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GOLiverse Recording Schedule for The Week of May 11, 2014



Posted by Steve

The GOLiverse is on the move, and you can join us LIVE when we record our various shows. Be sure to check back here daily to see what has changed concerning the recording schedule and follow our various shows on Twitter and Like us on Facebook. We record LIVE on Mixlr at The Big Honkin Show Live Page. Click it, bookmark it, follow us, and be kept up to date whenever we record. So far, this is the scheduled recordings taking place for the week of May 11, 2014 (All Times are Eastern Time and subject to change):

Monday May 12, 2014 7pm – Rock Out Loud with Kristin and Steve
Tuesday May 13, 2014 – The Big Honkin Show
Wednesday May 14, 2014 7pm – Geek Out Loud
Thurday May 15, 2014 7:30pm – Mark Out Loud with Steve and Dave
Friday May 16, 2014 – The Big Honkin Show

Be sure to check back regularly as the show times and shows being recorded may change.

Geek Out Loud Episode 23 is Live!!!!



Posted by Steve

Head over to to listen to, download, and comment on the lates episode of Geek Out Loud.

In this extra sized episode (Fitting once you hear about the real life super hero.), Derek stops by to talk Back to the Future. From the movies to the ride at Universal Studios, we talk about it all. Also, two very special guests stop in to talk Clone Wars….and some other things. We continue the quest to the ForceCast, and we check out your e-mail.

Here are a couple of links mentioned in the show:

To check out Michael Bailey’s Views from the Longbox podcast, head over to”.

To check out Jason’s Shadowy Flight podcast, get to the iTunes store link. Don’t forget to check out yours truly on the show.

Of course, to e-mail the good folks at the ForceCast and request a Big Honkin guest appearance, contact them at

Geek Out Loud Episode 21 is Live!



Posted by Steve

The discussion of the eighties continues in this podcast as Steve takes a look at some of the television of the eighties. Sure to infuriate you as he most likely leaves out your favorite show from the decade that laid the foundation for a whole generation of geeks. A special Halloween segment and the usual listener e-mails rounds out the show. (Steve may or may not get choked up at one of the e-mails.)

Head over to to check it out and subscribe.

Big Honkin’ All Over



Posted by Steve

Somehow, I’ve become the kings of plugs for my site over the past few months. In fact, it’s gotten to be a bit of a joke over at theStarkville House of El. So, what happens when I am a guest on other podcasts? I guess I pimp out both myself and their shows.

First, my good buddy Michael Bailey released the second part of a three part discussion we had at DragonCon. You can find that conversation along with the first part at In the first part of the convo we talked about a lot of things. In this part, the plane finally lands and we stick to mostly Superman talk. Go check it out and while you’re there subscribe to Views. It really is a great podcast.

Secondly, I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Jones at DragonCon. (No, not the British singer from the Monkees.) He invited me to come on to his podcast at some point and a couple of weeks ago, I finally had the opportunity to sit down with Dave and Sam and talk all things Clone Wars. So head over to their place on podbean at Dave and Sam were great and I had a great time yuckin’ it up about Star Wars with those guys. They are also into all things Dr. Who, so if you’re a fan of the Doctor, you will probably be a fan of these guys. They do a great job. Oh, and just so he’ll know…Dave is a friend of mine now…and I’m happy he is.

So, that’s where I am on the net this week. Now…if I can just figure out a way to will myself onto The Force Cast. We should so make that happen. GEEK OUT ARMY! FORWARD!

Geek Out Loud Episode 19 is Live!



Posted by Steve

On the latest episode of Geek Out Loud, we take a look back at the greatest Summer geeks have ever had. From comic crossovers to the blockbusters that took our money at the box office, it’s all discussed and remembered fondly. All that, plus listener e-mails and a real life super hero.

Head over to to listen, subscribe and comment on the latest episode.

Check out the links mentioned in the show and tell them you heard about it on Geek Out Loud.

Major Spoilers, a great comic blog and podcast – Major Spoilers.

Views From the Longbox is Michael Baileys great podcast that covers a variety of things. Head to Views From the Longbox to hear great geek discussion. I’ll be on there in the next few weeks.

For great talk about all things Clone Wars, check out Michael Cohen’s “Frontlines: A Clone Wars Podcast.” You can find it at