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A Little Dark Knight Talk



Posted by Steve

I haven’t commented on the tragic death of Heath Ledger here on the site.  Honestly, that’s because I don’t feel like there’s anyting that can be said on this website that either hasn’t already been said or that would add anything in anyway to enhance the memory of Ledger.  I will say that his death was tragic and my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to his family and friends.  I don’t know if we’ll ever know how much Heath Ledger’s talent will be missed, but I do know that those close to him will miss the person, not the talent the most.  

The question raised not thirty minutes after the news about Ledger’s death was “What about The Dark Knight?  Did he get everything filmed?  While the timing for a lot of people seemed a bit insensitive, it was a legitmate question to be asked down the road.

The answer is, yes, Ledger finished everything he needed to finish for the Dark Knight.  His portrayal of The Joker looks to be the one that will set the standard for the character for years to come.   There is a lot that has been said about Heath, and a lot more that can be said and most likely will be said. 

Businesswise, it now falls to Warner Brothers to continue to market The Dark Knight in a tasteful and respectful way that will still serve to get people genuinely excited about this film.  One way they’re doing that is by shifting the focusing of the marketing from the Joker to the character of Harvey Dent. 

Two Face Action FigureIn fact, Aaron Eckhart has come out and admitted that Harvey Two Face will show up in The Dark Knight.  While we knew that based on earlier reports from Wizard World Chicago and leaked pictures of a Two Face action figure, it’s nice to hear someone involved with the film talk a bit more about the character of Harvey Dent and Two Face.  You can read a great interview with him by clicking here, and since you can still google it and find it, I assume it’s ok to have the picture of the action figure here.  If not…someone let me know.

Then there’s this rumor over at Comics2Film. Apparently someone heard there would be a new trailer for the movie with 10,000 B.C. When I read this, I felt like someone had been misinformed, I had heard this nowhere else. With four months to go before the release of the movie I figure it will be a month or so before we get a new trailer if at all.   However, if there is a new trailer, I expect that it will focus more heavily on Batman and Harvey Dent.   We may even get to see the shot from Wizard World of Harvey Dent talking to the bartender.  

Also, there’s the release of Batman:Gotham Knights on DVD.  This DVD will be an Animatrix styled series of shorts done anime style chronicling events that occur between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.   The shorts will feature villains like Scarecrow, Killer Croc, and Deathstroke.  The presence of Deathstroke (Slade to fans of the Teen Titans cartoon) has led to some speculation that character may be in The Dark Knight.  I wouldn’t expect it.  This movie is gonna be so chock full of stuff from the Joker storyline and the backbone of the story, Harvey Dent’s journey, that if Deathstroke is even mentioned, it will be just that, a quick mention.   Sort of like the nod to Star Wars fans when Obi Wan mentions Master Voss in Revenge of the Sith.

I think that the only speculation left about the movie now is just how good it’s gonna be.  Just a little over four months and counting…. 

Geek Out Loud Episode 8 – Chest Nuts Roasting.



Posted by Steve

Before I get into the show description, I apologize that this took so long to get out.  I have 50 different reasons why, but let’s be honest, I wouldn’t accept the excuses so neither should you, the listener have to.  There are some things said that are a little dated.  Like “Merry Christmas”, “Happy New Year”, “How about that light bulb, what a great invention.” etc.  But hopefully, you’ll enjoy it anyway. 

On this long overdue episode of the podcast, Derek from Starkville’s House of El joins me as we talk about everyone’s favorite villain, Heroes – “Villains,”  Infected villains, and the magnificent Dark Knight trailer.  This is a long one, so grab some left over egg nog, and left over turkey sandwiches and settle in for a long winter’s geek out session.

If you want to check out that Heroes teaser click here.

For that amazing Dark Knight trailer click here.

Geek Out Loud Episode 7 – Shout Outs and Shameless Plugs



Posted by Steve

While it’s not by best offering of a podcast ever, it is what it is.  In this episode I talk a Smallville, the viral campaign that is underway for THE DARK KNIGHT, JUSTICE LEAGUE casting rumors, and I answer some questions about Heroes and assign a new name or two.   Oh yeah, and David Hasslehoff comes to Geek Out Loud…sort of.  I mention him…WHILE I’M TALKING ABOUT KNIGHT RIDER.

Here are the links you need to understand everything..

For more on Smallville, as always, go to and of course Starkville’s House of El Podcast of which I am a part.

For more on Heroes, check out The Tenth Wonder Podcast, where you’ll find thorough reviews, theory discussions, and spoilers.

For that sweet picture of KITT, just click here.

Now for the shameless plugs…

To start up forum-esque conversations about Geek Out Loud or Geek Out Online, click here.

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Thanks for listening.

 I forgot to post this link earlier.  The Al Roker report on the Dark Knight can be seen here.

Geek Out Loud Podcast Episode 1



Posted by Steve

So this puppy’s later than an issue of All Star Batman and Robin.  The stuff may seem a bit dated, but I get to talk about all of the stuff that has excited me lately, namely, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and Smallville.  I do go off on a tangent or two here and there, and the Heroes talk is really short, but don’t worry, later this week, we’ll catch up on Heroes.

So settle in, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to immerse yourself in total geekdom with me.  

Don’t forget to join the conversation by adding your comments or E-mailing me.

Hope you enjoy.

Heard it Here Last –

Justice League Movie

Starting to “Take Shape.”



Posted by Steve

There have been rumors flying around since ComiCon this yeat that a Justice League movie was underway and looking to a 2009 release.  2009?  Isn’t that when the sequel to SUPERMAN RETURNS is supposed to be released?  Yes.  So there was that head scratching going on.  Then, Christian Bale was asked if he would be involved.  His answer?  No.  Hmmmm…..this wasn’t looking good.

The Justice League movie is rumored to focus on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman.  How could they do this.  How could they take from us a Superman sequel, leave Christian Bale out of the mix, and have a movie that will be well recieved?  A new rumor that has surfaced over at Super Hero Hype that reports the new Justice League movie will be a digital/motion capture/animation thingie.  You know, like Polar Express, or the new Beowulf movie that’s coming out.

I don’t know how I feel about this.  It will be great if the script and story is good.  I have no doubt about that, but it feels like Warner Brothers is taking a cheap way out.  It seems like instead of really putting some effort forward to get a movie or two with these other characters out there to all come together in an incredible spectacle of a Super Hero movie, they are doing what studios do so often…there giving the fans something while they think that they know what we want better than we do.

Now, I’m not bashing this idea.  It could be very cool.  It could be one of the most awesome things we’ve ever seen.  Right now, if this is true, it just seems like we’re being somewhat cheated. 

To get the full story, click the link above.