hopefulness for this movie and I am soooo glad we are finally getting a trailer next week. 



The video has now goneYouTube.  (I would just like to point out that I reported the commercial before  That’s right…I beat them to the punch.  Still respect them though.)