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A Cool Interview from ’78



Posted by Steve

Sorry, I haven’t posted anything in a while. I am gearing up for a few things including but not limited to my top 10 favorite super villains, a Dark Knight review (of course), and a few other things. Life has just been one thing after another lately and blogging has taken a back seat. Also, I’m going to try to get a new episode of Geek Out Loud up soon.

For now, though, I stumbled across this clip from The Tonight Show on YouTube. It’s fun to hear the audience laugh at a joke that isn’t all that fresh to any of us anymore, but you have to remember the audience, for the most part, is probably seeing this clip for the first time. Also, I thought it was an interesting clip to bring to a talk show. Nowadays, the temptation would be to bring a quicker more action packed moment.

Then, there’s the talk about the second film. I can only imagine if there were internet in those days. Movie news sites and the blogosphere would light up with speculation on what the sequel would hold for the audiences of the day.

The thing that strikes me most, however, is the humility and passion with which Reeve approaches this interview. The opening moments of the interview are some classic interactions between a few legends of the stage and screen. So, enjoy this interview with Christopher Reeve from The Tonight Show circa 1978:

Geek Out Loud Episode 9 – Big Honkin Returns



Posted by Steve

In this episode, we look at my first review in a big time magazine.  Talk a bit about Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and the rumored link between those two movies.  Then we jump into a little geeking out about Superman on film.  All this and some shout outs, shameless plugs, and geeky easter eggs on the return of the most “hard to stomach” podcast on the net.

Here’s the link promised on the cast: