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April 10, 2010 – SURPRISE!!!!

Playing catch up with getting podcasts posted. In this episode ringtones and cell phone etiquette in movie theatres is discussed. Steve learns a little bit about geography SURPRISE! as the guys talk about an idiot in Wal-mart. Steve avoids a run in with labor. Some listener e-mails, including a forward from Mama Honkin, are read and the usual hilarity ensues as Steve gets burned through an e-mail and the guys talk about Easter Sunrise Services, cats going nuts when you put them in a car…or if you’re a mailman, and other stuff that doesn’t matter, but it makes Saturday Morning fun.




April 3, 2010 – Floating Sausage

Spring has sprung on the Big Honkin Show and Buck and Steve discuss all sorts of vacation mishaps. From a scary inquiry about a stuffed eagle to a hot tub breakfast bar and a story of terror on the high seas, the guys run the full gamit of emotions on this week’s show which turns around the disturbing trend of not funny from the past few weeks. Told ya we’d get better.




March 27, 2010 – Irritate Steve Day?

Buck and Steve thought last week was bad…then Steve overslept.

Rushing to the station, Buck and Steve were both surprised to find a newly remodeled studio at the station, and the new digs coupled with a lack of preparation because of oversleeping throws the guys off their game for the first segment. Then they save the day with the greatest show ever! Maybe. You be the judge.

Unresearched Tech Talk, a mysterious tape that’s floating around in the ether somewhere, Monkey Watch continues, Buck tells a story that sets Steve on a tangent, The Snuggie Apocalypse hits Cleveland, hospital gowns get a makeover, and idiots try to rob a bank.

This strange turn of events breathes new life into our heroes…you’ll see next week.




March 20, 2010 – We’ll Get Better

Mama Honkin tells us that we need to quit putting ourselves down…so starting on the next episode we will. This episode however…

Well, let’s start with Steve who apparently forgot how to run the show at one point. He forgot Buck’s birthday. And let’s face it, singing loudly into the microphone does not a good show make.

Then there’s Buck, to e a perfectionist, he struggles as the guys discuss snail snot, dino dung, and and 91 year old pugilist.

There’s an odd feeling in the Big Honkin Show studio which comes full circle next week. (You’ll see…)