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From The Desk of The SuperClerk – “We’re Screwed” Blackest Night #5 Reviewed



Posted by Steve

Superclerk is back (Well, he’s been here, but I’ve been slack) with his review of Blackest Night #5.  After the mind numbing events of the 4th issue where can Geoff Johns possibly take this story?   Read on….

The Blackest Night has begun…

The battle rages on as the various Lanterns gather to join forces for a short time.  Hal, Sinestro, Carol, Saint Walker, Larfleeze, Indigo 1, and Atrocitus come together and discover that the recently charged Black Lantern is now on Earth.

Finally seeing all the Corps come together is a pretty sweet sight to be welcomed with right off the bat.  They all charge up and head off to Earth.

On Earth we see that the heroes have finally come together as well to face Nekron, master of the Black Lanterns.  It’s an ominous sight as the Flashes deal with the seven million rising victims of the destruction of Coast city.  Seeing both Wally and Barry working together is a welcome one though and soon they are joined by the top guns of the DCU.

While that fight begins we get the entrance of the Color Corps and they manage to obliterate the infected Guardian who helped bring all this death upon us.  After that it’s time to attack the Black Battery by focusing their power to recreate the white light that began the birth of the universe.  That seems all well and good but it doesn’t work in the way they expected.  This is when the story gets going and the point I’m going to be focusing on for this review.

The attack on the battery doesn’t destroy the thing.  It sends more power to Nekron and also summons up another Black Ring that has a specific purpose.  This ring heads straight for the skull of Bruce Wayne the Black Hand has been toting around and causes the fallen hero to rise.  Black Lantern Batman is now on the scene.

BL Batman has a job to do and that is to vomit up a series of Black Rings that shoot out and locate all of the heroes that have died and returned since the death of Barry Allen a little over twenty years ago.  The rings latch on to the heroes and allow Nekron to call out his command to them.


Blackest_Night__5.jpgWe watch as some of the mightiest heroes on the planet die once again only to be brought back immediately as Black Lanterns.  With his job done, Bruce once again returns to being a bleached skull and is no more.

Now the rest of the heroes are faced with Nekron and his league.  Superman, Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Green Arrow, Kid Flash, Superboy, Animal Man, Ice…

Last week I said that things had just gotten real.  After this issue… we’re screwed.

It as simple issue as we have gotten into the main battle of the book that seems to be what we will be dealing with for the next three issues.  So far it’s not turning out as easy as we thought it was going to be at the start of the issue.  The plan of blasting the battery with the white light has backfired and now we are without some of the bug guns.  I’m not sure how this is going to play out but I am excited to see it unfold.

One thing I loved was the rise of Black Lantern Batman.  While we have been told that Bruce is still alive and kicking but just in the far past this shows that those are indeed his bones.  So it’s a big time travel thing where the live Bruce was sent packing while his eventual remains replaced him in this time.  Creepy.

The one thing I am worried about is the turning of the once dead heroes.  While it’s a cool story point it does show us that in the end there is hope for at least these guys.  They didn’t have their hearts ripped out.  But what about the other heroes who have been killed in the last few months?  Are they dead forever or is there a chance of returning to the living as well.  The whole thing has me worried that some of my favorite B listers have met their final end.

STORY: 5/5

I’m surprised that this story hasn’t gotten old for me.  I am digging every issue and that includes the tie ins as well.  I’m loving the writing and the big chances that are being taken to make this compelling and that they aren’t just playing it safe.

BN_5.jpgART: 5/5

I know… big surprise.  There were way too many great visuals in the book not to give it a five.  From the coming together of the Corps to BL Batman to the first sight given of the turned heroes it was all excellent.


Regular Edition: 4/5

I dig it.  It’s a simple piece with a massive and powerful Nekron standing tall and the heroes he eventually takes back powerless to stop him.  The only thing that would have been a better visual would be the joined Corps.

Variant Edition: 5/5

An excellent cover showing the rise of BL Batman with Black Hand looking on… smiling.  It’s pretty awesome and Rodolfo Migliari did an amazing job.


I’m still blown away at how awesome this event is.  From the story to the art to the excellent promo rings that have been given out over the last couple weeks.  I love it.

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