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The “I Need Money so I’m Selling Stuff Comic Book Sale” Has Begun



Posted by Steve

So, here’s the deal, I need to get rid of some comics.  I am letting them all go.  HOWEVER, this is going to take a while because I have a lot of comics and haven’t really done a great job of keeping them filed and organized correctly over the past few years.  Unfortunately, I collected heavily through the late eighties and nineties.  Basically, I was there when the “boom and burst” happened.  So, you may not find anything very “special.” But, Ive got fun books, that I collected because I enjoyed, and maybe you’ll find something special to you.  The first box I am going through contains the following books listed (there are many more)  Books will be going for one dollar unless otherwise stated.  Shipping will be based on how much you order.  If you want to buy something e-mail me at  I will keep the post updated with what’s available and add new stuff as I get deeper into this box and into my other boxes.  If you have questions or want pictures, e-mail me at the above address.  If you see something that makes you say, “I wonder if he has…insert title/number here….ask away and I will check.

As new stuff is added, it will be in bold so make sure to check the bold faced titles added almost daily.

Happy hunting.


Here are the comics

- Marvel’s 1985: 6

- Adventure Comics (2009): 1

- Adventures of Superman 433, 500, 500 (Polybag S shield) 502, 503 (From the Death and Return of story), 517

- Amazing Spider-Man: 600 ($2)

- Aquaman (90′s): 0, 43

- Armageddon 2001: 1

- Avengers (1998): 40,

- Avengers 2001: 39

- Avengers Annual 17 (Evolutionary War conclusion)

- Avengers The Initiative: 21

- The Batman Adventures: 13 (50 cents)

- Batman: Shadow of the Bat: 11, 18 (Knightfall tie in)

- Blackest Night 1,2

- Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, 19 (50 cents)

- Captain Marvel (Marvel) (1999): 1, 27, 

- Captain Marvel (Marvel)(2003): 1, 

- Challengers of the Unknown: 15

- Crisis on Infinite Earths 7 (Death of Supergirl. This one is $5) 9 (This one is $3)

- Daredevil: 187, 319(Fall from Grace Prologue Black Cover) Annual 4 (Atlantis Attacks Story Arc)  Annual 6 (Lifeform Story arc)

-Daredevil Man Without Fear Mini-Series by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. 1 (Asking $3 for this)

- Dark Avengers 2,4-8

DC 1,000,000 – 1-4

DC Universe: Last Will and Testament 1

- Deadpool:The Circle Chase (1998) 2

- Detective Comics: 845, 846

- Doom: The Emperor Returns: 2, 3

- The Doom Patrol: (1987) 2

- Exiles: 5

- Fantastic Four:  200 ($10),   250($3), 251-255, 257, 258, 260 (“Death” of Doctor Doom), 261, 262, 269, 270, 278, 279, 282, 283, 288, 294, 295, 297-302, 303, 304-309, 311, 320-346, 348-358, 361, 362, 375, 381,501-508, 557-560, 563 – 570 Annual 22(Atlantis Attacks), 23 (Days of Future Present)

- Fantastic Four: Big Town: 1

- Fantastic 4 – Dark Reign: 1, 3 -5  (of 5)

- Fantastic Four (Heroes Reborn): 6,

Fantastic Four (Heroes Return): 1, 2, 6-8, 10-15, 24, 27, 28, 38,40, 50-66, 67-71(becomes 500)($3 each or the arc for $10)

-  Final Crisis : 1-4

- Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds: 1, 2

- Final Crisis: Requiem (One-Shot?)

- Final Crisis: Revelations: 1, 2

- Galactus The Devourer: 1

- G.I. Joe vs. Transformers (Image): 1,2

- Green Lantern  (1990): 46 (signed by artist M.D. Bright)($5),46 (unsigned Reign of the Supermen)($2) 47-50 (Emerald Twilight Storyline)($2 each or $5 for the story arc),51(Kyle Ranier takes on the Lantern Mantle)($2), 150

- Green Lantern (2005): 21-25 (Sinestro Corps War), 43 (Blackest Night Prologue)

- Green Lantern Corps: 13, 14 (Sinestro Corps War), 16-19 (Sinestro Corps War)

- Green Lantern Rebirth: 1-6

- Green Lantern versus Aliens: 1-4

- Incredible Hercules: 120 (Secret Invasion Tie-in)

- Infinite Crisis: 6

-The Infinity Gauntlet: 6

- Ion: 1

- J2: 12 (50 cents)

- JLA: Welcome To the Working Week: One Shot prestige format ($2.00)

- JLA (Morrison run): 38

- Justice League of America (vol. 1): 160 (Whitman Cover) $5.00,

- Justice League America (2007): 21, 23, 24

- Justice Society (2007): 15-17

- Marvel Comics Presents:  57 (Featuring Wolverine and The Hulk), 95 (Featuring Ghost Rider and Cable)

- Marvel Team-Up: Annual 2 ($3)

- Marvel Two-In-One: 46, 50, 51, Annual 5 (Asking $2 each) 

- The Mighty Avengers: 14-17,19, 20 – 27

- The Mighty Thor/Thor: 410, 600-603, Annual 14 (Atlantis Attacks)

- Muppet Show: 1  (5.00) (it’s honestly not valued at that…but this one is hard to let go of) (yeah, I’m being that guy)

- The New Avengers: 41- 47 (Secret Invasion tie ins), 51, 52,55,56

-The New Avengers (2010): 1 (Blank Cover)

- New Avengers: The Reunion: 1

- New Warriors (1990): 1 

- New Warriors (2008): 11,14, 15

-Nightwing 147-149 (Batman R.I.P. story arc)

- Onslaught: X-Men and Marvel Universe

- Orion: 1, 2

- Peter Parker Spider-Man: 9 1, 92

- Power Man and Iron Fist: 100-101, 103-104 ($2.00)

- Punisher (2001 Marvel Knights): 1-3

- Quasar (1989): 1, 3-13,15,17

- Secret Invasion: 8 (of 8)

- Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man: 1-3 (of 3)

- Seceret Invasion: Inhumans 1-3

- Secret Invasion: Thor: 1, 3 (of 3)

- She-Hulk(2005): 30 – 32,34,35, 37

- Sinestro Corps Special

- Silver Surfer (1989): 35 (THANOS), (2.00) Annual 3

- Silver Surfer (2003): 1

- Smallville (2003): 1

- Spectacular Spider-Man:  257, 258, Annual 11 (The Vibranium Vendetta)

- Spider-Man: 40, 91 (Dusk Cover)

- Spider-Man Super Special 1 (1995) (Planet of the Symbiotes Story)

- Stan Lee’s Batman

Stan Lee’s Superman

- Star Wars Legacy: 39 (more coming)

- Superman/Batman:48-52

- Superman Beyond 3-D (Final Crisis tie in): 1

- Superman: Blackest Night: 1

- Superman The Man of Steel: 22-24,26 (Reign of the Superman story arc continues in these titles), 38

- Superman: New Krypton (Sightings one-shot special)

- Superman Doomsday Hunter/Prey: 1-3 ($ 2.00 each or entire set of 3 for $5)

- Superman Secret Files 2009 (One Shot)

-Superman: World of New Krypton: 1-6

- Supergirl (90′s): 20

- Supergirl: 41, 42, 44

- Tales To Astonish : 8 This is the series from the late seventies/early eighties featuring The Sub-Mariner.  The Thing appears in this issue) ($4.00)

- Tales of The Sinestro Corps: Cyborg Superman

- Teen Titans (90′s): 19

- Thing/She-Hulk The Long Night One Shot

- Thor (2007): 9-11

- Thunderbolts: 25-77, 79,80, 121-125, 128, 131-134

- Thunderbolts: Life Sentences: One shot

- Titans (2008): 3

- Transformers Armada: 1-3

- Transformers Generation 1 – War and Peace (Dreamwave): 1-6 ($2 each or all 6 for $10)

- Transformers Generation 1- Volume 1 (Dreamwave): 3-6 ($2 each)

- Transformers/G.I. Joe (The World War II one) (Dreamwave): 1,2,4

- Transformers: The War Within: 1

- Trinity (DC): 1-15, 17-21

- The Ultimates: 5($2.00)

- The Ultimates 3: 1

- Ultimate Fantastic Four: 1, 2

- Uncanny X-Men:  224(2.00), 247(2.00), 250(3.00), 256-358(Acts of Vengeance)($4 each or $10 for all three)423

- Universe X: Issue X

- Voltron (Image): 2

- Web of Spider-Man: 107, 128

- What If…(1989-1998): 31, 91, 114

- Wolverine vs. Spider-Man (reprinting a story that ran in Marvel Comics Presents) (One -Shot)

- X-Men: 1, 25 (Wolverine loses the adamantium.  Hologram on the cover)(5.00 obo)

Zero Hour: 4-1


The End….For Now



Posted by Steve

It’s been mentioned on Twitter, we talked briefly about it on the Big Honkin Show, and now I feel I need to make official to everyone via the website that my time in podcasting has come to an end.  For now at least.

The way I put it on Twitter was through the words of Shawn Michaels.  The first time he left the wrestling business, he said simply that he lost his smile.

Over the past few months, I have come to understand what he meant.  I love doing Geek Out Loud, Starkville’s House of El, The Big Honkin Show, and Round 3.   I said a couple of years ago that when all this began I just wanted to do a podcast.  I wanted an outlet to talk about all the things that I enjoy that I don’t really get to talk about too much with the people around me.  I never dreamed in a million years that so much good would come out of sitting in front of a microphone and droning on about movies, tv, and comics.  I have made some great friends, I have had a great time, and I got to live a dream I’ve had for a very long time.

Unfortunately, so much of what I do when it comes to podcasting and broadcasting requires that I am as chipper and upbeat as possible.  There have been times when I’ve just felt too tired or too down to think that I can get in the mental place to “bring it” for the listening audience, but I’ve always found that I could power through and have a good time.  Over the past few months, though, it’s been harder and harder to get to that point due to some personal things that have been going on coupled with a hectic work schedule. In short, I’ve lost my smile.  Watching television, movies, and reading comics became less and less of a hobby and more and more of a job.

In an effort to get my priorities straight and to try (again stealing from Shawn Michaels) find my smile again, I am stepping away from podcasting for the time being.

Thank you all for your support.  Thank you all for the e-mails, the well wishes, the good times, and the laughs.  I’m sorry that this all seems to come out of the blue and I’m sorry for letting those of you who look forward to good times with Derek, Buck, and I down.  Ultimately, please know how appreciative I am to every single one of you for your constant support.

Now, on to the logistics of my departure.  I have officially left Starkville’s House of El, The Big Honkin’ Show will air live on the radio one last time next Saturday, Round 3 is over, and we will do two more episodes of Geek Out Loud before September is over so as to end on the milestone 50th epiversary.

I know you, as I will be tuning in to Starkville’s House of El during what promises to be an amazing final season of Smallville.  As for The Big  Honkin Show and Geek Out Loud, don’t delete those feeds because (to pull another adage from Pro Wrestling) the only thing that’s for sure is nothing is for sure.

Again, thank you all, God Bless, May the Force Be With You, and where we’re going we don’t need roads.

Blast From the Past – SUMMER OF SMALLVILLE
Season 1 Ends Sucking



Posted by Steve

It’s been literally three years since I started this blog and this particular feature. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that I thought Season 7 was going to be the last.  Now, as I look forward to the tenth (and confirmed ) final season of Smallville with as much anticipation as I’ve looked forward to the release of Star Wars films I feel like the best way I can honor the show is to finish what I originally set out to do.  Work my way through the entire series with my thoughts on each episode.  If you haven’t read the Summer of Smallville entries to this point, I encourage you to go back and check out one of the first unfinished things I ever did for this little experiment I call Geek Out Online.  They’re easy to find.  Just click Smallville in the Categories column and go to older entries….you’ll see them.  For now though, let’s talk about just how much the ending of the first season sucked.


Joss Whedon Makes Me Sad…I Think



Posted by Steve

serenity1.jpgWhen I was growing up there were a few names that were synonymous with doing no wrong.   Names like John Hughes, Steven Speilberg, and even George Lucas were mentioned with a reverence and confidence that if their names were on a project, it was gonna be a winner.   Many of the names from that time survived to become legends of film and television making.   It’s interesting to be on the verge of becoming an old fogey and seeing who the new generation has tapped to revere in similar ways.   Visionaries like J.J. Abrams, Christopher Nolan, The Coen Brothers, and of course Joss Whedon.  There are tons more, and there’s a part of me that gets sad knowing that M. Night Shyamalan had such potential to be in that list…but alas…THE HAPPENING happened.

Of all of the film makers, show runners, and writers that have emerged in the last ten to fifteen years, none have garnered the cult following of Joss Whedon.   Quite frankly, he deserved it.  He’s a man who built two successul franchises on a movie that received a pretty modest reception from audiences in the early nineties.  To perform that kind of feat, one has to be a visionary.  From Buffy, Whedon has gone on to gain across the board approval from his fans on whatever he touches.   People follow Whedon as blindly as I follow George Lucas.   On one hand I get that.  The guy has a great imagination…but…he makes me sad.  Why?  I think I finally realized it while watching FIREFLY and SERENITY.


T-Shirts are Back!!!



Posted by Steve

This time it’s a whole lot easier to order and pay for the T-shirts.   Plus, they’re new and improved.   If you want the classic GOL shirt, click on the link at the top of the page to the official Big Honkin Show/Geek Out Loud store.   There are two new GOL shirt designs coming later this week, but if you’re looking for a new and improved classic look to the Geek Out Loud original, it’s ready to be ordered now.   Orders will be available through Friday, August 6th, so don’t hesitate…order now!