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The Mighty Thor’s Shaping Up



Posted by Steve

The movie adaptation of Thor is starting to take shape from a crew perspective. 

Here’s what we know so far:

 – There has been a script in play for some time now.  Apparently, you can throw out Donald Blake, or Thor whipping his hammer around on Midgard (Earth, for all of you non-Asgardians out there.), because what we’re getting is  full on epic Asgardian tale.   Betcha it’s got something to do with Loki trying to be top dog on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

–  Matthew Vaughn (who’s directorial credits inclide LAYER CAKE and the more recent STARDUST.)  is set to direct the film. 

–  There hasn’t been any casting announcements yet, but the casting process is obviously underway.

–  And just this week, over at Score Notes, an interview was posted with Composer Ilan Eshkeri and he revealed that he is soon to start work on the score for the upcoming Thor movie.

Truthfully, I am only somewhat familiar with Thor.  I can talk about him.  I know his powers and abilities.  I know his histroy, but I am most familiar with him through Walter Simonson’s run on the book in the late eighties/early nineties.

The truth is, doing a Thor movie as an Asgardian epic rather than the whole Donald Blake or Eric Masterson thing is probably a great call.   It’s very Lord of The Rings or Chronicles of Narnia-ish.  There is definitely an audience for that right now. 

I am not too familiar with Matthew Vaughn or Ilan Eshkeri as the only movie I have seen that they were involved in is LAYER CAKE.   However, also at Score Notes you can listen to a couple of clips from Eshkeri’s STARDUST score. It sounds very Hans Zimmer mixed in with a dash of Howard Shore. Compare this to his work in layer cake and what you’ve got is a very versatile composer. All I can say is thank GOD we’re not going to be stuck with yet another Danny Elfman superhero theme.

All in all, a Thor movie is somewhat exciting to me. In a way though, I wish that Universal would have either lost the rights to the Hulk, or kept the rights to the character of Thor (from when he was in The Return of the Incredible Hulk), so that we could have the hope of a Thor/Hulk showdown for the ages some day.

Sigh. Here’s hoping anyway.

Speaking of music, Micheal bailey has posted a new Views from the Long Box podcast highlighting the theme songs of some animated superhero shows from the nineties. Beware, he may just dog on some of your childhood favorites, but it is fun to listen to.

Updates, Updates, Updates



Posted by Steve

Here are a few items of interest that are floating around the internet today.

First, the CW has posted their official description of Smallville’s Season 7 premiere, “Bizzarro.”  Check it out over at Krytonsite. Spoilers are present, so beware if you want to remain spoiler free for the season.

 Also, while the news about the Justice League movie that I commented on a few weeks back is still a little up in the air, what is for sure is that George Miller is directing the film and according to the film will be prodeced by Barrie M. Osborne and shooting in Australia. While it’s still not clear if the film is going to be digital animation done with motion capture, or animated, or live action, it is apparent that the thing is underway for sure. By the way, if you are curious as to who Barrie Osborne is, click on his name and check him out. He has produced movies the likes of THE MATRIX and THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY. So, here’s a producer that is used to working on a large scale, we’ll see how he handles the task of tackling this movie.

Superman Homepage has posted screen shots from the upcoming season premier of THE BATMAN, Kids Wb’s Saturday morning cartoon following the adventures of the caped crusader. The pics look pretty cool.

The CW showed the first teaser for Smallvilles seventh season. Check it out:

Oh…and today Paramount released a teaser for IRON MAN. Click here to check it out in quicktime.

I almost feel like since San Diego that there has been a rivalry between the Iron Man property and The Dark Knight. Maybe it’s just me, but Iron Man captured the buzz at the San Diego ComiCon. The Dark Knight walked away with all the buzz from Wizard World in Chicago. We’ve all heard about the incredible footage shown at Wizard World, but the only teaser we got was a voice over. Iron Man took off his Iron glove and used it to slap Batman in the face. This is a teaser to get us geeks excited, and peak the interest of casual movie goers. The Dark Knight teaser feels like Christopher Nolan said, “Well, I have to give the studio something, so here. Use this. You don’t see anything, but at least they’ll hear something.” Compared to Iron Man? Weak. But that’s just petty speculation.

Here at my own person Fortress of Solitude, the League of Geeks has had an interesting discussion about what we would do with a certain property if it were brought to the big screen. So, tomorrow, check out Geek Out Online for the first ever “How I’d Do it…” featuring The A-Team. This promises to be some funny stuff.

Heard it Here Last –

Justice League Movie

Starting to “Take Shape.”



Posted by Steve

There have been rumors flying around since ComiCon this yeat that a Justice League movie was underway and looking to a 2009 release.  2009?  Isn’t that when the sequel to SUPERMAN RETURNS is supposed to be released?  Yes.  So there was that head scratching going on.  Then, Christian Bale was asked if he would be involved.  His answer?  No.  Hmmmm…..this wasn’t looking good.

The Justice League movie is rumored to focus on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman.  How could they do this.  How could they take from us a Superman sequel, leave Christian Bale out of the mix, and have a movie that will be well recieved?  A new rumor that has surfaced over at Super Hero Hype that reports the new Justice League movie will be a digital/motion capture/animation thingie.  You know, like Polar Express, or the new Beowulf movie that’s coming out.

I don’t know how I feel about this.  It will be great if the script and story is good.  I have no doubt about that, but it feels like Warner Brothers is taking a cheap way out.  It seems like instead of really putting some effort forward to get a movie or two with these other characters out there to all come together in an incredible spectacle of a Super Hero movie, they are doing what studios do so often…there giving the fans something while they think that they know what we want better than we do.

Now, I’m not bashing this idea.  It could be very cool.  It could be one of the most awesome things we’ve ever seen.  Right now, if this is true, it just seems like we’re being somewhat cheated. 

To get the full story, click the link above.

Heard it Here Last –

Transformers: Even More

Than Meets the Eye



Posted by Steve

SuperHeroHype is reporting that Paramount Pictures will be re-releasing Michael Bay’s Transformers in IMAX theatres with additional footage.  The report doesn’t say how much additional footage or what exactly will be shown, but this is great news as far as I’m concerned.

Count me in the number who stood up and cheered TRANSFORMERS when it came to the big screen.  Yes, Optimus had flames, and moving lips, but the truth is in the cartoon, he was one of only a handful whose mouths were never shown.  So to see his mouth move on the big screen didn’t bother me too much.

If I were to nitpickthe movie, it would be that I didn’t like some of the voices of the other characters, in particuliar, Ironhide.  I don’t know why they gave him a British accent.  He’s supposed to have a good ole’ southern drawl.  Oh well.

While as a Transformers fan from waaaay back, I see the issues other transfans had with the movie, I still loved it.  So, when I hear that there is going to be more footage…and the film is going to be shown in IMAX…well, I giggle…I giggle like a fat girl left alone in a room of Twinkies.

By the way, you can read some of my oldest blogs ever at The Transformers Network. Just look for the articles by Bighonkin…that’s me.

Anywho, I’ll post more on this story as I find out more. But, if you read it here, you can always rest assured that you “heard it here last.”

Heard it Here Last –

The Dark Knight

Calls Iron Man Out!



Posted by Steve

A couple of weeks ago, the web was on fire about the footage of Iron Man shown at The San Diego ComiCon.   The Dark Knight was conspicuous in its absence.   Yeah, there was a little guerrilla marketing.  Yeah, the teaser was debuted.  (A teaser which could tease a little more if you ask me.)  It seemed though that Iron Man stole the show and we would be stuck waiting for months for anything else to come out of the Dark Knight camp.

Well, unbeknownst to us then (but knownst to us now!), Chris Nolan and the rest of the crew from the Dark Knight production were holding their cards close to swoop in a take the day at Wizard World Chicago.  If you’re a geek at all, you probably already know this, but there was a trailer of sorts shown at Wizard World that answered a lot of questions and got a ton of cheers.  Basically, while Iron Man was revelling in success in San Diego, The Dark Knight lit up Chicago and threw down the gauntlet for all other super hero movies to come next Summer. 

To read a recap of what was shown click here. Be warned that there are some spoilers, and one major spoiler that can only be a scene from the very end of the movie much like Batman flipping over the Joker card in “Begins.”

To read the reaction of a fan that was there and see a T-shirt I wish they’d sell, click here. Same spoilers, with a bit more about the actual experience of being there.

Basically, what I’ve learned in the past two weeks is I’m gonna have to quit my job and begin doing something that will allow me to constantly travel during the convention season. Only then will you not have heard it here last!