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Geek Out Loud Episode 16 is Live!



Posted by Steve

Head over to to check it out.

It’s Star Wars talk on this episode of Geek Out Loud. (Finally) I don’t really get to go over everything I want to, so there will be more. I have foreseen it. It’s mostly prequel talk and I share my excitement over the upcoming Clone Wars movie. Also, tons of e-mails and a couple of shout outs.

Among them are my good friend Michael Bailey whose podcast Views From the Longbox a, and the newest podcast to hit the nets by Michael Cohen – Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast which you can find at

So check ’em out.

3 Responses to “Geek Out Loud Episode 16 is Live!”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Great episode. Im glad you finally reviewed Star Wars.

    Loved not clicking refresh over and over for 3 months.

    Keep ’em coming Steve!!

  2. Alex Gravlin Says:

    Man, I remember that amazing Death Star playset. I always wanted it as a kid… BADLY. But I never got it – never got to play with it. 🙁

  3. Troy Hillman Says:

    Steve.. dude… I’m loving Geek Out Loud right now. I’ve been around since Episode One, and I’m so excited to get a Star Wars episode. I got popcorn… and some Cola… and I sat down, nd I listened to Episode 16 of Geek Out Loud.

    Thanks for the episode Steve, and I’m right there with you. My love of Star Wars exceeds my love of Comics, of Superman.

    And I would have to agree with you, I don’t undertsand why people won’t just see the Special Edition (Mostly the 2004 DVDs) for what it is. A Masterpiece! I love what Lucas did, and yes, I loved the originals, but when I saw these, and I watched Episodes 1-6 all In order, It all made sense.

    Absolueltey Brilliant Episode Steve, Can’t wait for the next episode.

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