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August 28, 2010 – Here’s the Deal, Don’t Call In

In what is clearly one of the greatest moments on the show…EVER…Steve tries to take calls. Operative word is “tries.” This leads to a great discussion with Mama Honkin’ with a quick appearance from Daddy Honkin’. What more do you need from The Big Honkin Show? Some news stories? Done. Some shout outs? They’re there. It’s the hilarity and Saturday morning fun of The Big Honkin Show in podcast form!




April 10, 2010 – SURPRISE!!!!

Playing catch up with getting podcasts posted. In this episode ringtones and cell phone etiquette in movie theatres is discussed. Steve learns a little bit about geography SURPRISE! as the guys talk about an idiot in Wal-mart. Steve avoids a run in with labor. Some listener e-mails, including a forward from Mama Honkin, are read and the usual hilarity ensues as Steve gets burned through an e-mail and the guys talk about Easter Sunrise Services, cats going nuts when you put them in a car…or if you’re a mailman, and other stuff that doesn’t matter, but it makes Saturday Morning fun.




March 13, 2010 – Mama Honkin!

After a couple of REALLY busy weeks, and horrible technical issues, Buck and Steve are back with an episode of The Big Honkin Show that could quite possibly go down in history. Not only is there animal talk, yard sale talk, laughs, and fun, but Mama Honkin shows up! That’s right, she doesn’t quite get on mic, but Mama Honkin is in the house. Couple that with the euphoria of Krispy Kreme donuts and the guys excitement over being back and not only Saturdays, but PODCASTS are fun again!