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From the Desk of The Superclerk – Blackest Night #6 Reviewed



Posted by Steve

Still in catch up mode.  I have some things that I am debating on whether or not to do it in podcast form or blog form.  I’m leaning toward blog…just to have content.  Before I get to that though, we’ve got this from Superclerk.  It’s his review of Blackest Night 6.  What did he think?  What’s going on?  Is there any end in sight?  Read on fearless reader and all of your questions will be answered.


From The Desk of The Superclerk – Blackest Night #4 Reviewed! (This just got real)



Posted by Steve

My favorite thing about the following review? “This just got real.” I think it did. Read on to see what Superclerk has to say about Blackest Night #4:

The Blackest Night has begun…

Issue four is when the heroes of Earth start to get an idea of what they are up against as Flash gets the word out. Once again… this issue isn’t without its losses.

We begin with Flash, Mera, and the Atom trying not to die as the corpses of the villains stored in the Hall of Justice try to tear the their hearts from their chests. Literally.

blackest_night_4_cover_reveal_20090925071719862.jpgJason, the new Firestorm, manages to get control of his body for a short amount of time to let them know that a voice coming from the ring is calling out for Barry Allen. We have known that the heroes who have come back from the dead in recent years were going to be a target of whatever was controlling all this and now is when that starts. Atom does a sweet move to help them escape by having them piggyback through the phone connection to the local 911-dispatch office.

The next thing we see is the risen Azrael gutting folks in Gotham city and leaving Scarecrow behind alive due to his lack of emotion. While this was a quick scene that some might not think was important at all… I liked it. I’ve always liked Scarecrow as a villain and this scene cements that he’s just not all there in the head.

The next small scene is another on that I liked as we see Lex Luthor locking himself down inside a secret bunker. He knows what’s going on and the thought of all the people he has hurt or killed over the years coming back to get him has him in lock down mode. His conversation with the Calculator was a good one as well. We see that Luthor doesn’t see himself as a villain. He’s better than all those who would consider them his peer. That’s the Lex we all know and love. He’s not a team player.

After a quick pep talk from the Flash, Mera and Atom head out to find the one remaining Green Lantern on the Earth. Alan Scott of the Justice Society. A jump through another phone line leads them into the middle of a battle between a bunch of Black Lanterns and the Society.

Flash speeds about the Earth telling all the groups of heroes what’s going down and they all get ready to hold their ground until the Green Lantern Corps can fix all this mess from the main battle out in space.

Alan Scott attempts to take out the Black Lanterns but his power source isn’t working as well as the actual Green Lantern Corps rings can. With the help of the Atom, Damage is able to fight against the Black Lantern who s posing as his father and get pumped for the long fight ahead. A friendship is forged in the heat of battle. One that is all too brief. The Atom watches as his former wife and lover Jean Loring rips Damage’s heart out through his back.

Now, folks… You may not care that some B List hero from the massive roster of the Justice Society has just been killed in a gruesome manner but I do. Damage is a hero I followed when I first got serious into collecting comics. It was in junior high and at this point I was deep into collecting comics that had teen heroes. Robin was at the top and Superboy right under that. Along that same time I got into a small comic titled DAMAGE. It was about a boy who was thrown into the hero role suddenly when he discovered that his whole life had been fake and that he could potentially be one of the most powerful heroes on the planet.

blackest_night_4_variant_revealed_20090924042741471.jpgHis comic didn’t last long but he popped up here and there from time to time to serve on a version of the Titans and even helped defeat Parallax during the event known as Zero Hour. Most recently he was hurt badly in a battle and his face was scarred horribly. He has since been the ill tempered muscle of the Justice Society on a journey or redemption and self-forgiveness. That journey ended in this comic. I was saddened by this death and it makes me really hope that not all is lost for the heroes falling during this event.

The death of Damage also brings forth the full charge of the Black Lanterns power battery. This whole time we have been seeing each death bring us closer and closer to full charge and us wondering what that means. Now we know.

Barry Allen feels a pull towards Coast City, home of Hal Jordan. When he gets there he witnesses Black Hand welcoming the arrival of the Black Lantern power battery to Earth and the rise of the creature behind the whole Blackest Night. Nekron has risen and with him come the seven million that were killed in the destruction of Coast City at the hands of Cyborg Superman.

This just got real, folks.

STORY: 4/5

I dug the issue. I heard a few complaints about this one and was wondering if the story had finally run out of steam but I found that not to be the case. A lot of big things happened in this issue and I felt it was just as strong as what we had scene before.

ART: 5/5

I’m still digging the art behind this series. I don’t expect my mind to change anytime soon. The death of Damage was drawn perfectly and the splash pages were all really great.


Regular Edition: 3/5

The coming of the risen villains was a good idea for a cover on this issue but I would have liked to see more of them instead of a massive Copperhead face filling most of the cover.

Variant Edition: 5/5

The original Atom about to eat a bite sized Atom. It’s simple. It’s awesome.


I really enjoyed the issue and I’m excited to see the main villain finally revealed. Plus the fact that the main battle has been brought to the Earth raises the stakes even higher. This series has continued to be well written and planned out and I’m still pumped to see what happens next.

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From the desk of the Superclerk – Blackest Night Tie-In Wrap up



Posted by Steve

In an effort to get all caught up on the site, here’s yet another round of reveiws from our man Superclerk.  This time, Superclerk runs through a quick wrap up of the tie ins to the Blackest Night crossover that is currently running through the DC Universe.   Here’s Jason:

Blackest Night Quick Hits – A quick look into the Blackest Night tie-ins and cross overs.

Blackest Night has begun…

Green Lantern Corps #39

green_lantern_corps_v2_39t1.jpgIt all gets pretty real for the GL Corps in this issue as the black rings find their way to Oa and the crypt of the fallen Lanterns.

We see the same thing we have been seeing in every issue of Blackest Night so far… The Green Lanterns are nowhere near strong enough to fight the Black Lanterns.  The black rings rip through the shields and constructs as if they were melting butter.  It all comes to a head when the fallen Corps rise and we realize that there is an army forming that is more powerful than anything we have seen before in the DCU and it’s made up of some of the best soldiers to ever enter the field of battle.

Oh, and Kyle Rayners dead ex fiancé comes back from the dead.  I would say things are looking up but that would be a lie.

Green Lantern #44 & #45

green_lantern_44.jpgIt begins with the rise of the Martian Manhunter.  I know what you’re thinking… “Thank God… we are saved!”  You would be wrong.  Don’t forget… a person coming back from the dead, at this time, is not a good thing.

It’s the beginning of the fight between Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, and J’onn J’onzz and let me tell ya… it’s a humdinger.

Like all the other battles with a Black Lantern, this one doesn’t go well.  With all their power the two heroes can’t even slow down the Zombie Manhunter.

While the fight continues we get to see Black Ring swarms closing in on some very important places in the DCU… the home worlds of the other Corps.

The issue ends with John Stewart sitting on a chunk of rock in space.  There are lots of chucks of rocks where he’s at as this is the location of a planet that he is responsible for it’s destruction.  What’s left of the planet Xanshi is hit with a swarm of black rings and the call for it to rise is a powerful image that had me saying, “oh, crap…”

green_lantern_45.jpgIssue #45 opens with the resurrected planet.  Let me tell you, I dig that so much it hurts.

The rest of the issue is a battle between the Star Sapphires and the Sinestro Corps.  Sinestro and Carol Ferris yell at each other and punch each other in the face and that’s all well and good.  It’s when, in the middle of the fight, Abin Sur arrives with a group of Black Lanterns shows up that it finally comes to a head.

We then get shown two really cool things.  A swarm of black rings hovers above the home of the Blue Lanterns awaiting death so that they may claim more flesh and the really cool moment when the rings raise the corpses of the victims of Agent Orange.

Once again, “Oh, crap…”

Blackest Night: Titans #1

It’s Heroes Day and the Titans have gathered to mourn the loss of blackest_night_titans_1.jpgthe fallen team members.  Garth and Cyborg have a few words about the statue dedicated to Terra.  There is a little bad blood there as she did almost help murder the whole team.  Garth thinks she could have been helped and that there was a hero’s heart somewhere inside her.

Talk of other fallen loved ones continues through out the book and soon the dead begin to rise and we are greeted with a risen Terra and a very ghostly image of Donna Tory’s dead baby… creepy.

In the other story of the book the newer versions of Hawk and Dove must face the risen Hank Hall in a fight to the death.  It doesn’t look like the new Hawk is making it out of this one…

I still love the image of the black ring hovering over the grave of the original Dove and not being able to claim him.  Don Hall of Earth is at peace…

Blackest Night: Batman #1

blackest_night_batman_1.jpgI bet you thought the rings would bring back the fallen Bruce Wayne in this story.  It’s not going to happen here, folks.  There ate other people crawling from the grave in this book.

Our new Batman and Robin discover that the Grayson’s and Drake’s have returned to see how their sons have grown up… and to make sure they stop growing all together.

Deadman helps our heroes figure out what exactly is going on but they don’t have time to do anything about it because a big group of dead villains have also been given a second chance and they are now on the hunt for the Caped Crusader.

The scary part about this story is that we have seen some of the most powerful heroes of the DCU stand up to the power of the Black Lanterns and have absolutely no luck at all.  Now we have mere humans heading into the battle.

They are so dead.

Blackest Night: Superman #1

Kal-L of Earth 2 is commanded to rise and he is all too happy to BlackestNight.Superman_Cv1.jpgcomply.  I know for a fact that this isn’t going to end well.

Kal-L heads to Smallville and begins to kill lots of people in a way that doesn’t alert the visiting Superman.

Eventually Superman and Connor meet up with Kal-L and the sucky part of this meeting is that it’s over the grave of Jonathan Kent.  A fight ensues and, as you can guess, Superman and Connor have no luck at all at stopping the Earth 2 Superman.

A risen Earth 2 Lois Lane kidnaps Martha Kent and the book ends with a stand off on Smallville’s main street between Earth 2 Superman and Lois Lane and our Superman and Connor Kent.  What’s at stake?  The future of Jonathan and Martha Kent.

The really cool thing about this issue is that we see a lot of the POV of the Black Lanterns.  Now, we’ve seen this shown in other Blackest Night books but not in this way.  Every time we see a shot from the BL POV we see the emotion of the person they are up against.  If they are facing off against a Green Lantern, they glow green with will power, a Sinestro Corps member glows yellow with fear, and so on and so forth.  When Earth 2 Superman looks at our Superman he sees the entire spectrum in one person.  It goes back and forth depending on the situation but it’s still the first time we have seen all in one and I think that’s pretty awesome.

Also in this book, as if we didn’t have enough to deal with, we get the rise of Zor-El… Supergirl’s recently murdered father.


So far the first group of tie-ins and crossovers are a success and it keeps the Blackest Night books at the top of my reading list each and every week.

Green Lantern First Flight Reviewed



Posted by Steve

I couldn’t think of a fancy title for this review, but I guess that’s ok…at least I’m writing something right?  Right?  Right.

I am admittedly a geek, but what I’ve found since making my foray into the blogoshpere/podcasting world is that I am far less versed in all things geekdom than I once thought.

My first exposure to The Green Lantern was through Challenge of the Superfriends reruns on Saturday mornings.  As a kid I totally bought into this guy’s awesome powers and even his one weakness…yellow.  As a kid it just made sense.

A few years later when I began reading/collecting comics, I found myself falling on the Marvel side of things for some pretty silly reasons.  But I was happy being a Marvel zombie.   It wasn’t until 1997 when I was in a comic shop and saw Grant Morrison’s JLA number 1 that I began to broaden my horizons into all things DC a bit.  You remember the cover don’t you?

It had S


uperman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, an as yet unknown to me Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern all on there looking ready for action.  As I saw that cover I knew I must have that comic because there were the Superfriends all looking pretty awesome in a 90’s kind of way.   What I wasn’t prepard for was just how foreign the characters of Wally West and Kyle Raynier would be to me.   As I read the panels of those two discussing how out of place they sometimes felt as the “rookies” of the group, I got curious and began to seek out what had happened to the Flash and Green Lantern that I had known as a kid.   What I found was a whole other Universe that was just as rich and as fun as the Marvel Universe I had played in for so long.   In fact, DC offered something quite different from Marvel at the time.  I remember telling a friend, “Marvel has heroes…really good character, but DC has LEGENDS.”  I had become a bit of a DC nerd trying to uncover the history of these characters, who were their predecessors, just how cataclysmic has this Crisis been.  I learned to love the DC Universe, and I kicked myself for not paying more attention to it for the years before that I had been collecting.

So it is, that I bring to the table limited knowledge of certain DC characters when I watch these animated movies or even the big screen adaptations of the characters.   While I know the characters and enjoy them, my limited history with them makes such experiences a lot more fun than it may be for someone who has been completely devoted to a character for a while now.

It’s that way with The Green Lantern.  I know the origin of Hal Jordan.  I know how he went nuts and became Parallax.  I really enjoyed how Geoff Johns brought him back in “Rebirth,” and “The Sinestro Corps War” was one of the coolest things I’d read in comics in a long time.  I’ve really been looking forward to following “Blackest Night.”  However, I don’t know all the names of the Green Lantern Corps.  I recognize faces, but if a character is done slightly different than he or she is done in the comics, I miss it, and it doesn’t bother me.

Having said all that, I really enjoyed GREEN LANTERN:  FIRST FLIGHT.  As I watched it, I was impressed with the pacing of the movie, the animation was pretty good, and while I had some issues with the voice work and choices for voice acting, the story and characterization of the players involved made for yet another successful outing from the crew at WB and DC Animated.


The first thing that I noticed  about this film, and liked, was the pacing.  There is no time wasted in getting the ring on Hal Jordan’s finger, and while we are privy to his personality (fearless), and a little bit of his relationship with Carol Farris, there’s not a lot of time spent exploring that.  This is a movie about the rise of Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern of sector 2814.   Honestly, I like that.  While I love a good character piece and appreciate delving into a heroes psyche as much as the next geek, I also like it when the writers of a story move confidently forward realizing that it’s not necessary to explore romantic relationships, daddy issues, and egos to show what a character is made up of.   FIRST FLIGHT flows so well as not only an origin story but also an all out sci fi space movie that moves with very little slowing down from start to finish.

While some might complain that Hal figures out the ring a bit too quickly, let’s not forget that Hal didn’t become a test pilot because he’s stupid.  It takes a certain amount of intelligence to become a pilot, much moreso to pilot prototypical aircraft.  For me it’s not a stretch given how much the ring does for the wearer coupled with Hal’s own intelligence.  Also, as Hal learns, he does a lot of mimicking what he sees other Green Lanterns do.  Thus making the moments of his own ingenuity with the ring that much cooler.  Can you say fly swatter anyone?

There were a few moments in this movie where some animation took me out of the movie for just a second or two.  The use of computer animation was there several times and it was apparent.  In my opinion, when using computers to add effects or certain elements to animation, it shouldn’t stand out too blatantly as to separate itself from the rest of what’s going on.  It looks great, but it does have a bit of the off color brick in Scooby Doo going for it at the same time.  You know the brick I’m talking about…just different enough to differentiate itself as something that will be moved.

However, those few moments weren’t enough to turn me off to the animation as a whole.  The character designs were great and I really liked the fact that classic characters like Kilowog had a certain realism to their look.   Sinestro has less of the look of The Leader from Marvel comics with the big forehead, and looks more akin to his design from the “Justice League” and “Justice League Unlimited” series.  The Guardians, while at times hard to differentiate looked like…well, the Guardians, and Hal Jorda was Hal Jordan no mistaking him for any other Green Lantern we may have seen before.

The only thing that really bothered me about the movie was the voice acting.  There were, as with other DC Animated projects, so great actors put to use in this movie.  However, Christopher Meloni sounds a little too much like Robert Patrick to me, and I couldn’t shake that image while watching.  I really thought they should have tried to get David Boreanaz again, but I understand why they didn’t.   Michael Madsen is one of my favorite actors.  He has a subtle charisma about him that causes the screen to light up whenever he’s on it.  However, I really felt Kilowog’s voice was a little understated.  I guess I feel like someone that big should have a more booming quality to his voice.  All in all, those are really the only voices that bothered me.  So, I guess the voice work isn’t such a sticking point.

What really drives a movie like this, though, is story.  GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT is the story of Hal Jordan’s rise to the role of Green Lantern of sectot 2814.   It is also the story of Sinestro’s descent into evil.  It’s a very well crafted story with moments that are dark and horrifying, and those moments that…well…those moments in movies that I am a complete sucker for.  SPOILER WARNING:  When all is lost and Hal steps up with no ring on his finger to save the day, then saves the day with a ring on his finger, I absolutely love it.  The final battle is big, the build up to the final battle is tense, the stakes are high, and the good guys kind of win in the end.

All in all I give this movie a very solid 3 1/2 green whatever I give 5 of  out of 5.  I don’t go full on 4 or 5 because I watched the sneak peek at SUPERMAN/BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES before I watched FIRST FLIGHT and OH…MY…LANTA…IS THAT THING GONNA ROCK!!  However, if you’re a Green Lantern fan, or a fan of Superhero movies…pick this one up.  It’s totally worth it.

From the Desk of the Superclerk: Blackest Night #1 Reviewed



Posted by Steve

Jason aka Superclerk on the forums joins the ever-expanding team as a regular reviewer of comics for the site.  Today he brings his reactions to the kickoff of DC’s big event this year, BLACKEST NIGHT.  Spoilers do abound, so if you haven’t read the issue yet and don’t want to know who is joining the Black Lantern Corps from beyond the grave, don’t read the review yet.

And now, from the desk of the the Superclerk:

The Blackest Night has begun…

For over a year we have known of it’s coming.  There were signs ignored.  Pleading from a Guardian of the Universe falling on deaf ears.  War broke out.

blackest_night_1.jpgWith the beginning of the Sinestro Corps war we began a story that has had time to grow and mature in a way we hadn’t seen before.  The DCU was taking its time.

As the war spread we were introduced to the idea of a coming event known as The Blackest Night.  An event that would bring the end of the Green Lanterns and everything they had ever fought for.  An event that the Guardians thought was just a tale for children.  Nothing that bad could ever occur as long as they were watching the vastness of space.  They ignored the signs and pushed forward new laws governing the Green Lantern Corps that did nothing but help the so-called tale become a dark reality.

The end of one war brought the beginning of a new one… the War of Light.  Red Lanterns, Indigo Lanterns, Blue Lanterns, Orange Lanterns, and the remaining Sinestro Corps channeling the Yellow light began to take hold all over the heavens and soon it was too much for the Green Lanterns to handle.

Within the chaos the Black Lantern began it’s work and now  we see the start of a challenge that the once mighty Green Lantern Corps cannot handle on it’s own.

Blackest Night #1 begins with The Black Hand, the vessel of the Black Lanterns, digging up the grave of Bruce Wayne with his bare hands.  Pulling the skull of the hero out of the mud is the start of something bigger.  At that point thousands upon thousands of black rings are set loose upon the stars.  The call for “flesh” whispering into the dark void.

The rings begin their journey as the Earth remembers the fallen heroes of their world on the anniversary of the death of Superman.  All over the planet people gather to remember the larger than life figures that gave their lives to make sure the world continued.

In Coast City the Green Lanterns of sector 2814 light a memorial to those fallen in the destruction of the original Coast City.  With this scene we travel into the past and witness the pain and loss of the heroes loved ones since accepting the rings of power.

Next we visit others.  The Kent family visits the grave of Jonathan Kent.  His passing has left a hole in the family that cannot be filled.  The newly returned from the dead, Connor Kent, wonders why he gets to continue when Jonathan Kent does not.

At the grave of the original Firestorm Professor Stein thinks of Ronnie Raymond.  A young man who he thought of as a son as the inheritors of the Firestorm identity look on and mourn a man they didn’t have a chance to know.

More scenes pass and we get a glimpse into the memorial chamber on Titans Island.  The Flash’s Rogues take time to honor their fallen as well.  The members of a former version of the Justice League visit the final resting place of Ted Kord.  We see a mass of heroes descend on Valhalla Cemetery in Metropolis.  Statues of the fallen heroes reach to the sky as they are remembered for their deeds.

Mera, the wife of the fallen Aquaman, visits his seaside grave with Tempest in tow.  While Tempest argues that Arthur should be entombed with the other kings and heroes of Atlantis Mera tells him that this is where he wanted to be.

Finally we begin to watch as the faithful butler and surrogate father of the Dark Knight begins his trek to the unmarked grave of Bruce Wayne.  As he nears he sees that the grave has been disturbed.  Bones stick up through the mud along with the splintered remains of a simple coffin.  His disgust, anger, and fear show clearly on his face.

Meanwhile, in the Hall of Justice… we see Hal Jordan and Barry Allen examining the final resting place of some of the Leagues villains.  They are kept under lock and key to keep people from trying to take powers and abilities from the remains.

Barry is upset that so many have fallen, good and bad, while he was gone.  The guilt of not being there to stop it burdening his soul.  He asks for Hal to tell him who has passed while he was gone.  Hal shows him with a ring construct all the heroes who fell.  It’s too much for Barry.

A confrontation between Hawkman and Hawkgirl brings forth memories of the deaths of Ralph and Sue Dinby.  The Atom has requested Carter Hall, Hawkman, to come with him to visit the grave of Jean Loring, the Atom’s ex wife.  Carter is angered at the request as it was Jean who brought about the death of the Dinby’s.

Hal finishes telling Barry about all that has happened in the time he was dead and that has brought the Flash to become still and sit down from the enormity of all the loss.

As this is happening the Guardians of the Universe and keepers of the Green Light have finally accepted that the Blackest Night is upon them.  As they decide to call the Green Lantern Corps home to prepare for the coming battle one of their own turns against them.  The one known as Scar, infected by the Black, rips one of the Guardians apart and tears his heart out.  As the other Guardians try and defend themselves the planet of Oa is invaded by swarms of Black rings.  The power of the Black rings is too much for the Corps and the rings find their way into the Crypt of the Green Lantern Corps.  They choose their hosts and soon the once dead Green Lanterns of many worlds are awakened and rise.

Elsewhere in space Black rings spread out calling for the flesh needed.  We watch as bodies are chosen.  J’onn J’onzz, Katma Tui, Ronnie Raymond, Arthur Curry… names of the fallen are called out from the darkness.

As the Green Lanterns on Oa are faced with their fallen comrades we see that an old friend meets Hal and Barry.  The Martian Manhunter has risen and he calls for his friends and challenges them about their own resurrections.

We end the issue with Carter Hall and Hawkgirl arguing about love, of all things.  As she finally admits to being in love with the angry hero she is impaled from behind.  As she falls forward bleeding Carter is attacked as well.  As they look upon their attackers they are shocked to find that the friends they thought last forever, The Dinby’s, have returned.  And they attack again.

Smashing the heroes into a bloody mess they call out with hateful words and lies.  As Cater and Kendra call out to each other the newly risen agents of the Black Lantern rip open their chests and tear their hearts out.

With the two Hawks murdered, Black Hand appears.  He holds in his hand the skull of Bruce Wayne and from that skull two Black rings emerge and call out to Kendra Sanders and Caret Hall of Earth.  They call for them to rise…

Story 5/5 :

I loved this issue. Geoff Johns does a great job bringing this story to life and giving us all the info we need regarding all the characters in the story without bogging the book down.  This is tough to do especially when you are dealing with so many characters.  My hat off to him.

I’m glad they are taking their time with this event and not trying to squeeze everything into three issues.  An eight-part epic is what this story deserves.  With all the months of build up it had to be this way.

The interactions between all the groups we deal with were just right as well.  Hal and Barry in the Hall discussing the fallen was a powerful scene as we continue to see Barry change from the Flash we once knew to a man with massive guilt for not being there for his friends.

I am also digging the Black Hand.  They managed to turn a b level villain into someone to be feared.  I love all his scenes and I really dig that he is using the skull of Batman as… I guess as something like a Power Battery.  I look forward to seeing how Bruce Wayne plays into the larger picture.

blackest_night_1_variant.jpgArt 5/5:

Not only was it great start to an event I have been waiting a year to see but it was a great looking book as well.  The art by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert fit this story perfectly.  It’s realistic enough to really sell the danger of the whole situation.  I can’t see this story being drawn by anyone else.

There are some great splash pages in this book that really sell it for me.  The first is when Hal shows Barry the heroes that have been lost.  The grimness of his face and the shock on Barry’s give the two-page spread weight as we remember the heroes along with these two men.  There were even a few people in that image I had forgotten had died.

The other image comes with the first look at the risen Green Lanterns who have now joined the ranks of the Black Lantern Corps.  It’s a massive crowd and since we know the rings without hosts were more than the GL’s could handle… we see this dark mass and know people are going to die.

We also have the reveals of the risen DCU heroes as they make themselves known.  Martian Manhunter and the Dinby’s look awesome and bring with them a vision of horror.  Not only because they look like zombies but because these were once trusted and loved friends and now they call for the flesh of the living to join their ranks.  It is a true nightmare.

And lets not forget the colors of Alex Sinclair.  He helps add a mood to the book that gives it that horror movie feel and even a bit of the cinematic.  This is a team that works well together.


Regular Edition: 5/5
I love simple images.  The cover is dark and filled with the image of a skull with it’s mouth hanging open and the Black rings coming forth to find their hosts.  A Black Lantern symbol burns in its eye.

This image is made all the more creepy by the fact that this skull is the remains of Bruce Wayne.

Variant Edition: 5/5

This is a really great cover to showcase the people involved with the story.  Black Hand looms above the heroes holding a Green Lantern power battery in a way that closes off the openings that usually glow bright with power.  He has snuffed this power.  His army of undead heroes rising behind him ready to attack.

All in All –
I loved this issue.  I had to say that again.  I gave this book high marks because it deserved them.  Hopefully the rest of this series and the spin off books will continue to impress.