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Best Birthday Present EVER!



Posted by Steve

Good friend of the podcast and blog Cory EL presented me with this, his latest creation last night. Please head over to YouTube and rate and comment on the video, tweet the link, and do whatever you can to help Cory’s talents get displayed to as many people as possible. Thanks so my Cory, I absolutely look at this as a dream come true.

Avatar and Bulletin Board Talk – A Movie Review



Posted by Steve

I’m a pretty big fan of college football. ¬†One of the big unwritten rules of college football is “Watch what you say, the other team will just use it to fuel their fire.” ¬†This was true several years ago when it was said by a journalist that UGA wasn’t “man enough” to go to Alabama and win. ¬† The team used that and came away with the victory that year. ¬† Then, after UGA scored first when playing Florida a couple of years back, the whole teamed stormed the field in celebration. ¬†It got everyone pumped that day and Georgia came away with the win, but for the next two years sports analyst, highlight reels, and most likely the coaches used that clip to fire up a Florida team that was already stacked with talent just to get the players fired up and give them another reason to go out and win.

Some of the best football coaches in the history of the game are masters at underplaying their team’s ability. ¬†They do this so as to not have everyone in their conference gunning for their boys. ¬†It’s usually a pretty sound strategy. ¬† Fly under the radar. ¬†Stun everyone with your on field ability. ¬†Don’t overhype.

It was said again and again and again that AVATAR would be the game changer as it pertains to cinema. ¬† James Cameron said repeatedly that he had to wait for technology to catch up with his ideas. ¬†Everyone waited with bated breath for the next STAR WARS. ¬†Then the movie was released…


UPDATED: Leave it to the Eighties…



Posted by Steve

Yep, leave it to the eighties to break my Geek Out silence.

It’s no secret that I am a child of the eighties. ¬† I am of the old fogey-ish opinion that I grew up in the “good old days” when Star Wars ruled, Transformers went from being things on telephone poles to characters in ¬†a great cartoon, G.I. Joe was stomping Cobra, and He-Man had the power. ¬† And that was just the afternoon when I got home from school. ¬†In the evenings there were talking cars, furry aliens, good ole’ boys, and a crack commando unit wanted for military crimes they didn’t commit.

The A-Team was one of those shows that was appointment television in my house. ¬†It never occurred to me that with all the shooting and explosions that no one ever died. ¬†I just thrilled to the adventures of B.A., Murdock, Face, and Hannibal. ¬†I too loved it when a plan came together. ¬†I laughed at Murdock’s antics, cheered when B.A. kicked butt, and hoped to one day be as cool as Face.

In 2009, a couple of the eighties franchises that we love got a bit of a kick in the pants due to not-so-well-received theatrical releases of The Transformers and G.I. Joe.  In other past eighties slaps in the proverbial face, The Dukes of Hazard was turned into a parody of the original series, and now Hollywood is trying to remake everything we once held dear.

So it was with great trepidation and skepticism that I heard about The A-Team being made into a feature film. ¬†However, today this was posted around the interwebs…

Of course the minute I posted the video it was taken down. But, now it’s officially up and running over at Yahoo.

Click here to check it out

I’m sold. ¬†More to come as we get in to some other posts later this week.