November 24, 2009 – The Rise of the Silkie

The Mayor-elect of Denton, GA, Matt McCall, stops by to help host the show. Right out of the gate we get into a life changing experience from Thanksgiving Day. Behold… the Silkie. (And just so there’s no confusion…It was CHESTER YAWN’S farm..not Chester McCall.) Also on the table, Jewelry made of poop, Captain America wins big in Canada, and as always the antics abound. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Music Used In This Episode:

Jump By Van Halen
Heroes as covered by The Wallflowers
Little Drummer Boy perf. by Audio Adrenaline
Merry Christmas Baby by Pepe The King Prawn
Satisfy Me by Decemberadio


5 Responses to “November 24, 2009 – The Rise of the Silkie”

  1. Rasberry Says:

    Did you hear that that convenience store dog might lose his job? Tough times for everone I guess.

  2. Tim Talbott Says:

    I listen to the podcast; I live in Peoria, IL 30 minutes from Bloomington. NO!!!! I will not be buying any jewelry made out of reindeer poo. I’m just wondering if that would be considered modern art… naw, probably not… otherise they ould be charging a lot more for the necklaces.

  3. Ed Chandler Says:

    Hey, Steve,

    Love the show. I live in Normal, IL. (Bloomington and Normal are joined “twin” cities and the Miller Park Zoo is in bike-riding distance for me.) I’ll certainly not be buying any dung jewelry. I commend the zoo for trying to raise money to make up the shortfall, but can’t fathom buying crap … literally … for someone as a gift.

  4. Jeff Says:


    I work in Bloomington and it is hard to believe our Zoo has resorted to selling poop for a profit! Maybe it’s those rich Chicago folks that are coming down and buying it. The money is going to a good cause however!

    Love the podcasts and show! Keep up the good work!


  5. Eddie Johnson Says:

    This is truly wonderful Thankyou for putting this out there 😀

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