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The “Choosy” Perspective – 4 Things We Know About Henry Cavill’s Superman



Posted by Derek


Early this morning, Warner Bros. released the first official promotional photo of Henry Cavill as
Superman in 2013’s Zack Snyder reboot, “The Man of Steel”.

This image has raised a lot of questions on the Internet today: a lot of fawning from the ladies, a lot of complaining from fanboys, and a ton of bashing from Smallville fans. But the image does give us the first insight into a new
franchise, and with that we are able to discern some things we have speculated on, and some new ideas to contemplate for the next two years.

1.) The first place you have to start with this breakdown is the suit.


Blink too quickly and you’ll think you’re seeing Aquaman’s suit with Thor’s cape. Ultimately it’s a bold
choice to go with such a dramatic suit adaptation that features one of the longest Superman capes in history, a larger \S/ on the front, and…no red undies? If they were truly going to make this look more
like DCnU then why did we go more Kryptonian Formal Wear than Battle Suit like the comics will soon suggest?


The boots and belt sure don’t line up –
nor does the material of the suit. It’s very water-tight-ish – very


Oh. I see what you did there, Mr. Snyder. True to form, Zack Snyder’s look and feel carries over in his
films. The new Superman outfit looks very Watchmen-ish in its nature. It doesn’t hurt that the promo looks like Supes has been thrown against a wall and is getting up to retaliate in a fast to slow motion
battle royale. Ultimately, I like the suit – I think there are some odd choices but we’re seeing it in a low light setting at an odd angle. I want to see what that suit can do. Shine some yellow sun on
it and let’s see how it really looks (that cape is going to look amazing in flight, by the way.) I say again, it looks like Kryptonian formal wear – not something Martha Kent stitched together for her baby
boy. If Zod’s suit is similar in the film, that will make it all the better.

2.) A form fitting \S/?


I can tell you right now, this is going
to be a hard \S/ to sell. And this is coming from someone who loved
the Routh/Returns emblem. The S itself is VERY classic in nature:

oldsCompare the curvatures and you will see what I’m talking about – however if you offer that up as a
standalone option on promotional materials like posters and kids toys…it’s going to look a bit wonky. I do like going back to the larger size for its proportion but when you have posters and logos that only show the shield, this one is going to look weird for one reason and one reason alone: it’s form fitted. It works based around a chest and not a stand alone flat design – so when Cavill is wearing it, it’s going to probably look awesome. When shown as a teaser poster
or on kid’s band-aids, it might fall a bit flat. But we’ll reserve judgement on that until we see some more hi-res imaging of the shield itself.

3.) One of the biggest gripes I’ve seen: the hair.

I’ll sum this one up fast. It’s a promotional image. They haven’t started filming. That is not
necessarily how Cavill will look when the cameras start rolling. It does beg the question, if that’s Kal-El’s look, what is Clark’s? I don’t need a spit-curl, but I’m also not one of the ones complaining
with the style. Right now, if I were you, I’d be far more concerned about the fact that it looks like Cavill has no eyebrows in the picture than how he’s got his hair styled. One thing is for certain,
this is going to be a very different Superman but I think Cavill has got the chops and the jawline to pull it off. I’ve never been disappointed in an actor who has played the part (I love Reeve,
Welling, and Routh as well as the older guys) so I’ve got faith in the casting that Nolan and crew have collected, as well as their choices for Lois, Martha/Jonathan, Zod, and most recently Lawrence Fishburne
as Perry White (which I think is an inspired choice) – but it leaves one glaring thought…

4.) In a world of promotional materials and press releases with cast listings…are we Lex-less?

Not a single thing has been said about Lex Luthor for this film (my number one choice still being Michael C. Hall) – no casting, no story involving him, no nothing. Is it possible we won’t have a Lex presence this go-around? Any more than maybe a LexCorp mention or a quick cameo/reference? It’s possible. Though we just got our Perry White a few days ago, and still no word on Jimmy Olsen, so we may be in for an impending treat on that front.
Ultimately the other players have been set (I was expecting an announcement that Law and Order’s Chris Meloni would be portraying Sam Lane, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case) so we’re still in detail land as far as all this goes.

These are just things to ponder that
the image has brought forth. With two years to go, so much more is
left to uncover.