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Best Birthday Present EVER!



Posted by Steve

Good friend of the podcast and blog Cory EL presented me with this, his latest creation last night. Please head over to YouTube and rate and comment on the video, tweet the link, and do whatever you can to help Cory’s talents get displayed to as many people as possible. Thanks so my Cory, I absolutely look at this as a dream come true.

4 Responses to “Best Birthday Present EVER!”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Oh, that is marvelous! Love it! Now, you need a little animated Steve like Harry has over on AICN…oh, wait. You are Harry.

  2. Hec. Says:

    Awesome!! We are on our way to having our very own GOL Saturday Morning Cartoon!!

  3. kaci Says:


  4. Mike Says:

    Nice one!

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