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Geek Out Loud Episode 15 is Live!



Posted by Steve

Geek Out Loud Episode 15 – The Obligatory Podcast is online and available for download.  This one is a long one with a bit of wonky audio, and we go VERY in depth into spoilers and plot points of the Summer’s biggest movie…THE DARK KNIGHT.

Head over to to listen, download, and subscribe to the feed.

2 Responses to “Geek Out Loud Episode 15 is Live!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed you guys’ retrospective of the previous Batman movies, plus the review of The Dark Knight. Regarding bringing in Bane to the live-action universe, I do think that it’s possible, just not yet. So far, the recent Batman movies have yet to present us a villain with super powers. Bane, though not necessarily super-powered (I think via drugs), is pretty up there along with Poison Ivy. If they were to bring him in again, they have better make Bane much better than the version from BAR (wouldn’t dare to mention the full name of that dreaded movie.) Also enjoyed your multiple theories, especially the one about the Joker’s connection with Ra’s al Ghul. In terms of the “wonky audio”, this episode actually makes me feel that I’m in the same room where the discussion took place, similar to that of a panel, because of the minor echoes. Keep up the good work.

  2. Herold Says:

    I loved the podcast Steve. Once again you nail it. I agree with your friends’ theory Steve. It fits perfectly and Nolen has said that you don’t know if Ra’s is dead. Its a good idea. But I think Two-Face will take control of the Gotham under-world. Joker brought Two-Face to his level knowing sometime or another he would be taken down. Joker did this knowing Two-Face will bring the crime back to a new height in Gotham. Catwoman comes in as a burlar who works for both sides. You see Batman bring Two-Face to the good side a little. I would love to see Barbara Gordon and you see her discover Bruce’s secret. It would be perfect. The next Batman should have Two-Face and Ra’s as the villians. Robin or Batgirl should come at the end of the Batman movie and you see Batman with a allie as the city cheers for him.

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