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The GOL Forums are Dead. Long Live The GOL Forums



Posted by Steve

It stinks to fail.   It really does.  However, things fail, people fail, we all fail at some point or another.  It’s ok.

The GOL forums failed.   That failure is due mostly to me.   In recent months, interest in most parts of the forums faded, and that included my interest in the forums.  I just didn’t seem to have the time that I had in the beginning to devote to being there and communicating as much as I would have liked.  So it was that as people lost interest, spam bots did not.   I tried to get myself pumped up to stop some spamming, but things just never got back on track.

So, the decision was made to shut things down and move on.

It’s ok though we have an option.  We’re gonna copy what The Big Honkin Show has done so well, we’re starting a Facebook page.

Head over to The Geek Out Loud Facebook Page by clicking here and then click the “Like” button. When we get a few more members, we’ll have a definite URL and such, so that will be cool.

We’re not trying to step on what Toby did when he created the GROUP for Geek Out Loud, we’re just trying to make sure that we have a community where people can feel safe to geek out.

So, I hope everyone understands about the forums, and I hope that you will all join the new facebook page.

Thank you to everyone who was a mod or an admin on the forums and thank you all for participating in that experiment.  Don’t forget the shows that were and still are friends of Geek Out Loud and Geek Out Online.  Make sure to support them by subscribing to their shows and e-mailing them and letting them know you appreciate their hard work.

Now, what are you still reading this for….GO JOIN!!!!

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