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July 31, 2010 – Steve Made a Personal Choice.

A discussion of foreign languages, Buck burns his knee pits. While on vacation, Buck has an awkward moment and goes on a Ghost Hunt where the ghosts let him do their job. MUSICA LATINA EXTREME!!!! Crank dat jam. Buffer family holidays are discussed. A cheeseburger is stuffed into a gas tank and we’re selling shirts. Click on the Big HOnkin Store link to buy yours.




April 3, 2010 – Floating Sausage

Spring has sprung on the Big Honkin Show and Buck and Steve discuss all sorts of vacation mishaps. From a scary inquiry about a stuffed eagle to a hot tub breakfast bar and a story of terror on the high seas, the guys run the full gamit of emotions on this week’s show which turns around the disturbing trend of not funny from the past few weeks. Told ya we’d get better.