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Superman Gets the Boot…the REboot.



Posted by Steve

superman_1.jpgIt’s official. Superman is getting reboot. Earlier this week Warner Bros. said that nothing was going on with Superman right now as they were trying to figure out just what to do with the property.

It’s no secret to anyone, much less comic book and super hero fans, that Warner Brothers hasn’t quite been able to appropriately tap into what should be an easily accessible cavalcade of characters.

I have my opinions on this ranging from too many people trying to get in on the action to legal reasonings (what with the the ongoing battle between DC/WB and the Siegels and all) to ineptness on the part of the studio. While there may be some truth to all of these, one thing is certain. THE DARK KNIGHT has set a new standard for what Warner Brothers thinks a super hero movie should do for the studio. That’s good and bad.

Another certainty is that SUPERMAN RETURNS didn’t blow the doors off as everyone expected. I have my opinions on that as well. I loved SUPERMAN RETURNS, but I also see and understand the criticisms of the film. WB’s biggest criticism? It didn’t make enough money. Which, from a studio’s point of view, is a legit criticism of a film that was so costly in it’s production.

The final piece of the certainty equation? THE INCREDIBLE HULK from Universal and Marvel Studios showed movie-goers and movie makers that the reboot format can work and work well.

Armed with those facts, Warner Brothers has made the decision to reboot the Superman franchise on the big screen. (Can you hear the noise as half of fandom rises and cheers and the other half rises to grab their torches and pitchforks?) So, we will never know the fate of Jason, we will never see if Richard dies heroically or makes the turn to become Superman’s greatest nemesis, Lex Luthor and Kitty Kowalski are forever doomed to remain on a tiny uncharted piece of beach in God-knows-where, and most tragically Brandon Routh may never get to don the suit again.

In an article by the Wall Street Journal, Jeff Robinov, Warner Brothers’ Picture Group President, spilled the beans as to why WB is making this move in the here and now. Sadly, the success of THE DARK KNIGHT is leading the company to think that darker is the way to go with it’s heroes. That’s just dumb. Superman is not a dark character like Batman. My fear is that WB will attempt to do just that though, make every character Batman. Hopefully, the creators chosen to tackle not only Superman, but the vast amount of other properties Warners has at it’s disposal will not try to mimic what Christopher Nolan has done with BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT, but instead will explore the characters as we all know and love them.

This situation is good and it’s bad. That’s all there is to it. If you loved SUEPRMAN RETURNS then this news will come as a blow to you. If you hated SUPERMAN RETURNS then you are in the half of geekdom that is cheering. If, like me, you loved SUPERMAN RETURNS but are well aware of the problems the movie had, then, like me, you are waiting with very…extremely…cautions optimism that in the next few years we will once again believe that a man can fly.

To read the article in it’s entirity from the Wall Street Journal, click here.

Begun The Clone Wars Have – Star Wars: Clone Wars Reviewed.



Posted by Steve

star_wars_clone_wars_poster.jpgBefore we get into things,let’s review. First, I’ve loved Star Wars my entire life. While I don’t know Plo Koon’s family history, I can’t tell you how much a mug of Corellian Ale costs at Dexter’s Diner, and I don’t know all of Jodo Kast’s vital statistics, I do consider myself pretty well versed in the Star Wars Universe. Secondly, I truly enjoy the prequels. I am well aware of the weaknesses of the what has become the red headed step child of the Star Wars saga, but I still love the movies.

Now, I feel like I need to explain why I am even reviewing this movie. Of course, it is encumbent upon me as the owner and operator of Geek Out Online (The website of which Geek Out Loud is the official podcast.) to write up a review for you the fellow geek. Moreso, however, I feel like there needs to be a balance of sorts to the quite negative reviews that are out there. So, quite honestly, this review is going to be more of a reaction to those reviews I’ve read that range from “I hated a Star Wars movie” to “George Lucas is the devil.”

In my opinion the biggest weakness of any of the prequel material we’ve been given over the past decade is not the acting, the stories, or the characters. It’s the expectations of the fans. Let’s face it. Lucas fought a losing battle with Star Wars fans by trying to tackle twenty plus years of the collective imaginations of fan-fic writers, toy collectors, and Star Wars fans of all walks of life. Nothing could have lived up to what people imagined the Clone Wars were, much less the stories surrounding the Wars.

I don’t think people who didn’t like the prequels are haters. I don’t think people who didn’t like Clone Wars are haters. I think they are real fans of Star Wars for a long time who built up a mystique and a certain amount of wonder that NO filmmaker could have satisfied. That’s not really a bad thing until that twinge of disappointment turns into attacks on the hard work and creative minds behind the movies. I guess what I’m saying is, I’m ok with criticism. People need it. It hurts, and it’s not fun to be criticized, but there is a fine line between legitimate criticism and pointless complaining, and I think a lot of fans have crossed that line way too much over the past nine years. Sadly, it’s become cool for geeks to hate what has been done. So, it comes as no surprise to me that there are many self-proclaimed critics out there with nothing good to say about what they have seen with the advent of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS.

The biggest complaints I’ve heard and read so far have been the animation, the childish humor, the music, and…uhm…that’s about it.  Seriously, those are really the biggest complaints I’ve seen.   AND PEOPLE SAY THEY HATE IT!!!  From this point on there may be spoilers, so you have been warned.

The movie opens with the Warner Brothers logo and the Lucasfilm logo.  In the background there is the static filled transmission that hearkens back to the Clone Wars cartoon series from Cartoon Network a couple of years back.  Then silence, and I was surprised to see in the classic blue letters, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

As the Clone Wars logo appears on screen and backs away from the camera into distant space, the new theme plays before we are treated to 1940’s newsreel type voice over bringing us up to speed on the Clone Wars as they stand at the time of the movie.  From there, it’s right into the action with the four minute clip we’ve seen online, with additional action of course.

As I watched this movie, I kept checking my watch.  Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because I was surprised at how much  content was squeezed into the movie and yet how well it was flowing.  I was seriously expecting a cliffhanger with a “to be continued in the Clone Wars television series” at the end.

However, what we got is a coherent story from start to finish with some neat character work on everyone from Anakin and his new apprentice to the Clone Troopers.  Particuliarly, Captain Rex, who I am a big fan of now.

The action is ramped up throughout this movie.  There is a ton of lightsaber action.  The battle scenes are huge and intense.  The stakes seemed to be greater than what they were even in the Tartovsky cartoons.  I think this is due mainly to the fact that in the Cartoon Network series we were dropped into a battle here and there with very little explanation and more often than not, they were over in three minutes.

I heard someone say that this movie lacked the character development of the Cartoon Network series.  To that comment I respond with a, “WHA-HUH?”  There was little to no character development in the Clone Wars cartoon series.  Don’t get me wrong.  I loved that series.  I had a blast with it.  But to say there was actual character development is a bit of a misnomer.   We got to see more of peripheral characters in action, but I don’t know that they were actually developed.

In this movie though, we see Anakin’s and Obi Wan’s relationship begin to develop beyond master/teacher.  We see Anakin thrust into a situation that causes him to have to grow and expand his self centered way of doing things.  We see Padme actually show a little of the fire of her character from Episode 1.   There are just some really good things about this movie.

Is it geared toward kids?  Yes.  Is that a bad thing?  Not at all.  How many of us were kids when we got into Star Wars?   A lot.  So, it’s nice to see kids excited about this thing.   It means it’s going to get to live on even longer.

One of the strongest points about this movie is how likeable Anakin is.  I think the biggest success of the series will be that we come away actually liking Anakin and seeing how good he was, so when Obi Wan is shocked that Anakin would turn, we are able to better understand his surprise.

Asohka, Anakin’s new padawan, adds a new dimension to things, and the repoir that she and Anakin strike up makes for some fun as well as some nice moments of seeing not only how powerful he is, but how much he truly believes in the Jedi way.   That’s a pretty big deal considering that he turns his back on it all.

Don’t be deceived though, there are the same struggles that we see in the prequels there for Anakin as well.  It’s not lost on the film makers that Anakin has to return to Tattooine the planet that is home of the greatest personal tragedy of his life.   The way he chooses to deal with it is pure Anakin, and it serves to set up concern from Asohka for her master.   Then, as he duels with Dooku on the dune sea, his pain and loss come into play once again.

I was a little jarred by the animation style.  Particularly, in the hair of the characters.  It’s very static and doesn’t move at all, giving the characters a plasticky look.  I wondered about this, knowing that Lucasfilm could pull off more realistic looking hair.  Then it occurred to me…not on a weekly show they can’t.  At least not for a reasonable amount of money.  So, I can give it a pass.

The music is another point of contention for some viewers.  No one can do John Williams as good as John Williams.   I guess, knowing that they couldn’t get John Williams to score individual episodes of a television show, the film makers decided to go with someone they could use on a regular basis rather than simply recycling Williams’ music cues throughout.  I like the music. I have the soundtrack.   However, it is so much better when heard in the context of the movie.   I know, I know, when you think Star Wars you don’t think electric guitars….until you listen to the Attack of the Clones soundtrack.  (The Chase scene people….it’s there.)  The music here sets up some great themes that I’m sure will be used in the television series and, as I said before, I think it all works quite well for the movie and the eventual TV show.

Finally, there’s a lot of talk about burp and fart humor.  I expected a lot of it from all the complaining.  There are two instances.  So, not too much, and let’s be honest, Lucas likes that kind of humor.  You do too, if it’s not in a Star Wars movie, so let it go.

In the end, I give this movie a solid 3 1/2 out of 5 of whatever I give on these things.  I don’t give it a 4 or 5 because I don’t want to overhype.  If you hated the prequels then you won’t find much to like here.  If you liked the prequels, you will probably like this.  If you love Star Wars in all its forms…you should enjoy this movie greatly.   I know I did.  So, have fun…that’s what it’s all about anyway.  Oh…and…may the Force be with you.

Han Shot First….and Kids Don’t Even Know It



Posted by Steve

I got an e-mail in response to my latest episode of Geek Out Loud in which the writer mentioned that he wasn’t familiar with a version of Star Wars in which Han shot Greedo first. While I was surprised by this, I wasn’t too surprised.

The generation that I grew up in who was introduced to Han being one of the cooler, meaner, badder guys in the galaxy kind of assumes that everyone hates what was done in the Special Editions in the late nineties. The truth is, I was 20 years old when the Special Editions of the Original Trilogy hit theatres, and there were a LOT of kids who had their first exposure to Star Wars in any way in theatres that year.

The first time I was aware that there were people who didn’t know the way things went down in the original versions of the film was once while hanging out with a good friend of mine who is a few years younger than me. (Shout out to Heath, aka Skinner, aka Big Kerm) We were talking about the trailer for Revenge of the Sith and that spiraled into a full on geek out session about Star Wars. I mentioned something about Lucas changing the way the Han/Greedo scene went down and he asked what I was talking about. I proceeded to pull out my old VHS copy of Star Wars and fast forward to the scene. First, I showed Him Greedo shooting a la the Special Edition. Then, I pushed play on the VCR. He just sat there for a second and finally said, “Why did Lucas change that?!?” To this day, that’s the sixty thousand dollar question for me. I understand every other change. I accept Lucas’ explanations and understand where he’s coming from. However, I can’t say that I’ve ever heard the Greedo shooting first scenario explained.

Anywho, for those of you who may have been unaware…here is the scene as it was originally released…..

Anger, Fear, Aggression, The Dark Side Are They…THE CLONE WARS? LOOKS FLIPPIN’ AWESOME!



Posted by Steve

I’m sure you’ve seen them by now, but at Yahoo! Movies you can watch the teaser, the full theatrical trailer and seven clips from Star Wars: Clone Wars.

It has taken watching the original trilogy last weekend, picking up a few action figures, geeking out about Star Wars on Geek Out Loud and rewatching these clips today, but I am now officially more excited about the Clone Wars than I ever was about The Dark Knight. I know, I know, in terms of money at the box office, Clone Wars probably won’t put a dent into what the Dark Knight has done. That doesn’t even matter to me. The animation looks great. The clips are exciting, and right now At Amazon you can preorder and listen to snippets of the amazing Clone Wars soundtrack and get even more stoked for this movie. Just click on the highlighted words and check it out. (If you happen to preorder the CD or download through that link then you help the site out.)

All in all, my anticipation for this movie has simply gone through the roof. I know anger, fear, and aggression lead to the dark side….what does the Jedi Code say about anticipation?

Geek Out Loud Episode 16 is Live!



Posted by Steve

Head over to to check it out.

It’s Star Wars talk on this episode of Geek Out Loud. (Finally) I don’t really get to go over everything I want to, so there will be more. I have foreseen it. It’s mostly prequel talk and I share my excitement over the upcoming Clone Wars movie. Also, tons of e-mails and a couple of shout outs.

Among them are my good friend Michael Bailey whose podcast Views From the Longbox a, and the newest podcast to hit the nets by Michael Cohen – Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast which you can find at

So check ’em out.