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Choosy Perspective: “Jurassic Park Trilogy” Blu-Ray Pick



Posted by Derek

One of the last great true “Movie Magic” films, Jurassic Park captivated audiences in 1993 with it’s original story, amazing special effects, and memorable music.

With two subsequent sequels, the trilogy has now hit Blu Ray, and Geek Out Loud has an advanced look at these beautiful films in glorious hi definition

Watch the trailer for the Jurassic Park Trilogy Blu-Ray here

There are a host of special features available here. One of the most amazing is the all new six-part documentary featuring interviews with directors Steven Spielberg and Joe Johnston, cast, and crew. Plenty of behind the scenes material to keep you busy for hours, as well as previously released archival featurettes, plus deleted scenes and trailers.

With the Blu Ray, you can access a whole new world of Jurassic Park with all new 7.1 Audio, BD Live, My Scenes, and the new Pocket Blu App that works with your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and now iPad.

These films have never looked more gorgeous than they do on Blu Ray; it really captures the true spirt of seeing them again for the first time (and even makes the third film fun to watch!)

Jurassic Park: The Blu Ray Trilogy hits shelves tomorrow, October 25th. Order yours today.

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