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From the Desk of The Superclerk – Blackest Night #6 Reviewed



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Still in catch up mode.  I have some things that I am debating on whether or not to do it in podcast form or blog form.  I’m leaning toward blog…just to have content.  Before I get to that though, we’ve got this from Superclerk.  It’s his review of Blackest Night 6.  What did he think?  What’s going on?  Is there any end in sight?  Read on fearless reader and all of your questions will be answered.

The Blackest Night has begun…

We pick up right where we left off in the last issue.  There are black rings hunting down the resurrected heroes in an attempt to reclaim those who had been lost.  I really like this twist in the story as it gives the deaths of these heroes a little more weight.  They weren’t supposed to come back.  Dead is dead and Nekron intends to bring back the status quo.

blackest_night_6.jpgSuperman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and more have already fallen to the rings and Barry Allen and Hal need to team up to escape the clutches of the rings locked on them.  Thanks to a little time travel, two seconds, they manage to break free of the rings hunt and return to the battle at hand.

It turns out that things are looking worse than they thought.  Not only do they have to deal with the major heroes now in the grasp of the black rings plus the mass of folks that died in the destruction of Coast City but they also get word that every Black Lantern has been called to Earth and they are closing in fast.  I liked the reveal of this with a two-page spread showing John Stewart speeding through space with a dark mass of Black Lanterns screaming behind him.  He’s trying to call out a warning for the folks on Earth but they have enough on their hands at the moment.

The big thing about this issue is that the heroes have realized that they just don’t have the firepower needed to take on the might of Nekron.  Ganthet scores a Green Lantern ring for himself and uses his abilities to cause each of the other colored rings to spawn a duplicate ring to increase their fire power for at least the next twenty four hours.  The rings are sent out and they recruit others from the DCU to join the cause.  A couple of them are a surprise to say the least.

The rage filled Mera is chosen as a Red Lantern during her fight with the Black Lantern Wonder Woman.  With all the pain and hurt she has suffered over the years and even more recently in the pages of this series she is filled with a mournful rage that spills out in a powerful wave when she gets the ring.

The Blue Ring finds hope in the heart of Barry Allen and turns the Scarlet Speedster into a blue flame of hope for the heroes fighting in the darkness.  After dying to save the world and then getting a second chance with his loved ones he has nothing but hope for the future.

The Yellow ring travels all the way to Gotham to find the one man who is a master of fear.  The Scarecrow accepts the ring instantly and joins the fight, his obsession with fear now powering his every move.

The Atom is chosen by the Indigo Tribe to bear their mark, as his heart has nothing but compassion even for the woman who broke his heart.

The ring of Avarice finds its target in the form of Lex Luthor.  Lex has always wanted everything and everyone to bow before him in a greed that knew no bounds.  Now the orange light consumes and amplifies that greed.

Finally the Sapphire ring battles a Black ring for control of the powerful Wonder Woman and winds.  The Amazon Princess has returned to the battle with new purpose.

Together they join Ganthet and the battle has now become a two front effort on the side of the heroes.  The bleakness of their situation has grown a little brighter but you have to wonder how long that will last as the Blackest Night continues with no end in sight.

Blackest_Night__6_variant.jpgSTORY: 5/5

I really liked the formation of the new All Corps Team.  I always been a fan of team ups between characters you wouldn’t normally see together and this one takes the cake with the inclusion of the Scarecrow and Lex Luthor.

ART: 5/5

The art has remained excellent through out the series and the major parts of the issue were done perfectly.  From the rings finding their targets to the massive scene with John Stewart I think the art hit all the pieces exactly as they needed to be.


Regular Edition: 5/5

I really dig the cover with all the main players of the Corps together and ready to battle it out with the undead.  It’s colorful.  It’s simple.  It’s pretty sweet.

Variant Cover: 5/5

An excellent cover.  I’m a guy who likes the simple images on covers and this one doesn’t mess around with flashy images.  It’s Nekron with a handful of colored rings.  And blood.  Gruesome and awesome.


The series has been going strong for a long time and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.  The only thing that is killing me is the amount of tie in and side issues this thing has.  This is one of the biggest company events that I’ve had to deal with in a long while and I’m starting to know what it feels like for the Marvel fans out there.  Plus they just started announcing the follow up books for when this all wraps up in a couple months.

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