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Choosy Perspective: “Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides” Blu-Ray Pick



Posted by Derek

The best installment since the original, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” takes us away from the first trilogy and in search of the Fountain of Youth. It’s a return to the fun we first saw nearly ten years ago with Captain Jack Sparrow at the helm. This time around, Jack travels from caves to jungles encountering Mermaids and even the pirate Blackbeard himself (played by Ian McShane) and Penelope Cruz as Angelica.


The film is not lost on Blu-Ray, either. The behind the scenes look at the latest installment in the franchise gives glimpses of how everything came together during production. Great featurettes like “In Search of the Fountain” and “Under the Scene” show the work that went into Pirates 4. Careful detail went into this release during filming, and it shows through these mini-documentaries.


Disney also offers up the Second Screen on this outing, which gives users with iPads access to even more in-depth coverage on another display while the film is happening. I admit this can be distracting at times but it is a very technological treat that gives you more bang for your buck. If anything, all these features show you how much more went into this fourth film than the two previous sequels that were more shock and awe than story and fun. Packed with deleted and extended scenes, the Blu-Ray is a vast volume that once again shows that Disney goes the extra mile for its fans.


Personal favorite on the Blu-Ray is the Bloopers of the Caribbean, the Lego animated featurette of Captain Jack’s Brick Tales. Also, the director’s commentary is a great treat for learning about how the idea of the film came about and became a reality with Johnny Depp reprising his role.

It’s this week’s choosy pick, and you can get your copy of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides from Disney DVD.

On Stranger Tides Trailer


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