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Posted by Steve


Just a note to let everyone know.  You can preorder your official GOL T-Shirt or hoodie now until December 15th.  We are shooting for at least 100 items to be sold, this would be a great help to the site and bolster some things we are wanting to do with the site and podcast down the road a bit.

Pre-orders will last for two weeks.  At the end of the two weeks, allow 4 to 6 weeks for the printing and shipping of  the shirts.  So while you won’t necessarily be able to have them by Christmas, you should be able to fulfill one of your most important resolutions for 2010:  SUPPORT GEEK OUT LOUD AND GEEK OUT ONLINE.

Depending on how these official shirts of the the official podcast of Geek Out Online sell, we have ideas for other designs down the road and may even go so far as to open up a full time store for the site where you can order GOL and GOO merch along with Big Honkin Show merch.

For now, let your geek flag fly proudly with an oh-so-cool shirt, hoodie, or both. Just click on the T-shirt tab above to order yours.

We are finally able to get a look at a mock up of the hoodies.  They are black with the GOL logo on the front and the “stenciled” logo on the back.  They will look suhweet.

14 Responses to “UPDATED: GOL SHIRTS ARE HERE!!!”

  1. Kay Says:

    Anyone else having problems with the checkout? I’m asked to provide a zipcode but there’s nowhere to enter it.

  2. Jamie H Says:

    Yes, I’m having the same problem

  3. bighonkin Says:

    I think we got it worked out. Try it now.



  4. Coach Hill Says:

    I was able to place my order, but it only had me pay the shirt charge, no mention of S&H.

  5. Heph Says:

    I click add to cart but nothing happens

  6. bighonkin Says:

    Heph, once you’ve added it to the cart, go to the checkout page.

  7. Heph Says:


  8. heph Says:

    Feeling like an idiot, but am i supposed to sign in somewhere, I signed in to the forums but when i enter the payment information it says that my username is taken and my email is already registered.

  9. Superclerk Says:

    I tried to pay but it either said my card was invalid or gave me a message saying I did not have permission and that paypal could not be contacted. I wasn’t trying to use paypal… so I’m a little confused.

  10. Jill Says:

    I am having the same problem as Superclerk. It keeps coming back saying there is a problem with paypal, but I wasn’t using it.

  11. Sherrie Says:

    Those hoodies look sweeet! I’d love one, but not planning on shipping internationally yet?

  12. Eric Says:

    Hey, still having issues ordering to Canada. I really want to order one to help you out Steve.

  13. Mario Lopez Says:

    Having issues with checkout. I get the error “Error 404 – Not Found” … Mario

  14. Schwien Says:

    I want to get one but when I tried a few weeks back the S&H was more than the shirt cost. The total was like $47. Man I live near Vancouver about 10 minutes from the US border. I’m hoping that its just a mistake because I just had 20 dvd’s shipped from Korea for much less S&H. Hopefully it works out because I’d really like one.

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