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From the Desk of The Superclerk – Adventure Comics #1 Reviewed



Posted by Steve

Well, I’ve had this one sitting in my inbox for a couple of weeks now.   I apologize to Jason for not getting this from him to the people sooner.  I have to say that I too pickedup Adventure comics #1 and there’s something very special about it.  There’s not a ton that happens, but I felt it was a great first issue and I’m sold on the new journey of Superboy, and for the first time in my comic collecting history, it looks like I’ll be getting into the adventures of the Legion of Superheroes.  But, enough with my thoughts, here’s Superclerk with his review of Adventure comics #1:


Alright, folks…

Next to the beginning of The Blackest Night this book has been my most anticipated comic to come out this year. It’s something I didn’t think would happen and even, to a point, didn’t think should happen.

Connor Kent has returned to the DC Universe. And he’s got his own title to carry for the cherry on top.

Just to give you a brief history of my love for the character we have to travel back to the event that got me from being a kid who read random comics to one who collected comic books. That event was the death of Superman.

After Superman died and was replaced by the four Super Imposters, I went heavy into getting all the Super titles. I didn’t miss an issue. When the event was over and two characters became supporting role people and two were given their own books I made the decision to follow both Superboy and Steel where ever they went.

It was harder to follow Steel as his book came to an end and he spent a lot of time hopping around the DCU helping out heroes all over the place. Superboy was easier as his title managed to last one hundred issues and even had a team book in the middle of that. Superboy and the Ravers wasn’t the best book in the world but I bought it anyway.

I followed the character to Young Justice then onto the Teen Titans. It was here that the character really came into his own and finally got out of the shadow of Superman. Unfortunately it came to a close fast as he sacrificed himself during a Crisis at the hands of Superboy Prime.

The death was a good one. Connor had been through a lot the last year and had even called it quits on being a hero, quietly hiding in Smallville trying to be a normal teenage boy. He came back to the fight and went up against a foe he knew was more powerful than he was. He knew that taking Prime on would be the last thing he would ever do. He didn’t even look back.

His passing was one shrouded in legal issues and so much double speak that readers were sure we would never see him again. But it was somehow ok. He went out the hero we all knew him to be.

And then he returned.

The story is a long one. The short version is that he was brought back the same way Superman came back from the dead only his revival took one thousand years and the Legion was involved.

So now he has returned to his own time and that’s where we pick up Adventure Comics #1 and see where his story leads us next.

The book opens with Connor returned to the Kent farm. He has begun where he left off… doing chores, playing with Krypto, attending high school. One thing has changed though. Jonathan Kent has passed while Connor was gone. The farm feels quiet. Connor feels the need to help where he can. To make up for lost time.

The issue is set up as Connor makes a checklist of what Superman did to become the hero we know. Number one on that list is living with the Kents. Connor has this covered. He moves into the room Clark grew up in.

Next up on the list is attending Smallville High. He signs up for classes and assumes a normal teenage life in the small town. It’s a funny scene, as he has to choose between Animal Husbandry and Chemistry 101. I’m glad my high school didn’t have that kind of a class. With the luck I had back in those days I would have ended up in there. Connor picks chemistry.

Joining a team of superheroes is an easy one to check off the list as Connor returns to the Teen Titans. It’s a good scene. Connor and Bart, who came back from the dead during the same adventure, destroy the memorial statues that were put up after their deaths, letting people know that that they have returned.

During all these scenes we see flashbacks to Clark as a kid doing these simple things as well. Laying the groundwork that Connor is trying to live up to. In this scene we see a panel showing us a young Clark as Superboy flying with the Legion of Superheroes. This answers questions as to what role Clark had as a boy in this new timeline since the Crisis a couple years back. Not only is our Superboy back… but the original one has returned as well.

One his way back to the farm, Connor spots a young girl falling into a river and swoops in for the save. Before he can get there, Krytpo pulls her from the water and brings her to dry land. She’s fine and Connor flies her home with his loyal dog following along.

We take a break from the story of Connor at this point and see a scene in which a teen is taking samples from a body of water. While the kid talks to himself about the mysteries that have popped up in the last few weeks surrounding the town he comes face to face with a massive creature that rises from the water. The boy runs off while the creature speaks in mysteries. Something about the boy becoming Connors best friend and eventually his greatest enemy. It makes me want to know more.

Before making it back to the farm Connor stops at a large house that is falling apart and nearly part of the landscape as the foliage has begun to absorb the house. This is the former home of Lex Luthor. Lex lived in Smallville as a youth. Much like in the Smallville television show. I like it.

Connor isn’t alone for long as he gets a visit from Superman. They discuss Lex. The talk about his stay in Smallville and Clark’s relationship with the man who wants nothing more than to see him dead.

The whole point of the talk is to let Connor know that he isn’t Lex. He isn’t Clark either. Connor is his own person. Everything he does and everything he becomes is all him and no one else. In case you aren’t up to date on the origin of Superboy, Connor is made from the genetic material of both Superman and Lex Luthor. Crazy, I know.

Superman makes Connor promise him that he won’t go near Lex. Connor promises and the two part ways.

Connor finally returns to the farm and heads upstairs before dinner. We see him pull a journal out of hiding and he updates it. There are check marks next to all the events we have seen Connor do over the course of the day and it seems he is on the right path to follow in the footsteps of Earth’s greatest hero.

advcom1var.jpgThen we see the other page opposite the one about Superman. This page is going to become a list of the things that Lex Luthor does. The first thing on the list is that Lex lies to Superman. Connor checks this item.

He lied to Superman about not seeking out Luthor. Dun dun dunnnnn!

That’s the end of the story involving Connor but that’s the end of the book…

The next bit is our introduction to the Legion side of this book. It’s a double feature kind of thing as Connor and the Legion share top billing of this title. I’m excited to see more of the Legion after the Legion of Three Worlds book and to be teamed up with Superboy makes things even better.

The story is a short one as we get a little origin of the Legion and then a story dealing with Starman, who is currently stuck in present day and has most of his mind lost as well.

He pops up in Smallville and after accidentally trashing the local bowling alley he meets up with another Legion member who happens to be the same creature that we saw rise from the water in the last story.

They talk a little and the short of it is this…

Starman’s mental breakdown is getting worse and the future is in peril unless they do something. That’s a good enough set up for me. Let’s get this ride started!



Ok… I’m a little biased. But I did think it was an excellent start to the book. It’s what I wanted in a return to the character.

A few of things I’m going to like is that this is feeling like a Smallville TV show book. I’m hoping it takes the best of the show and the best of a comic and puts it all together into a compelling read.


It was a little short so it didn’t have much to go with. But it left me wanting more so it did the job it was supposed to do. I think the teaming of these characters in a single book is a great idea.



I know. Deal with it. I loved this issue. The art is my kind of art and that only makes me love it more. It’s simple but the coloring of the pages really makes it feel real. I want to see more.


I dig it. It works with the story and it’s pretty clean work. The team they have set up for this book lends well to each other.



A simple cover that shows us the simple story. Superboy is fighting with the fact that he was created from the world’s greatest hero and it’s greatest villain. The image says it all and it’s a good-looking piece. I would hang it on my wall. Christmas is right around the corner folks… hint, hint…


The cover is made up of a few boxes showing us different characters we are going to be dealing with in the book. It works and I like it. I’m going to like it better as the issues keep coming out because it looks like all the variants are going to be this set up. That’s going to look mighty cool all laid out next to each other…


I’m excited for this book. It seems to be a good time for the DCU. Superman is pretty good right now, Superboy is back, Blackest Night is in full swing…

This Fanboy is a happy one.