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Superman Gets the Boot…the REboot.



Posted by Steve

superman_1.jpgIt’s official. Superman is getting reboot. Earlier this week Warner Bros. said that nothing was going on with Superman right now as they were trying to figure out just what to do with the property.

It’s no secret to anyone, much less comic book and super hero fans, that Warner Brothers hasn’t quite been able to appropriately tap into what should be an easily accessible cavalcade of characters.

I have my opinions on this ranging from too many people trying to get in on the action to legal reasonings (what with the the ongoing battle between DC/WB and the Siegels and all) to ineptness on the part of the studio. While there may be some truth to all of these, one thing is certain. THE DARK KNIGHT has set a new standard for what Warner Brothers thinks a super hero movie should do for the studio. That’s good and bad.

Another certainty is that SUPERMAN RETURNS didn’t blow the doors off as everyone expected. I have my opinions on that as well. I loved SUPERMAN RETURNS, but I also see and understand the criticisms of the film. WB’s biggest criticism? It didn’t make enough money. Which, from a studio’s point of view, is a legit criticism of a film that was so costly in it’s production.

The final piece of the certainty equation? THE INCREDIBLE HULK from Universal and Marvel Studios showed movie-goers and movie makers that the reboot format can work and work well.

Armed with those facts, Warner Brothers has made the decision to reboot the Superman franchise on the big screen. (Can you hear the noise as half of fandom rises and cheers and the other half rises to grab their torches and pitchforks?) So, we will never know the fate of Jason, we will never see if Richard dies heroically or makes the turn to become Superman’s greatest nemesis, Lex Luthor and Kitty Kowalski are forever doomed to remain on a tiny uncharted piece of beach in God-knows-where, and most tragically Brandon Routh may never get to don the suit again.

In an article by the Wall Street Journal, Jeff Robinov, Warner Brothers’ Picture Group President, spilled the beans as to why WB is making this move in the here and now. Sadly, the success of THE DARK KNIGHT is leading the company to think that darker is the way to go with it’s heroes. That’s just dumb. Superman is not a dark character like Batman. My fear is that WB will attempt to do just that though, make every character Batman. Hopefully, the creators chosen to tackle not only Superman, but the vast amount of other properties Warners has at it’s disposal will not try to mimic what Christopher Nolan has done with BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT, but instead will explore the characters as we all know and love them.

This situation is good and it’s bad. That’s all there is to it. If you loved SUEPRMAN RETURNS then this news will come as a blow to you. If you hated SUPERMAN RETURNS then you are in the half of geekdom that is cheering. If, like me, you loved SUPERMAN RETURNS but are well aware of the problems the movie had, then, like me, you are waiting with very…extremely…cautions optimism that in the next few years we will once again believe that a man can fly.

To read the article in it’s entirity from the Wall Street Journal, click here.

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  1. Superman Gets the Boot…the REboot. Says:

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  2. Superman Gets the Boot…the REboot. Says:

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  4. Big B Says:

    My torch and pitchfork are at the ready. That’s all I’m saying…

  5. Kir Kanos Says:

    As long as they don’t go all ‘Tim Burton’ with the reboot I’ll be fine.

    Thagarian Snarebeast my foot…..:p

    (If you get that joke — kudos)

  6. Bryan Says:

    I have to say Im happy. I liked Superman Returns, but thats it. I just liked it. Superman has the potential to be awesome in every way, not just good

  7. Dave Jones Says:

    Well, I am more than a little concerned. I loved Superman Returns. It felt like a Superman film to me. A lot of people are saying he should have “fought” someone. The problem is Superman isn’t about fighting per se, he is about saving. He saved North America and possibly the world when he lifted that crystal continent off the Earth and threw it into space. I guess at this point, I should consider it part of a trilogy with Superman I and II before it. I don’t think a reboot was necessary considering it took ten years to get this thing off the ground the first time. So will it take another ten years? Will we get a leather jacket Superman with an evil brother (Lex Luthor)? Believe it or not, these were some of the ideas the execs had before Bryan Singer came on board for Returns. Oh well…I’ll wait…and worry. Because a “dark” Superman is what they want, I may just stick to Smallville.

  8. Satellite Feed (Denis) Says:

    I enjoyed Superman Returns for what it was… a touching tribute to the classic Superman films made by Richard Donner. When I first saw the original Superman movies as a child, just like the tagline, I believed a man could fly. Bryan Singer’s movie was a love note to those films. It brought to life (as best it could) the same sense of wonderment.

    Where I think Superman Returns failed is that it tried too hard to stay “in continuity” with the previous films, and not evolve with the times. Just like in the comics, a hero figure must adapt itself to stay fresh and current. Every generation of readers has a slightly different view of what Superman was/is to them based on their experiences. Had Superman Returns not referenced the events of the previous films, it would have opened itself up for a much different (and possibly more compelling to modern audiences) style story telling than Donner established in the 70’s.

    This “reboot” of the franchise could be a good thing for he Superman character and mythos. By starting with a blank slate, WB can hopefully make use of some of the more recent bits of Superman lore in the DC universe (Superman For All Seasons, Superman All Stars, Kingdom Come, the Doomsday arc and many others) which truly established/defines Superman in recent year and give us NOT a darker Superman but perhaps a more relevant one (like Smallville has done for the concept of Superboy/pre-Superman Clark Kent).

    Where I think the studio could go extremely wrong is, just like Steve mentioned, trying to make Superman a dark character. Kingdom Come, although dark in story, was primarily a commentary on heroes and hope. Superman is the living, breathing embodiment of that. Trying to make him a more broody or edgy character would be a disservice to the character and us fans.

  9. Superclerk Says:

    I too am worried that Brandon Routh will not don the suit again. I really liked his portrayal of Superman and think that Warners has made it so he is this generations Superman. I also wait and worry for the future of this franchise.

  10. Entertainment Geekly (Dave) Says:

    All though I totally agree with you about the fact that making Superman dark like Batman is not a good thing that is not exactly what WB said. They did say they were going darker with thier movies but then they did add well as dark as the characters will allow them to go. While Superman is no where near as dark as Batman is, he has had some dark moments in his history. Also when they same making the movies dark it doesn’t neccessarily mean that say Superman will be dark. it could just be a dark story with dark villians like Doomsday and Darksied. Even Braniac could be dark. So while there is some concern this could easily turn out to be something great. Just my opinion though.

  11. ScarlettLynn (Amie) Says:

    I really did like “Superman Returns” but I’m not against a reboot either. I like the idea of perhaps bringing the Superman MovieVerse into the more modern age of Superman. (For example: a Lex Luthor who isn’t just “the greatest criminal mind of our time” but a dangerously brilliant business man with the ability to one day become president.)

    The only thing I’ll really be sad to see go is Brandon Routh. I think he did well in the role and I’d like to have seen him have a chance to keep going with it. I will say I’m more optimistic than worried right now… but we’ll see if I stay that way as more news comes out.

  12. Cheyenne Says:

    Hello! My name is Cheyenne and I am an 8th grade student. I am working on a presentation about Superman for my class and I would really like to use your picture of Clark Kent riping off his shirt into Superman in my presentation. I will credit your photo properly and ask that you grant me permission to use it. Your photo will not be used anywhere else, just for one day, in class, during my presentation.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible!


  13. Vincent Morris Says:

    My opinion is if they do a Superman reboot which is dark, I think Superman himself will be a dark hero, in other words, an anti hero like Batman. If they do a dark Superman movie, it might be alot of killing in it, and even Superman would kill bad guys in a dark movie.

  14. GrayJoan Says:

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