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The Report From Dragon Con



Posted by Steve

Dragon Con has come and gone, and we had a great time.

I have to give a couple of shout outs:

First, Derek who has gracioiusly allowed me to co-host Starkville’s House of El and Skynext and Graham from Tenth Wonder were great roommates and we had a great time hanging out together all weekend long.  (And now a few inside jokes for them) “HOW!”  “I miss Graham already.” “I HATE THIS INTERNET!” “We smoke ’em peace pipe together.”

Secondly, Kelly, who headed up the panels that Graham, Derek, and myself were on was a great hostess and header upper.  Even though she busted my chops about updating the podcast and the site.

Then, (and forgive me if I miss anyone) Dave (Phantom Slasher), John (coolest guy at the con), Chad (Worst example of a teacher ever), Sleeptech (I refuse to publish your real name), Tim (Sexy Russell Crowe guy), CHICO! (new listener?), and Steve (The Canadian guy from This Week in Geek) were a few of the guys we got to hang out with while there.

Datatron – who’s real name escapes me – a listener of Skynext who really helped keep the Terminator panel focused on me and Derek, (which I take a certain selfish joy in) and who also brought a book to give me.  While I’m not gonna mention the title here, suffice to say the premise creeps me out and furthers my resistance to the Robot Lovin’ Act of 2027.  How neat, though, to have a listener show up with a gift.

There were several listeners who wanted pictures with us, and I can’t tell you how incredibly cool that was.  Thanks guys for making me finally reach AA-list (Right behind the Z-list of celbrities) in my celbrity status.

Finally, my good friend Michael Bailey from Views From the Longbox, one of my favorite podcasts to listen to that doesn’t feature me, and The Fortress of Baileytude, his Superman blog. We recorded for his podcast and ended up talking for close to four hours. He and his wife were awesome to meet and so friendly. Hanging with him was a definite highlight of the weekend for me.

As for the actual Con, I probably didn’t take advantage of all that was going on as much as I should have.  There were tons of people dressed up in a variety of ways.  (I’m still not sure what the goth and steampunk stuff is about.)  I didn’t even get any pictures, but there is a cool video that represents the latest episode of SHoE showing a bit of me at the Con.

I found out when I got home that on the Star Wars track there, they showed the first episode of the new Clone Wars series. I HAD NO IDEA THAT SOMETHING LIKE THAT WOULD HAPPEN. I didn’t really go to any of the celebrity panels. In fact, I didn’t do much but hang out with Derek and Graham. BUT, I had fun, and meeting people was good enough for me.

So, I don’t have a lot to report. I will say, if you live in the southeast, DragonCon is definitely worth checking out if for no other reason it’s just a good time to not feel like an outcast for your geekdom. (If you ever feel like an outcast for your geekdom, that is.)

Next year, if I’m able to make it, I will go prepared to run myself ragged with a camera, making it to as many panels as humanly possible, and even trying to score some interviews. Until then, though, if you go to any Cons, feel free to write up a report and send it in.