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Posted by Steve


The Geek Out Loud Podcast Network (The GOLiverse) is teaming up with CURE – – for the second year in a row by hosting a podcast marathon to raise money to help fight and cure childhood cancer.

In 2015, The GOLiverse raised over $1600 for CURE with a goal of $1500. This year the podcasters of the GOLiverse are at it again with an even higher goal of $3000.

The GOLiverse Marathon for CURE will take place on Saturday January 23, 2015 beginning at 10am Eastern Time with The Big Honkin Show, following the Big Honkin Show, many of the podcasts in the network will be podcasting live at . Shows including the flagship show Geek Out Loud, Disney Vault Talk, the most well-produced wrestling podcast by fans Mark Out Loud, Rock Out Loud, and others will all be included in the days event that will go until it’s over.

Giving to CURE has been made easy for the purposes of this marathon. Listeners need only direct their browsers to to donate DIRECTLY to CURE.

Also, in conjunction with the marathon one loyal listener has posted an ebay auction for a rare Topps Force Awakens Gold Medallion card on Ebay. The auction will be able to be found by going to .

The GOLiverse is proud to work with CURE to help bring an end to childhood cancer in our lifetime and hopes that everyone will tune in as they are able and give what they can to help in this fight.

For more information e-mail Steve Glosson at
For more informaion about CURE go to

Recording Schedule for The Week of August 18, 2014



Posted by Steve

Going to try to get things on a more clear cut schedule this week.

We kick off the week with The Big Honkin Show and there’s no telling where we’re going from there. Don’t forget you can listen live at and all times are subject to change and in Eastern Time

Monday August 18 – 7pm Big Honkin Show
Tuesday August 19 – Mark Out Loud – SUMMERSLAM REACTIONS!
Wednesday August 20 – GOLIVERSE DOUBLE HEADER 7pm – Geek Out Loud! with Patreon Supporter ANDY! 9pm – Rock Out Loud- The 90’s!
Thursday – Disney Vault Talk – The Three Cabelleros. (Spelled incorrectly I’m sure)
Friday – Big Honkin Call In Show

GOLiverse Recording Schedule for the Week of July 7, 2014



Posted by Steve

We’re still getting caught up from the awesome Patreon marathon around here. All of the Patreon podcasts have been posted and for those who contributed at the $5 level or higher, you will be receiving the first episode of the exclusive podcast series of commentaries this week. As for recording this week this is how we will roll.

Monday July 7, 8pm – Big Honkin Show
Tuesday July 8, 7:30pm – Geek Out Loud
Wednesday July 9, – Rock Out Loud
Thursday July 10, – 4:30 – Know What I’m Saying! 8:30 – Big Honkin Show
Friday July 11, 8pm – Disney Vault Talk followed by Big HOnkin Show Call In spectacular

Don’t forget you can listen live to all of these shows at and times and shows are subject to change.

GOLiverse Patreon Marathon Schedule



Posted by Steve

Saturday is the day! The GOLiverse Patreon campaign launches at! We will kick things off with a special edition of the Big Honkin Show and go from there…all of the day and into the night. The schedule of the days podcasts is as follows:

10am – The Big Honkin Show
12:30- Rock Out Loud with Steve and Kristin
2:30 – Disney Vault Talk with Steve and Teresa
4:30 – Geek Out Loud – With Special guests (hopefully)
6:30 – Steve’s Star Wars Corner
7:30 – Mark Out Loud with Steve and Dave
9:30 – The Big Honkin Show Call In Spectacular!

Recording Schedule for the Week of June 23, 2014



Posted by Steve

As we ramp up to Patreon Launch Day this Saturday, the GOLiverse keeps spinning. All of our shows are recorded live at The schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday June 23, 8pm ET – Big Honkin Show
Tuesday June 24, 7pm ET – Mark Out Loud with Money in The Bank Predictions
Wednesday June 25, 7:30pm – Geek Out Loud
Thursday June 26, 9:00pm ET – Disney Vault Talk – Pinocchio
Friday June 28 – No shows as we prepare for the big marathon on Saturday (Complete Schedule Coming Soon)

Join us whenever you can for as long as you can. The GOLiverse is on the move and growing. Thank you for being a part of it.