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Rock ‘n Comics?



Posted by Steve

I’m a fan of rock music.  I’m a fan of comic books.  Whenever the two come together to form a giant robot-like force, I’m always intrigued and often find myself enjoying.  Recently, I was introduced to the Ray Wall band.    In speaking with Ray via e-mail, I had to know what would prompt someone to make music that can be classified as “Comic Book Rock?”

In Ray’s own words:

About three years ago when comic book movies started to go through the roof I noticed that I didn’t really like the soundtracks very much.  The movies were awesome but I felt that the major labels only cared about releasing bottom line oriented music that had nothing to do with the super-heroes the films were about.   Being frustrated as a fan and a musician, I decided to submit my earlier written Fantastic Four Song to the FF movie after being invited to do so by movie executives.  After it was turned down, I did the next crazy thing and made a music video out of it and was promptly turned down by MTV.   I ended up putting the music out on iTunes and moved the video to public TV.  It wasn’t long ago, but this was still before myspace and youtube.  Since then, the technology and fans sort of pulled me in to make these songs on a regular basis. 

Ray began playing music when he was 16 and has continued from that point on.   He is self taught and plays primarily by ear when it comes to his rock stuff, so it is surprising to find that his music is not only fun, but it’s pretty good.

By heading over to The Ray Wall band’s Myspace page you can listen not only to the afrementioned Fantastic Four song but selections from the massive Rock opera piece about the X-Men, their Spider-Man song, a song about the Silver Surfer, and after a string of Marvel-centric songs, their first release of a song about a DC character, THE JOKER.

While talking about their latest release, Ray said, “Most people thought our new tune for The Dark Knight movie had to be about Batman. I wrote “The Joker” four months before the movie because the Heath Ledger trailers inspired me. The song is dedicated to his performance in The Dark Knight. I hope we did it justice.”

THE JOKER is a rock song with a slow, methodical, yet hard and somewhat chaotic guitar running through the song. There are some great riffs throughout, and the song would make a decent companion to the character of the Joker even if it had no vocals. The lyrics of the song talk about the Joker, his struggle with Batman, and his insanity. Music enthusiasts may take issue with some of the production choices, but it is a well done independent rock song, by an independent band who is passionate about the music they play. I feel like it’s a good artistic tribute to an iconic character and the performance of him on the big screen.

Click the links above to check out The Ray Wall band and take a step into the world of Comic Book rock.