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Embrace the Para…err…Change. Secret Invasion #5 Reviewed



Posted by Steve

SECINV005_COV.jpgFinally. I mean that on so many levels.

First, “finally” I’m getting this review up. Second, “finally” it looks like the tables are turning on so many things. Thirdly, “finally” I’m able to root for heroes again.

I have heard a lot of negative things about Secret Invasion. Let’s be honest though, the story is coherent, well thought out, and has for the most part been well-executed. Compare that to Marvel’s “Distinguished Competetion’s” big crossover event. Raise your hand if you have the slightest clue what’s going on in Final Crisis. I don’t, and I don’t think it’s because I’m stupid. I think it’s because Grant Morrison has taken every idea he’s ever had and squashed it into an 8 page mini-series.

The success of this series so far for me is that you don’t have to purchase every tie in to enjoy the story at hand. The tie ins make the experience richer and give us a much broader scope of the Skrull Invasion, but they are not necessary if you don’t regularly collect the titles that the crossovers are happening in.

Secret Invasion 5 begins to show us what makes our super heroes heroes. It also shows us why some of the most beloved villains are still beloved to this day.

The issue starts out right where the latest issue of Thunderbolts left off. Captain Marvel (a skrull version of him) has shown up at Thunderbolt Mountain to destroy the T-bolts. Norman Osborne, one of the greatest manipulators in the Marvel U, is able to deduce that this Captain Marvel only recently realized his Skrulliness and talks him from self doubt, to self loathing, to anger at his empire for sticking him in the form of a Kree dog. He leaves without harming the Thunderbolts and Norman kicks into gear using Oscorp technology to mobilize his team. Throughout these panels he bemoans the fact that world is so into Starktech because that’s what’s gotten them into this mess.

We get to see a secret base of the great Nick Fury who has been working behind the scenes for months getting his newest team of Howling Commando’s up and running.  Suddenly, Fury announces “It’s starting.”

Across the globe, Skrulls use the airwaves and the forms of familiar leaders, politicians, and celebrities to try and reassure the world that they are here to help.  (Very remniscent of “V” the miniseries and television series from the eighties.)

In space, Agent Brand of S.W.O.R.D. has made her way into one of the Skrull ships, when we left her in the last issue, she had found Reed Richards.  Now, she is encoutered by Skrulls and it takes a bit, but as her translator kicks in, she’s able to convince the Skrulls for a moment that she is a Skrull, and she pulls rank on them.  Taking one of their weapons she takes the whole little brigade out and frees Richards who doesn’t trust her because he heard her speaking Skrull-ese.  Even weakened, Reed manages to get the upperhand and knock Brand out.  This a Reed we’ve not seen in a while.  Determined, tough, and a bit scary.  She comes to and he apologizes, but tells her he confirmed she is indeed human, and now they have to get back to stop the invasion.   He is a man who has been a POW.  In one of the Avengers crossovers, we find that they used Reed Richards’ ideas through manipulating clones of him to plan this whole attack.  Looking at how they did things he realizes this.  So, wracked with guilt over his unwitting role, and grief over the apparent loss of his family, Mr. Fantastic launches into action.

On the Helicarrier, we return to Skrull Jarvis demanding the surrender of Commander Maria Hill who has been surrounded by Skrulls.  She begins to say that when this is over, she’s gonna have a T-shirt made.  Skrull Jarvis tells her he is only interested in her surrender, not to use sarcasm to make it harder on herself.  Well, Maria Hill is a Life Model Decoy. The real Hill is perched in a sniper’s position and takes a shot before leaping off the Helicarrier and engaging the self-destruct with an interesting string of passwords.  By the way, the T-shirt? “Nick Fury was right.”  This is awesome stuff people.

Meanwhile, “Captain Marvel” makes his way to and through the Skrull Armada.  He begins tearing up the ships and makes his presence known in a huge way.

Reed Richards begins his plan to reveal the Skrulls.

In the Savage Land, the survivors are fighting about who is a skrull and who is not.  As the battle of words comes to a crescendo and is just about to come to blows, Reed initiates his weapon.  The Skrulls are revealed.  The heroes make quick work of them and decide it’s time to head back to New York, with one very angry Clint Barton.

This is what I’m talking about.  Human ingenuity rising to the top.  Our heroes backed up against impossible odds beginning to claw their way back from the ashes.  Reed Richards showing all the haters that he is a force to be reckoned with.  The plots of the bad guys unfurling because they refused to simply kill the greatest threats to their plans.  Instead, they wanted a trial, and ultimate revenge.  Now, they pay for their mistakes.

While Secret Invasion 3 didn’t quite do it for me, Secret Invasion 4 started to turn that around a bit.  With issue number 5, I feel like the whole Marvel Universe is turning a corner, not jsut this storyline.  All of the wounds and mistrust from Civil War have to be put aside.  All of the anger and turmoil from World War Hulk pales in comparison to what has been done by the Skrulls.  Now, the heroes have to unite, now the enemy is clear.  Now, we get down to some serious fighting.  Hopefully.  There are still three issues of this series to go, and I don’t know that Bendis and crew are gonna write a big three issue fight with Super Skrulls and super heroes going totally nuts on each other…but I wouldn’t mind that so much.

Hopefully, we won’t get one big issue of everyone sitting in a circle planning their next move. I really do hope for some real knock down, drag out action. 

As for this issue though, it was a wonderful turning point.  Classic stuff.  Just when all is lost, the tide turns.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I really am stoked about this. 

The final verdict from me?

Story 4 out of 5 – I love what’s happening here.  I love the little moments. I’m ready for all of the main guns (as it pertains to our heroes) to come to the rescue, but the set up has been fun.  My only problems with the story was the complete lack of going back to the person who was at the end of the last issue with the binoculars and we didn’t get to see what Thor was doing from the final pages of the last issue.   Also,  I Could have done without the rehashing of the fact that no one can trust anyone.  The Savage Land stuff was getting a bit tedious, so it was nice that a bolt of lightning broke up the monotony.  By the way, Spider-Man was awesome in these scenes.  In fact, he’s a better reason to read what’s going on than the actual situation.  His quips smack of classic Spidey.  

Art 3 out of 5 – Still not sold on the art in this series.  I’m not an artist, so I hate to be critical of anyone’s art.  There’s just something about it that doesn’t sit well with me.  I think it has more to do with Tony Stark than anything.  I know that the Starktech virus is physically affecting him, but dang…he needs to at least still look like Tony Stark.  

Main Cover Art 2 out of 5 – The covers of this series have not been the most gripping things.  I’m not a stickler for what you see on the cover reflects what happens in the book, but I do feel like the cover needs to grab a person…especially in a big event like this.   This cover just doesn’t.  It’s menacing.  It’s a great picture of a Skrull.  I like the fact that it’s a bit misleading in that you think it’s gonna be more of the Skrulls getting the upper hand story than a “the tide is turning” story.   However, I really think Marvel should have put less creative energy into variant covers and more creative energy into making one cover for each issue that grabs long time readers and new fans alike.

Overall, I’m enjoying the series and looking forward to when I actually have the next issue in my hand.  Though it comes out today, I probably won’t have it til next week.  So…expect a  review then.

Until then don’t embrace change…EMBRACE THE PARADOX!!!

Is It Really a Secret Anymore? – Secret Invasion # 4 Reviewed!



Posted by Steve

secret_invasion_4_ign.jpgI really liked this series when it got started. It seemed like it was gonna be a good old fashioned throw down between good and evil. Tag on the question of who’s a skrull and who’s not and you’ve got an intriguing throw down as well. In my mind I imagined a story that would be frustrating as heroes fought Skrulls, villains fought heroes, and heroes watched each other out of the corners of their eyes as one by one it was brought to light who was a Skrull and who was not. Then I imagined a huge double sized finale where the Skrulls were defeated and maybe one or two little loose ends to be tied up in ongoing monthlies down the road.

While the story has been good, it hasn’t been as great as I hoped it would be. In fact, in the past month I’ve enjoyed some of the tie-ins from ongoing monthlies more than I have the core story of Secret Invasion.

Issue 4 ramped the action back up a bit, but not to the scale that I actually care about it. Black Widow shows up to run of Skrull-Spider-Woman who was still trying to convince Stark that he’s a Skrull. Still suffering from the virus that infected his armor, Tony is starting to look a little green. Widow believes that he’s not a Skrull however and gives him a pep talk to try to get him back in the game, but not before she takes out a couple of other Skrulls including the Skrull-Beast who shared a great tie-in Avengers issue with Wonder Man.

In New York, Nick Fury and his new Howling Commandos take down the Super Skrulls that invaded the city. Ms. Marvel is there to help. She apparently took out a lot of the Super Skrulls in Ms. Marvel #28. (I wasn’t able to pick that book up.) When the Commandos are done with the Super Skrulls, they incapacitate Ms. Marvel, not trusting that she is who she claims to be.

In this issue, we also discover that the Skrulls don’t want the Fantastic Four dead. They want to put Reed Richards on trial for his actions against the Skrulls waaaay back in Fantastic Four #4.

In a nice moment, we see the head of S.W.O.R.D., the space station version of S.H.I.E.L.D. that was destroyed in the first issue of Secret Invasion, get into one of the ships of the invading armada. We are led to believe that it is the craft where Reed Richards is being held. She finds a set of Skrull monitors and begins to see what is going on and is found out by a few of the green beasties.

Meanwhile, Skrull-Jarvis is still aboard the SHIELD helicarrier demanding Commander Hill’s surrender. As she takes a stand, everyone around her changes to reveal that she is surrounded by Skrulls.

In the last few pages, our attention is turned to a group of villains apparently being led by a guy I don’t quite recognize (sorry). The argument is made that this is the heroes battle, but that argument is shot down by an argument that favors survival and the order, “Gather everyone you can.”

In Central Park West humans are being rounded up concentration camp style by the Skrulls. As people begin to beg and some even pray, lightning splits the sky. Everyone looks up to see The Mighty Thor desceding from the Heavens. In the distance, he is being watched through a set of binoculars by someone wearing red gloves and some kind of blue armor. (It’s Captain America folks. The new Captain America. Winter Soldier. Bucky.)

That’s more like it. While I didn’t like this issue as much as I liked issues 1 and 2, it looks like things are hopefully about to ramp up again. My fear is that there will be a lot happen off of the main canvas of the Secret Invasion title though. However, this is not to express my fears of what may happen, it’s to express my opinion of what I read, and my opinion is, I liked it. I didn’t gush over it, but I liked it.

I made no bones about the fact that I thought the Skrull-Spider-Woman/Tony Stark conversation took up way too much time in the last issue. I was glad it was brought to a finish pretty quickly here and I like that Black Widow was able to convince Tony to do what he can to help because that’s what he wants to do.

The battle in Manhattan was handled well and Nick Fury. The ending has me hooked into getting the next issue, so it did what it was supposed to do. I was glad to see the fate of Reed Richards finally. It reminded me of Mulder when he was abducted in one of the later seasons of X-Files. He looks to be in pain in the midst of being stretched out across some surgical table/torture rack apparatus. I want Reed to be rescued. I want him to let the heroes know what needs to be done. I want to see him get his family back from the Negative Zone. I am invested in his fate.

Then there’s Thor and Cap. It’s about time the other two of Marvel’s Trinity came out of hiding for this shindig. So…yeah…I’m ready for round 5.

Story 3 out 5 While I liked this issue, last issue really put a damper on the momentum for me, so this issue seems to be in the process of getting some of that back, and when things are brought to a screeching halt for a reader it’s hard to get revved back up to the point where things are really kicking.   Also, it’s about time the villains got caught up in all of this.  No matter how evil they are, they have a vested interest in Earth not being conquered by the Skrulls.   I’m also glad we’re not going the route of “V” with this story.   I don’t think 8 issues would be enough to really delve into what would happen if Skrulls actually won and set up a government.  While things look bleak, there’ s still hope, and since we’re at the halfway point, hopefully things won’t go south right up to the last page of issue 8 where someone gets their hands on a cosmic cube and wishes it all away.

Art 2 out of 5 – I like Lienel Yu’s lines.  However, his character designs and faces are a little annoying to look at.  This was most apparent to me in the close ups of Tony Stark.  It’s a weird situation where he’s trying to give a certain realism to the work but still make it cartoony.  It’s a little too impressionist for me and instead of growing on me, it’s wearing on me.

Cover Art 2 out of 5 – I give the cover 2 because it has characters who are actually in featured prominently in the issue, that’s the good.  Other than that…I miss George Perez.  That’s all I will say about that.  Actually, it isn’t  none of these covers have blown me away.  They are all underwhelming to be such a huge event.  I would say the same of DC’s stuff right now.  This is your big crossover event people.  Make the covers count!

There you have it.  Liking the story, could be happier with the art.  In the past few months I’ve gotten various crossovers in the regular monthlies.  I think I’m gonna narrow those selections down to Hercules and on or two other titles I normally get.  The really good thing about this story arc is you can read the mini series without buying any of the crossovers and still have a fairly complete picture of what’s going on.  I applaud you for that Marvel.

So….Civil War is Null and Void? Secret Invasion 3 Reviewed.



Posted by Steve

SecretInvasionPromoArt.jpgMarvel’s done it again. I don’t mean they’ve knocked a homerun. I mean…well, we’ll get there.

I was completely blown away with Secret Invasion #1 and #2.  In fact, I said as much in my reviews for those books.

I love the idea of all the super heroes, registered and non-registered having to finally set aside their differences and overpower this threat from outer space.   I love the idea that the threads of this story have been woven through so many other Marvel stories in the past few years.  I especially appreciated the fact that Joey Q and crew took the stance that Iron Man was NOT going to be a Skrull.  I liked the idea that Marvel was painting themselves into a corner with his actions and had to figure out a way to endear him to not only fans (which is apparently happening in his book) but also to hi compatriots in the Marvel U.

Of course, everyone thought the same thing when Spider-Man unmasked himself in front of national media.   Then, a deal with the Devil later, POOF!  Everyone doesn’t know that Peter Parker is Spidey…AND HE’S NOT MARRIED!!!! (And no one really knows how the whole Civil War thingie worked out for him)(It was kind of a mini-crisis)

However, I digress.

Issue #3 of Secret Invasion was almost something that belonged in one of the filler issues that the Avengers titles have become.  While I’m on that subject, let me do a quick overview of the crossover issues I’ve read in the ongoing monthlies.

There has been some really neat stuff in the Avengers titles, including a really neat Beast/Wonder Man team up that leaves the reader wondering who of the two is really a Skrull.   There was also a story that filled us in on some of the events right after that cool dinosaur attack in issue #2.   There have been some misses, but I am pretty excited about the storyline in The Incredible Hercules that is going to pit Hercules and a rag tag band of gods (yes…it IS a rag tag band of gods) against the Skrulls as they try to overthrow Earth’s deities.   That could be a fun.

But, I’m here to talk about issue #3.

I was, honestly, a little underwhelmed with this issue.  After the huge ending of issue #2 with the arrival of all of the Super Skrulls, I was really looking forward to what was coming.  I didn’t expect the heroes to pull together, I didn’t expect victory, but I did expect to see super heroes I actually recognized fighting the battle in New York.  This didn’t happen though.  Of course it makes sense.  Seeing as all of the heavy hitters are in the savage land, somewhere unknown to us while their Skrull doubles are wondering around on Earth, or (in the case of FF) trapped in the Negative Zone and splattered all over a lab on a helicarrier somewhere, they are understandably indisposed at the moment.  However, I honestly didn’t recognize any of the Initiative recruits that were fighting the Super Skrulls (and getting their butts handed to them).  It was action packed, and there were some neat moments, but I just didn’t care…mainly because I only recognized like two of heroes.

Meanwhile, in the Savage Land, instead of being treated to more dueling between heroes and skrulls (without really knowing who the real deal is) we see Spider Woman (who we know is a Skrull because of one of the earlier crossover issues) corner Tony Stark, who is trying to recover from the virus in his armor…which has affected him physically as well.  We are treated to three pages of the fake-Spider Woman informing Stark that he’s a Skrull and just doesn’t know it.  Really?  THREE PAGES?  For something that we were promised would NOT be the case?  So either I was a) lied to or I b) had my time wasted on a totally pointless conversation when we could have been seeing more of the actual Invasion play out.  Either way, bad form.

So…while I still have faith in the concept, and I think that Bendis can pull it out in the end, I just wasn’t too take aback with issue #3 of Marvel’s big ’08 event.

So the final verdict?

Story 2 out of 5 –This felt more like one of the crossover issues than the actual main title.  Tony and “Jessica’s” conversation dragged on a bit too long for my tastes and wasn’t really a big reveal or shock…it just kind of was.  While I understand why it had to happen, Initiative grads fighting in Manhattan wasn’t the fight I was hoping for…but I have faith the big one is coming…if Bendis will actually write a full on fight and not a decompressed character piece with a fight to fill in between moments of angst.

Art 3 out 5 – I still think the art is really good.  I don’t think the fight scenes were handled the best in the world.  It was kind of hard to tell what was going on.  There wasn’t that much of a sense of scale when the giant Skrull and heroes were fighting, and again, not knowing who everyone was took away from my enjoyment of the art.

Cover Art 1 out 5 – I don’t mind telling you…I hate this cover.   It’s just dumb.  I hate the whole conversation this cover is based on, and given Tony Stark’s playboy ways, this is not a cover that should be on the third issue (or any issue) of a company’s bigget event of the year.

So, as you can see….as much as I like to be positive, I have to be honest, I’m really hoping issue 4 picks up the pace and we get to see some cool stuff.  It looks promising based on the sudden appearance of Nick Fury and his new Howling Commandos at the end of the book.  So we shall see.

Secret Invasion – My 10,000,000 Point Call



Posted by Steve

When I was in college, I’d get together every Monday night with a bunch of guys to watch wrestling. We’d sit around and try to figure out which storyline was going where and how certain matches would end up or what would happen in a match. We had a point system for our “calls.” For example, if I called that Ric Flair would be thrown into a turnbuckle, flip over it, run across the ring apron and get clotheslined that was a one point call. If I called that Vince MacMahon would show up on Monday Night Nitro, that was a 50 million point call. (Until it actually happened.)

I’ve continued this trend with some of my geek friends about TV shows, movies, and comics we enjoy.

Tonight, just for you dear readers, I want to make a call. I was doing some cleaning up and reorganizing of some comics after getting a new long box when it occurred to me that I didn’t know where some of my comics are. I had at one time nearly the entire run of Secret Wars and the entire of run of Secret Wars II (not bragging.). I started looking for them, and then something dawned on me. (At this point I should point out that I also have the entire run of what some call Secret Wars III, a story arc that ran throughout the Fantastic Four title that culminated in the discovery that Beyonder, along with the Molecule Man, was an incomplete cosmic cube. The two joined to form a cube, and the Beyonder was apparently no more.)

This whole Secret Invasion thing, while it is a bid by the Skrulls for control of Earth, we find that they have remarkable access to the DNA of superheroes throughout the Marvel Universe. How? (I know it’s been explained some.) Also, we know that the Skrulls are on a religious quest of some sort. In fact, when the invasion began, the Skrulls would say, “He loves you.” So the question is “Who is ‘He’?”

Here’s my 10,000,000 point call. “He” is the Beyonder. In some ways it’s ridiculous. In other ways, it seems like something Marvel would do right about now. Think about it, what would be the most surprising thing that the folks at Marvel comics could do? Throw us a curve ball like The Beyonder!!!! I’m totally sold on this idea. Here are a few pics for reference:

I don’t know what happened in Marvel’s recent series “Beyond!” So, I don’t know just how infeasable the idea is. I do concede that it is infeasable, but the extent of the infeasability is what I’m not sure of, hence it’s a 10 million point call. Yeah, it’s crazy, but you gotta admit, it’s as intriguing as it is totally stupid, and how many times does that happen in comics? So, yeah, I’m totally calling it and I am totally sold on the idea. “He” is the Beyonder….unless it’s The High Evolutionary….crap.

Want to know more about these characers? Pick up one of the books below and help the site out.

Attack of the Skrulls – Secret Invasion # 2 Reviewed



Posted by Steve

secret_invasion_2.jpgI will say right from the outset of this review, I am totally digging the Secret Invasion concept. What I’m not digging are the crossovers into other books. I understand crossing over into regular monthly titles. That’s fine. My problem is that there are some of the crossovers into regular monthlies that should have either been one shots or dubbed Secret Invasion #0. I’m referring to some of the Avengers crossover stuff. The Fantastic Four Secret Invasion 3 issue mini I’m enjoying. I like the idea of having to follow the team who first encountered Skrulls and defeated them. It also makes sense that the Skrulls would try to completely remove the FF from the equation. If anyone on Earth can devise a way to stop them, it’s Reed Richards. I have yet to see what is being done in all of the crossovers into regular monthly titles, but if the trend of having none of the characters of the regular title appear in the book continues, I will be a little annoyed by them.

Secret Invasion 2 picks up right where issue # 1 left off. The heroes of Earth are in a stare down with the people who got off the ship that crashed in the Savage Land. As Tony Stark’s armor continues to buzz that it is failing and has been infiltrated with a virus, the two groups of “heroes” talk back and forth and finally go to fighting. As they stand off is happening, Ares constantly tells his companions to flee. Hawkeye is stunned by the appearance of his one time love interest Mockingbird (who is, of course, thought to be dead.)  As the fighting begins, we get some fun banter between the two Spider-Mans…  uhm …Spider-Men?  Anywho, it’s funny to hear them go at it a bit.   Vision goes after Sentry and reveals himself to be a Skrull as he changes his form to the Void.  This of course drives Sentry nuts and he flies off.  (We do see him back at the battle though, so it’s possible that Skrull-Vision shifted to take the form of Sentry.)

As the battle rages, Warbird flies Iron Man away from things.  Stark can barely muster strength to talk much less walk in his now useless armor.   However, he instructs Warbird (I guess she’s calling herself Ms. Marvel again.  I’m just getting back into the comic scene remember.) to take him to a laboratory that he knows is nearby.  Apparently, he plans to build new armor that the Skrulls can’t infect with their alien techno-virus.

The fight is broken up by a Dinosaur and everyone scatters. (As Wolverine says, Dinosaurs have that effect.)  Spider-Skrull is smashed in the dino-attack, and we see Mockingbird weeping over a dead Hawkeye that turns out to be a Skrull.  The real Hawkeye comes out from hiding in the trees just as Wolverine is about to kill Mockingbird.  He asks her to answer something that only the two of them would know.  He is satisfied that she’s the real deal.  She tells them that the Captain America that landed with them is the real deal as well.  She also reveals that the Skrulls that are here on earth are on a suicide mission.

Back in Manhattan, the Young Avengers watch as the top portion of the Baxter Building is vortexed away.  (From reading Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four, we know they have been taken to the Negative Zone by Lyja.  Interesting to see her again by the way.)  The Baxter is suddenly replaced by a Skrull warship.   It opens up and teleports (by my count) 25 Super Skrulls to the planet’s surface.  In the mix is a classic Super Skrull with the powers of the Fantastic Four, an X-Men Super Skrull with the powers of Wolverine, Colossus, and Cyclops, a Giant Super Skrull which apparently possesses the Avengers powers, one with Archangel’s powers and what looks like either ice or blue energy rays blasting from his hands, and Iron Man Super Skrull or two, a Captain America Super Skrull, a Super Skrull with villains powers including Doc Ock’s arms and a Sandman arm (maybe a Sinister Six Super Skrull), and in the middle of them all a Super Skrull with the combined powers (apparently) of the Illimunati.

As I said from the outset of this review, I am totally digging on Secret Invasion.  This second issue does a lot to further the events of the first and tack on more new problems and mysteries.  Is Mockingbird really the real deal?  Can we even remotely think that the Captain America from the ship is the real Steve Rogers?  (I don’t think so.)  What about Reed Richards?  He’s not dead (is he?).   How can our heroes even hope to combat an army of Super Skrulls?

I especially like that it seems that Tony Stark is starting to take another hero’s journey.  I kind of thought going in that this would be the story that redeems him from being seen as the bad guy from Civil War.  With what we’ve seen in this issue, it looks like we may get that yet.

Story 5 out of 5 – As much as I’ve been disappointed by some of the crossover issues since last months premiere issue of Secret Invasion, the main story has got me hooked right now.  There’s action, there’s mystery, there’s suspense, and I sound like a movie announcer from the 1930’s.  Everything just came together in this issue to do what it needed to entertain me and bring me back next month.  I’ll probably even check out some of the crossover stuff between this and issue # 3.

Art 4 out of 5 – There are four really awesome two page splashes in this issue.  Two at the beginning, one in the middle, and one at the end.  The rest of the time  I think panels and pages are used appropriately to tell the story.   Throughout the fight, there is a lot to look at.  I had to stop and just look at almost every page to take it all in.   I dock a point because of the four really awesome splash pages.  That’s eight pages to show four scenes.  I feel like maybe some of the action could have been better served to do a half page to a page splash of the Dinosaur breaking everything up.

Cover 4 out of 5 – I’m referring to the main cover, I have none of the variants.  I like this cover so much better than the first issue’s cover.   It could be safe to say that this is a cover full of Skrulls.   I say that because we know for sure that three of the characters on the cover turn out to be Skrulls in the story.  I like the painted look.  I just like this cover.  I dock a point because it would have been nice to see something with a bit more action in it.

All in all, this story has gotten me hooked after two issues, and I hope that it continues right on through the end.  I won’t lie…I don’t really expect it to.  Marvel has track record in recent years of building up to a big finish only to have a not so big finish.  So we will see.  We will see.