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February 27, 2010 – All That Cush

The honorable mayor of Denton joins us as Buck is not able to make it on this long overdue episode. An update on the fair city is given as we get into the usual antics that can only ensue on The Big Honkin Show. The talk includes, but is not limited to Kentucky oaths, pistols in church, The Big Honkin Show Day Campaign , a geriatric burglar, belt buckle vandals, a real life super hero, and I think my favorite part is when I sing completely flat on Staying Alive.




January 9, 2010 – The Buzzard Capital of the World

The Mayor of Denton returns to fill in while Buck has his wisdom teeth chiseled out.  People get shot in the butt, use a Rascal as  a get away vehicle, attempt to sell reptiles (but not marijuana), and the studio gets rearranged.

All this and more on the latest episode of The Big Honkin’ Show.




December 19, 2009 – Second Term

The Mayor of Denton, GA, Matt McCall joins us on a pre-Christmas episode of The Big Honkin Show in which we talk everything from spilling coffee to Santa Claus The Movie. Matt was saved from a shopping trip to be on the show and we had a blast as usual. And…what is the best way to enter a room as Santa?




November 24, 2009 – The Rise of the Silkie

The Mayor-elect of Denton, GA, Matt McCall, stops by to help host the show. Right out of the gate we get into a life changing experience from Thanksgiving Day. Behold… the Silkie. (And just so there’s no confusion…It was CHESTER YAWN’S farm..not Chester McCall.) Also on the table, Jewelry made of poop, Captain America wins big in Canada, and as always the antics abound. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Music Used In This Episode:

Jump By Van Halen
Heroes as covered by The Wallflowers
Little Drummer Boy perf. by Audio Adrenaline
Merry Christmas Baby by Pepe The King Prawn
Satisfy Me by Decemberadio