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Who’d ‘a Thunk It? Silverhawks coming to DVD.



Posted by Steve

Not me.  That’s for Sure.

Back in the mid-eighties it seemed that whatever animations companies threw against the wall stuck. It didn’t matter what these guys did, kids seemed to eat it up. Of course, from a business standpoint at the time it was all to promote toy lines.

The most popular properties among kids (after Star Wars) were GI Joe, Transformers, He-Man, and Thundercats. I really think that’s true and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the order of popularity by sells and ratings.

In an effort to capitalize on the success of those most popular properties and products, other lines were launched that were in someway comparable. The answer to Transformers? Go Bots. The answer to GI Joe? Maybe M.A.S.K. The answer to He-Man? I’m not really sure there was a proper answer to He-Man unless it was the Thundercats, but they became so successful that they demanded an answer to their success. Enter The Silverhawks.

The Silverhawks had a lot of similarities to the Tundercats. Instead of organic cat/human amalgams, the Silverhawks seemed to be bionic in nature.

There was the tried and true team line up including a nearly perfect leader of the team, a female counterpart, a strong guy, a kid, and a rocker..uhm…country singer…uhm…he had a guitar.

The villains were the classic big scary guys that tended to screw up a lot with a super scary and vastly superior boss. In this case, the boss actually went through a transformation just like Mum-Ra in Thundercats. I guess that’s what makes them seem so similar.

The Silverhawks were like space police. They took assignments from a leader with a bionic arm and everything.

Of course, at the end of every episode was a lesson of some sort usually featuring the child of the team (who only talked in beeps and whistles) and the cowboy guitar playing guy. These would teach a moral or safety lesson a la GI Joe or He-Man or even a science lesson.

While the Silverhawks never rose to the popularity of He-Man or the Thundercats, they were there and as a kid I enjoyed them and thought they had a great theme song. I don’t know why I thought so then, but it seemed to rock out more to me than any other. Looking at it all through the eyes of an adult though? I’m not so sure…I still love it…just not sure it rocks as hard as I once thought it did.

I’m glad Silverhawks are getting the DVD treatment, now bring on some of those other lesser remembered titles – Turbo Teen, Pac Man, Orbots, and Go Bots.

Use the link below to check it out, and maybe even purchase it from Amazon and support the site.