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Geeking Out Gets Serious



Posted by Steve

On the next episode of Geek Out Loud, we will welcome Kim (kkjordan from the forums) to the show to talk a bit about April being World Autism Awareness Month, and the upcoming Walk Now for Autism event hosted by Autism Speaks.

Autism Speaks raises money to help with research and legislation that will help families dealing with all of the costs of raising a child with autism.

Often, we geeks are painted in a poor light. Do something to break that stereotype. Give up a few comics or action figures this month, maybe even skip a movie this weekend and click on the banner at the top of the page to donate to Autism Speaks through Kim’s team for Walk Now for Autism. Minimum donations are $20 online, but you can send in a smaller amount if that’s all you can afford. I’ve set a goal of $3000 for Kim with help coming from all over the Geek Out Loud nation. So do something that matters. This isn’t a bid to get more iTunes reviews or to get me on The ForceCast. This is an opportunity to do something great for a great person and a great cause.

Click the banner above to donate for Kim’s team now. Let’s show the world what the geeks are capable of.