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YouTube Sundays – This is Just a Tribute



Posted by Steve

This is not the greatest films in the world.  This is just a tribute.

And a pretty good one….

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  1. Eemie Says:

    Thanks. I really enjoyed this. While the duels and the space battles are always cool on Star Wars, I think that the reason that it has lasted so long and is still going strong is that it speaks to something greater than a visually stunning action sequence. That scene, where Luke just stops and says that he won’t turn to the dark side and that he is a Jedi, like his father before him, may be my single favorite scene in the series, followed by the scene where he tells his father that he has to save him and Anakin tells him that he already has. They get to me every time.

  2. J-Dogg Says:

  3. Marcus Says:

    That really is a good one. “Battle of the Heroes” is just an amazing piece of music, and it works so well superimposed over the original trilogy fights…

  4. Phoenixfury Says:

    When I saw all those light sabers, I couldn’t help but think of this sick article..

    Enjoy our Steveness!

  5. Marc Vibbert Says:

    Thanks for posting the video Steve, I’m so glad I’ve turned my 3 year old son to the Star Wars Saga

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