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Saturday Mornings

The Way They Were Meant To




Posted by Steve

This past fall and spring, I got into an old habit on Saturday mornings.  I started watching cartoons again.  Well…I never really stopped watching cartoons, but in this case I found myself getting up on Saturdays with the intention of making breakfast and sitting down to a couple of good cartoons.  Among those cartoons was “The Batman.”  Honestly, I haven’t been a big fan of some of the character designs of some of the villains, but the actual characterization has been fairly spot on.  I like the fact that in this cartoon we get to see more Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson interaction outside of the costumes than we seem to have gotten in the past.  Ultimately, it’s a fun cartoon.

It has a neat classic feel to it from “The Batman” logo to the alarm that lights up in the Batcave to the look of the Batmobile.  The theme song to the show even has an homage to the old sixties spoof show.  Listen to the chords playing the rythm part behind the main theme.  It’s the classic Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na repeated.  Just listen.  It’s hard to write sounds.

That being said, “The Batman” had one of the greatest season finales of any TV show last year when Batman ended up on  the Justice League space station after having fought side by side with the Martian Manhunter.  There he met The Green Lantern (which was obviously Hal Jordan), Hawkman, The Flash (who is apparently Barry Allen), and The Green Arrow. 

This season kicks off with the World’s Finest teaming up, and there is a cool video posted that is a trailer of sorts for the new season.  This excites me:

And just to throw a little Dark Knight/Sequel-to-The-Dark-Knight speculation in, at ComiCon it was mentioned that “The Batman” couldn’t use the villians Scarecrow, Two Face, or Ras Ah Ghul. I know that the Scarecrow is going to show up at some point in the Dark Knight (at least they’ve filmed scenes with him.), Harvey Dent (therefore Two Face) is going to be playing a major role in the upcoming film(s), but the whole Ras Ah Ghul thing sticks out to me. Why? He’s supposed to be dead in the movies…but wait…Lazurus Pits!!!! My speculation? Expect Ras to make an appearance in the third Batman film…if not in the muchly pushed Justice League that’s presently being pushed at Warners. But that’s just my speculation.

Coupled with “The Batman,” came the discovery that I also really enjoy The Legion of Superheroes which comes on right before The Batman on Kids WB.  This cartoon not only was chock full of good old fashioned Saturday Morning fun, but has one of my favorite super heroes in it as well – Superman. Granted, it was supposed to be Superboy, but due to copyright issues with the family of Superman’s creators, any use of Superboy gets complicated.

Anywho, The Legion ended with a bang as well, and Superman headed home after his adventures in the future to finish life in Smallville. Of course, this was a neat concept because Superman joined the Legion before he was Superman. They knew what he would become, but he had no clue…even about the source of his powers and things like that.

The second season of Legion is going to be either pretty neat or somewhat lame because there are going to be two Supermen. One from the future and one from last season. There’s a video promoting this onlnine as well…

Ultimately, Kids WB is doing a great job of reclaiming Saturday mornings for kids and cartoons. There are other cartoons, but hey, I’m a grown up…I’ve got sleep in on Saturdays now.