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June 19, 2010 – Best Of?

With Steve heading out of state, the guys figured now was the time to put out a “best of…” show. Well, this is what they came up with. Best of? Well…it’s the best they could do.

A lot of classic laughs from the past nine months are here. If you have a friend that you want to get hooked on the Big Honkin’ Show, this is the one to let them listen to.




May 22, 2010 – Proof: Mama Honkin’ Went to Clown School

Steve expresses his relief at the constancy of breakfast cereal mascots, his frustration with the kids not giving the rabbit Trix, and it all runs into a discussion about Ronald McDonald and clowns. It all leads to a call to Mama Honkin’. Yes, Buck and Steve figure out the phone, to call Mama Honkin and talk clown school. Then…BEAR WATCH!!!




March 27, 2010 – Irritate Steve Day?

Buck and Steve thought last week was bad…then Steve overslept.

Rushing to the station, Buck and Steve were both surprised to find a newly remodeled studio at the station, and the new digs coupled with a lack of preparation because of oversleeping throws the guys off their game for the first segment. Then they save the day with the greatest show ever! Maybe. You be the judge.

Unresearched Tech Talk, a mysterious tape that’s floating around in the ether somewhere, Monkey Watch continues, Buck tells a story that sets Steve on a tangent, The Snuggie Apocalypse hits Cleveland, hospital gowns get a makeover, and idiots try to rob a bank.

This strange turn of events breathes new life into our heroes…you’ll see next week.




March 13, 2010 – Mama Honkin!

After a couple of REALLY busy weeks, and horrible technical issues, Buck and Steve are back with an episode of The Big Honkin Show that could quite possibly go down in history. Not only is there animal talk, yard sale talk, laughs, and fun, but Mama Honkin shows up! That’s right, she doesn’t quite get on mic, but Mama Honkin is in the house. Couple that with the euphoria of Krispy Kreme donuts and the guys excitement over being back and not only Saturdays, but PODCASTS are fun again!




December 26, 2009 – Otters on a Plane

Christmas cheer continues in this episode as my sister-in-law Debra joins us again to wrap up the holiday spirit and prepare to ring in the New Year. Otters gum up flight traffic, a church has a dynamite time at a party, and the snuggie controversy takes a surprising turn.