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Stranger Things: The Expedition – Chapter 2 – Season 2 Locales



Posted by Steve

There is a quick shot in the trailer of the boys on their bikes headed back into town (in my mind) from wherever they’ve been. The sky is quite ominous and the fellas seem to be heading into the danger zone. (intentional 80’s song reference…albeit from like four years AFTER Stranger Things, but still…we have to get as many in as we can right?)(I notice I go to the parentheses a lot when I’m writing.)

This shot is apparently the inspiration for the Stranger Things poster.  Either it’s the same road or a good composite to make it look like the same road from a different angle.  Either way, we had to find this road and get a shot of us on bikes riding down the country road in the same direction as the boys.  Check out the poster:


As you can see the poster makes things seem even more dire as the beast that Will sees is kind of visible in the poster.

Well, as stated, we had to hit this road and we had to do it on bikes.  I think we did a pretty good job of getting a comparable shot to the one in the trailer.  What do you think?

I will be the first to admit I hadn’t been on a bike in nearly 20 years, and while we nearly had to have the thing surgically removed we escaped this particular photoshoot with no serious injuries.  Be sure to listen to the podcast as we discuss the need for tools just before we began taking pictures and how we handled that need.  It’s good for a laugh.

From the arcade we set out to one of my favorite stops along the way.  It could be because we found ourselves potentially using set used items from the show, or it could be because we actually found ourselves not just looking at a building but interacting with the area, or it could be because the food was so good.  Our next stop was the little restaurant that became Benny’s Burgers.  We ate, we spoke with the employees, and we took lots of pictures.  The food was good, and the experience got ramped up a notch.  Check out Chapter 3 coming soon to read all about it.

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