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Too Girly to be a Geek?



Posted by Steve

I say NEVER!!!!  And with that, we welcome the newest member to the GOO Team.  (That’s The Geek Out Online Team to anyone keeping score at home.)  Kaci, podcast co-host extraordinaire, and good friend to the site joins us for an interesting post discussing an interesting dilemma…in the end, you must be the judge…is she too girly?  Without further ado, Kaci:

While jamming out to some Top 40 hits today it occurs to me: I really have nothing going for me in regards to being a geek. I mean, I’m listening to Ciara and Justin Timberlake sing “Love Sex Magic,” and I totally heart JT. That can’t be geeky. Also, almost every shirt in my closet is pink, I’m wearing big hoop earrings, and the last two movies I watched were “Marley and Me” and “Definitely, Maybe.”

Maybe I’m too girly to be a geek.

It’s a real bummer to realize this now, after being on GOL twice, and telling Steve “Yeah. Sure. I would love to write for Geek Out Online. That sounds like fun.” Grr at me.

So now, I’m officially bummed out. The only thing that can make me feel better now is to watch some “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.” But friends, I only have the original trilogy on VHS, and my VHS player is in a box somewhere still waiting to be unpacked. I could walk all the way down stairs to get Episode I or III, which are right next to my “Smallville” collection, but that’s risky since I just painted my toe nails, and they look uber cute. (sigh) I guess, I’ll just have to watch something on my DVR.

Let’s see. I’ve got some Clone Wars on here. I just started watching “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” and I really like it. I’ve already seen this one though, the one where Ahsoka loses almost her entire squadron and is really shaken up. No, I want something more … happy.

“Dollhouse,” maybe? Probably not going to do the trick today, but this is such a cool show. Actually, it is one of my favorite new shows right now. Some of you “I’m just not a big Joss Whedon fan” folks out there — and you know who you are — need to get over yourselves, and check it out. It’s more action-movie-esque than things like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” but still can be pretty funny. It’s a tough series to write a synopsis for, so I’m not even going to try to do that here. But go to Hulu or something and check it out. After a couple of episodes, you might just realize you’ve been missing out. “LOST” last week was really cool too, although, I totally saw the “That creepy dude is your dad” thing coming. “Smallville’s” “Stiletto” was stinking awesome last week, also, but I’ve already watched that twice.

So now it’s down to “Doctor Who” and “How I Met Your Mother.” I love “Doctor Who” but it looks like HIMYM is new tonight so case closed. HIMYM has to be the funniest show on TV since “Friends.” The episode called “Matchmaker” where Marshall and Lily find this icky creature living in there apartment that looks like a cross between a cockroach and a mouse — a cockamouse — Oh my gosh, I laugh my rear  off every time.

An episode of this should cheer me right up. Then, I’ll go change into my PJs, put on some fuzzy pink socks, and try to think of some way to tell Steve about my revelation: I’m too girly to be a geek. And I’m so disappointed.

10 Responses to “Too Girly to be a Geek?”

  1. Sefjoe Says:

    Anybody who can shed tears during “Gremlins” and thinks that “‘Stiletto’ was stinking awesome” is geeky enough in my book. Also… I like “Gilmore Girls”. Does that make me too girly to be a geek?

  2. ScarlettLynn Says:

    Welcome to the GOO Team, Kaci! (I think we should totally get t-shirts.)

    Anyone who sees the sheer awesomeness in “Dollhouse”, the “Stiletto” episode of “Smallville”, “HIMYM” and “Doctor Who” is not only qualified to be a geek… they’re Geektastic!

    Awesome first post… you’ve been great on GOL and I can’t wait to read more from you.

  3. bighonkin Says:

    Working on the T-shirts Scarlett. The team is definitely coming together.

  4. rlfoster Says:

    You are never to girly to be a geek!

    Let me illustrate my point…

    I don’t collect movies anymore, because I’ve been around long enough to know that I’m just going to have to buy them again for the next new media platform. So, I have one puny drawer full of “impulse buys.” In it: underneath my A&E Pride & Prejudice DVD set (starring Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle — before Keira Knightley) is the VHS box set of the Special Edition Star Wars Trilogy along with the Episode I: The Phantom Menace VHS. Next to that you will find Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 1 & 2 DVDs, The Matrix Special Edition DVD and the Terminator 2: Judgment Day DVD.

    But wait, there’s more … behind all of that, The Joy Luck Club VHS, Titanic VHS and Bridget Jones’s Diary DVD. I’ve been known to tear up watching Grey’s Anatomy, and totally cried watching the Battlestar Galactica finale.

    Am I a geek? Uh, yeah. Am I girly? Undeniably.

    So, I say all that to say this: Kaci, if you are a girly geek, then you are a rare gem … a perfect woman. Am I right, fellas? 😉

  5. rlfoster Says:

    P.S. Favorite HIMYM episodes: The Bracket (for the funny) and Three Days of Snow (for the sappy airport scene). And, Gilmore Girls rocks!

  6. kaci Says:

    Thanks guys. I’m so excited to be a part of GOO. You’ve really made me feel welcome.

    I can’t wait for a T-shirt, Steve. Can mine be pink?

    P.S. I heart the Gilmore Girls too!

  7. margaret Says:

    I truly sympathize with this dilemma. I love pedicures, shoe shopping and Sex & the City. However, when I sit down at night to watch TV it’s Sara Conner, Smallville, Supernatural or Lost. After it’s over all I want to do is talk with my friends about how awesome the episode was and they just look at me like I’m crazy because they have no idea what I am talking about. Don’t even get me started on my Star Wars obsession. I’ll take my T-shirt in pink too!

  8. Jim Says:

    Welcome to the team Kaci. I’ve loved your insight on GOL and am now looking forward to your input here.

    To your point about being too girly to be a geek . . . I say hogwash. There’s more to being a geek than being a sci-fi fan, comic book fan or any of the myriad of other “stereotypical” geek things. True geekdom does not know national origin, sex, race, religion or even shirt color. I believe it is Big Honkin that defines geekdom about really caring about something and being passionate about that topic.

    I say welcome aboard and embrace your love for pink colored geek within!

    P.S. – Some of the most interesting women I have ever met have been able to hold their own when discussing the social impacts of topics labeled “geeky.” Nothing is more attractive than a woman who can see past the costumes and made up languages to see the bigger points sci-fi makes.

  9. CJ Says:

    anyone who can be that randomly disjointed and still make sense is a total geek in my book!

    ps – I agree with rlfoster about 90% on the “Three Days of Snow” ep for HIMYM – the “We should buy a bar” part was probably the truest portrayal of men the whole season… because we’ve all said!

  10. CJ Says:

    said it!

    I meant to end with “said it!” – blame the BlackBerry =)

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