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Collect Them All – Topps Gremlins Trading Cards



Posted by Steve

GremlinsBlogOne of the first things I did upon rediscovering my love for trading cards is search out just what sets are available for people like me who love all things 80’s.  I quickly discovered…just about anything that was comitted to film or television had some form of trading card.   The question then becomes “Where do I start?”  From there, I turn myself over to the whims of eBay.  One of the better deals I found was for two wax boxes….I should stop and explain…a wax box is a traditional term for a box of packs of cards like you would see on the shelves at a hobby shop or retail store.  I found two wax boxes in one auction.  One was for Gremlins and the other for Gremlins 2: The New Batch.  I actually collected Gremlins 2 cards as a kid and I’m not sure if I know where said cards are today or what condition they are in.  SO, I bid, I won, and the game has begun.   While it may seem an odd choice to restart a collecting addiction with this franchise, I like to think it restarted with Star Wars and Gremlins just happened to be next in line.  That said, Star Wars cards as all things Star Wars set the bar quite high for other non-sports cards and I’m not sure that this set quite lives up to that standard.   (more…)

Collect Them All – A New Old Obsession



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SWCard001A while back Topps unveiled their latest app on the smart phone users of the world with the Star Wars Card Trader app.  It was through this app that I rediscovered something that had been lost to me for over 20 years.  I LOVE COLLECTING TRADING CARDS. Not this digital stuff mind you.  I like having binders with pages upon pages of clear plastic card holders so I can thumb through and look at the cards physically.
I’ve tried to figure out why I love it so much, and I think it just comes down to the things that have kept me in the toy game for so long.  There are three things that make this hobby enjoyable for me.  They are as follows:





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The Geek Out Loud Podcast Network (The GOLiverse) is teaming up with CURE – – for the second year in a row by hosting a podcast marathon to raise money to help fight and cure childhood cancer.

In 2015, The GOLiverse raised over $1600 for CURE with a goal of $1500. This year the podcasters of the GOLiverse are at it again with an even higher goal of $3000.

The GOLiverse Marathon for CURE will take place on Saturday January 23, 2015 beginning at 10am Eastern Time with The Big Honkin Show, following the Big Honkin Show, many of the podcasts in the network will be podcasting live at . Shows including the flagship show Geek Out Loud, Disney Vault Talk, the most well-produced wrestling podcast by fans Mark Out Loud, Rock Out Loud, and others will all be included in the days event that will go until it’s over.

Giving to CURE has been made easy for the purposes of this marathon. Listeners need only direct their browsers to to donate DIRECTLY to CURE.

Also, in conjunction with the marathon one loyal listener has posted an ebay auction for a rare Topps Force Awakens Gold Medallion card on Ebay. The auction will be able to be found by going to .

The GOLiverse is proud to work with CURE to help bring an end to childhood cancer in our lifetime and hopes that everyone will tune in as they are able and give what they can to help in this fight.

For more information e-mail Steve Glosson at
For more informaion about CURE go to

A New GOL Coming This Week…Fant4stic!



Posted by Steve


The GOL feeds have been pretty silent this week. There has been a lot going on in the lives of the various hosts. From Elvis week to back to school to just good ole family time with baby neices and nephews.

One thing that no show yet has allowed me is the opportunity to process what I saw over the weekend – Fantastic Four…or Fant4stic.   (more…)

The Ant-Man Score – A Review from a Musical Nobody



Posted by Steve

AntManPosterIt’s been a long time since I actually used the blog portion of the GOLiverse to BLOG. However, I’m awake, I saw Ant-Man today, and I wanted to get some thoughts about it out there. Unfortunately, having no opportunity to record Geek Out Loud yet – and given the late hour – I thought I would tackle something I rarely see written about or hear discussed. I think it’s time to take on the music of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (more…)