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My Top Ten Favorite Supervillains – Number 4 – Juggernaut



Posted by Steve

Juggernaut.jpgNothing can stop him. Seriously, nothing at all can stop this guy. He’s been beaten up, banished to an asteroid, smashed by the Hulk, weakened, and at time forgotten, but he still keeps coming. My fondness for the heavy hitters of the comic books has been pretty well documented, and this guy is no exception. Cain Marko has family ties to Charles Xavier, and a mystic crystal that makes him practically invincible, superstrong, and virtually unstoppable. As with most Marvel character types he’s got his catchphrase, and it’s always fun to see how writers incorporate, “Nothing can stop The Juggernaut” into his dialogue in various stories.

While I’ve never been a big X-Men fan, I’ve always enjoyed stories of The Juggernaut as he faces off against other heroes in the Marvel U. Some of my favorite battles have come between him and the Hulk, and that little feud is still as undecided as it’s ever been. Let’s face it, when you have the unstoppable force meet the immovable object, it’s 411_2.jpggonna be explosive. One of my all time favorite Juggernaut stories took place when he fought The Mighty Thor during the Acts of Vengeance story that ran through Marvel comics in the early nineties. It was in this story that we were first introduced to the New Warriors, but we also got to see what happens when godlike power meets the mystical might of the unstoppable Juggernaut. It was a good two issue battle.

To me, there’s just something about a villain that has to be phased through a concrete floor to be stopped, and even then our heroes are just buying time. Juggernaut is scary in his stature, so the minute he shows up, practically any hero is going to be a bit intimidated. From there, it’s a slugfest where the hero is just trying to stay alive while he or she figures out not how to stop Juggie, but to get away from him and minimize the damage done.

In fact, the only times we’ve seen Juggernaut be handled well by our heroes are times when Professor X gets into his head. Unfortunately, the helmet he wears prevents that from happening. So, the goal is, get the helmet off of him and let Charlie do his thing. Easier said than done. Especially if Charles Xavier isn’t around, or it’s one of the many times that Prof. X is dead. (Which happens more often than you may think.)

hulkvjug.jpgHe’s big, he’s strong, he’s scary, and he gives The Hulk a run for his money. As far as supervillains go, there’s not much to not like. Then they did the whole thing where they made him a good guy. (Who’s they? You know…THEM.) I’m not a big fan of that sort of thing in comics, but his return to being a baddie was done really well in the pages of The World War Hulk X-Men crossover.

Ultimately, his look, his powers, and the sheer action packed slugfests we’re treated to whenever Juggernaut shows up are reasons that I love this character. I’m sure, based on his association with the X-Titles that he has his share of soap opera-ish drama. I know that he and She-Hulk had a short-lived relationship. However, it’s not the drama that draws me to this character. It’s the kid in me that loves every minute of a comic stuffed full of big panels and splash pages of heroes slugging it out with the big guy. I’m a sucker for a Juggernaut story, and if he’s on the cover, I will probably buy the book. For me, he’s worthy of being on anyone’s favorite villains list.